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  1. For me, a crush is wanting to kiss someone. If I don't want to kiss you (and I never have), it's a squish.
  2. Hi there! I enjoy music and writing :)
  3. False. TPBM plays a musical instrument.
  4. Yeah, i'm pretty annoyed when people say that their SO is their best friend.
  5. To 50% of people, it is totally allowed.
  6. I have been clubbing twice. Once was for karaoke. That was fun. Another was for a New Years thing. That was boring as fuck.
  7. alto

    Marriage? Why?

    As an aro who wants to get married... It would be a way of showing commitment to a person(s). Since you can't legally marry more than one person in the dear old USA, I'd just hold a commitment ceremony at church. All of the fun, none of the legality.
  8. I am now resentful that we don't have this society, because that would be the perfect job for me.
  9. Am I the only one who doesn't give a shit?
  10. I should clarify, I only call my second nephew that. My first nephew would probably give me a really weird look if I called him anything remotely endearing.
  11. I only call my nephew sweetheart, darling, lovey, anything like that. I don't even try to cut that shit on anyone else. I would never dream of doing it in a professional context.
  12. Kissing. Oh G-d, kissing. The wettest, goopiest, most disgusting thing in the world.
  13. I've cuddled with friends. I once had a really great cuddle experience with a former platonic partner. It was everything that people usually assume sex would be.
  14. I was homeschooled. Two of my best friends were queer, the other one was straight with a hint of bi. I talked with the girl member of our little friend club about romance a lot. That said...I thought I was lesbian at the time. So that may color things.
  15. alto

    Curious about dating

    I personally want to date, but I want to date as an aro.
  16. I definitely would want to turn over control of my Amazon account to whatever close friend I have at the time. I have no money, so that's the most important thing for me (i'm an author through KDP and don't want my books to go out of print when I die)
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