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  1. I'm not, because I know nobody would be even interested in me.
  2. Nagito

    Unsure of myself

    I think you wanted to say "trans man and nonbinary" and not "trans and nonbinary" – speaking in general, being nonbinary does fall under the "trans" umbrella. Also, experiencing being of both (man and nonbinary) or feeling that your gender fluctuates, isn't anything new. You may be bigender (bigender means two genders, not necessarily two binary – it can be a binary gender and nonbinary) and/or genderfluid – I recommend reading a little, so you'll find the right label for you. It's completely normal that it makes you uncomfortable when they call you a "woman" or a "girl", because you just aren't one. You should dress what you like and trust me, there are other trans men and male-aligned nonbinary people who do wear clothes that are seen as "feminine" (when will cisgender people understand that clothes doesn't equal gender? Never, I suppose).
  3. I'm not really into original fiction that is written as romance, because I don't like being "fed" with it by default. It's simply not satisfying for me and I'm seeing it as sort of limiting. I prefer to explore relationships that aren't canonically romantic – writing fanfiction about them and talking to other people who ship them, too, is giving me a lot of fun. I like many ships – both couples and polyships – but I do have my favorites that I consider my comfort ships. At this moment, my favorite pairing is Kristoph Gavin/Apollo Justice from "Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney". Their relationship was ignored by the canon to the level that it can be read literally any way you like and that's what I like about it. I mean, they canonically weren't a couple, I'm saying that their bond was ignored and it gives you much more possibilities for interpretation of what was between them before the first episode of the game. The part about tropes, I don't think I have a preferred one, but I'm definitely not into things like "love of the first sight" or "soulmates".
  4. Including alloromantic people is like if you said that an allistic person with a strong interest in something is autistic (I'm not talking about autistic people who didn't get their opinion, but allistic people who share a trait) – having a special interest in something doesn't make you neurodivergent just like choosing to (or being forced to) not enter any romantic relationship doesn't make you aromantic (I don't believe I really have to say that grayro and demiro are a part of arospec).
  5. I can't draw chibi characters.
  6. If there's something negative, then it's their mindset and I'm talking in general about pushing people into using specific terms and only them when we're talking about queer. Queer isn't something you can put in nice boxes that each person would fit. There always will be something that will make a certain person wonder: "is it really this? Or maybe not?" and then you (general "you") create terms and definitions that reflect your experience. I personally prefer calling myself simply "aromantic", but, like, I understand that it may be too vague for another arospec person.
  7. Me, https://www.youtube.com/@Nagito_Komaeda
  8. I relate to, or much rather kin with, Nagito Komaeda from "Danganronpa", however he's gay, so it's only on the personality level. There's, like, 0 aromantic representation in the works I've ever been interested in and if there were, they'd probably aroace rep and I'm not aroace, so… Yeah. There's nothing for me there. If aro headcanons count, then maybe I'd relate to Kristoph Gavin, what, without any context, is a red flag (who played Ace Attorney 4 knows what I'm talking about).
  9. Phoenix Wright and Apollo Justice, Franziska von Karma and Ema Skye from "Ace Attorney" could nicely work as queerplatonic ships, imo. Maybe my total OTP for this moment, Kristoph Gavin and Apollo Justice, could work as qpship, too.
  10. I have a flag with aro colors and an aro badge on my backpack. That's literally everything, I don't need more aro stuff.
  11. I'm strict aromantic and I do have fictional crushes, three at the moment with one being my main "fictional other" (and he's literally the worst villain in the whole franchise). I don't wish any of them being real, or anything like that, because I'm repulsed by the idea of being in a romantic relationship for real. I'm into them, because they are fictional.
  12. Encouraging division in the community? Ban? That's an absurd. You didn't cause any harm to anyone by saying: "oh, hey, I think this term may be useful to some people".
  13. I personally dislike it when there's canon romance in works of another genres – especially when it's heteronormative romance that is pushed down your throat and I'm really, really picky about ships. Someone would think that because most of my ships are slash then I ship anything between two (or more) male characters, but I don't. There are many ships (and tropes) I just can't stomach.
  14. It's a very creative term and may be useful for a part of the aro community.
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