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Another Aromantic Test

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For 50% you are: You are probably asexual and aromantic. That means you neither fall in love nor enjoy sex. You might find someone attractive, enjoy masturbation, like to cuddle and have body contact, even want kids, but you're not up for the traditional relationship, and that's all right. Maybe you'll have a great friendship and even live with someone. Good luck!
28% of 225407 quiz participants had this profile! Profile A

You could also get this result:
For 25% you are: You are mostly aromantic! You might form close and strong friendships, enjoy sex, feel arousal, find people attractive and want kids, but you don't fall in love. You could also be gray-aromantic (check different blogs for more information) or demiromantic. (You only fall in love when you already have a very strong friendship with someone.) This might change someday, or maybe it won't change. Don't worry, you're completely normal, and how you are has a lot of advantages.You will probably never feel the pain of a broken heart or go through weird dating phases. You are independent and won't be bothered by your emotions. Maybe you are actually romantic, and that is all right, too. Good luck! Profile B

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33% aro, 33% demisexual. It doesn’t make any sense for me, I’m aro ace. I don’t know the author but it looks like they doesn’t get the difference between being aro and ace, and the whole test isn’t constructed well.

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Oh, haven't seen this one. My results:

50% aroace
25% aromantic
8% most likely not aromantic
8% romantic, but asexual
8% demi

Interesting. Been thinking I could be something along the lines of ace (though I don't use the label for myself). Funny how it's divided.

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alskdlsl ngl i struggled quite a bit. the questions seem to conflate emotional closeness and romantic attraction?? not to mention one of the questions literally “love & sex? i love them!” as something you’re least likely to say. like. love? ?? akskdks. that tripped me up quite a bit. i went with “i love sex” because that first one just bothered me alsjdksl. like, it all just seems utterly absurd for me to say especially in conjunction. so maybe i shoulda gone w it after all ahaha

anyway i literally got 33% aroallo / aroace, then 25% alloace. and as a 0%, alloromantic. 

uh i think there might be a bit of a flaw there

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I've taken this test a few times and it has said I'm anywhere from 40-80% aromantic, it's usually about 50% fully aro, give or take up to 20%, and about 10-30% demiromantic and sometimes like 10% aroace and the rest is romantic asexual or non-acomm. I identify as gray-aromantic bisexual and I answer the questions based on my thoughts and desires that particular day and what I can picture myself doing.

Apparently on average people get like 65% arospec and 25% fully aromantic but I think those numbers are a little skewed because like...most people aren't gonna take an aromantic test unless they're questioning if they're aro, plus the link gets passed around a lot on aro and ace themed sites/blogs/etc.

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The questions on romantic attractions leaves a lot to be desired, yeah. Even with asexuality, as an aego, I am only comfortable imagining/thinking about sexual stuff when it doesn't involve me, so even the kissing question stumped me because my answer would be more along the lines of "I'm probably uncomfortable if it is a movie and tired of stuff like that being showed in movies but chiller if drawn characters and it sounds very unsanitary to kiss people so I really don't want anything beyond maybe a peck at most if anything", etc, etc.

My results were 42% aroace, 33% demi bc I guess saying "I'm not into it but if I ever seriously did something romantic/sexual I would probs trust someone I'm close to to try it with" translates to that here, 17% alloaro (the wording of that result comes really close to "maybe you are not aro after all" and almost has the aroallophobia lurking underneath and I hope it's just me reading into things) 8% alloallo, 0% alloace. Kinda funny how I'm likelier to be alloallo than alloace apparently :P

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For 33% you are: You are most likely demisexual. 

For 25% you are: You are probably asexual and aromantic. 

For 17% you are: You are most likely capable of having romantic relationships, but are asexual. 

For 17% you are: You most likely are NOT aromantic. 

For 8% you are: You are mostly aromantic.


Uh well demi came out high x3 I mean yea I like to warm up to people? Who are friends so I suppose somewhat accurate. 

But strange quiz tbh I think it could have done with more questions and some of the options were confusing aha. My percentages are still pretty spread otherwise ?

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Interesting, though some of the options are kind of weird.

For 33% you are: You are probably asexual and aromantic.

For 25% you are: You are most likely demisexual.

For 17% you are: You are mostly aromantic.

For 17% you are: You are most likely capable of having romantic relationships, but are asexual.

For 8% you are: You most likely are NOT aromantic.

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responding to an old post let's gooooo


67% aroace

17% allo ace

17% demi

0% for everything else


i'd like to say that some of these test questions & answers were pretty weird. i identify as aroace and have little to no doubts about it, so to get anything but aroace is odd to me. although, i mainly think that's because, again, the q&as were kind of strange. i don't think it took into consideration the idea that relationships can be more than just romantic, so when being asked about "do you want to be in a relationship?" i'm just like- yeah, but platonic or romantic? wdym, fellow test? also, i definitely don't think it took into consideration the idea of views about romance and sex, beyond the attractions i don't feel. for example, i view myself as being mainly romance & sex neutral, meaning that i don't have strong views on romance or sex but i tend to be neither negative or positive about either. when it comes to me actually engaging with sex/romance rather than other people, i'd have to say i'm most likely romance and sex repulsed. the reason why i don't think the test took that into consideration was because one of the questions asked how i would feel about seeing people kissing in public. it doesn't affect me, and while i don't want that for myself, it doesn't mean i can't look at them and think 'that's cute'/'good for them', in a more romance-positive light. yet the test seems to think that me thinking such a thing would lead to me being somewhat capable of a romantic relationship myself, when i know for a fact that that's not the case, no matter how much i tried to fight against that fact in the past.

but yeah, t'was a fun test to pass the time with anyway lmao


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I've got 50% aroace but like some of you have said if think that some questions are not related to aromanticism and sometimes I didn't even know what to answer as it wasn't really relating to how I feel or see things

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