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      Introduce yourself here, where do you put yourself on the romanticism spectrum? What do you like to do? How did you find out you were different than others in regards to romanticism? Also, forum rules pinned to the top of this forum.

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    1. Aromantic Discussion

      Want to learn more about what romanticism is? Not sure where you fall in the grey-romantic spectrum? Come here and discuss with other members.

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      How does aromanticism or greyromanticism affect the types of relationships you have in your life?

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      Need help with Aro research, spreading awareness, or found a cool article to share on the subject of aromanticism or greyromanticism? Or are you looking to organize a meetup with like minded people? Here's your place!

    4. Romantic Allies and Partners

      A place for our romantic allies and partners of aromantics to discuss romanticism and how it relates to aromanticism.

    5. Aromantic Pride and Culture

      Would you like to see your orientation represented in the media? Have you found an aro themed video, fan fiction, have new a head-cannon or would you like some aro friendly book, movie, web comic, or music recommendations? Want to talk about flags and other ways to show your pride? Would you like to get creative?

    6. Intersectionality

      Discuss how aromanticism intersects with other demographics such as race or ethnicity.

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      You may wish to ask questions anonymously that you would be too embarrassed about asking openly. In this forum, you may post anonymously. Be forewarned that the rules of the ToS still apply.

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      Any topic is fine here!

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      A place for silly games that require lots of posts... Have fun!

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      This is for suggestions on improving these forums or the main web site.

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      Topics here are about various sexual orientations or aromantic and greyromantic people, and the LGBT community in general.

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    • Magni

      My submission for AUREA’s Aros Create Pride event (which you can read about here).  This is a few of my favorite patches I’ve embroidered.  I posted this on tumblr (link here) but am crossposting it here as another place where people could potentially leave comments.

      Patch 1: Aroace Arrow through Inverted Spade-heart
      This patch uses the aroace flag I made (seen here).  It utilizes a spade, which is an aroace symbol, which I’ve inverted so it looks somewhat like a heart, which is being pierced by the arrow. (I’ve previously shared this patch in this post).

      Patch 2: Aromatic Aromantic 
      This one has a chemistry pun; so, the basic type of aromatic molecules is a 6-carbon ring with 3 double bonds, and the simplistic way of depicting this is a hexagon with a circle inside of it.  This patch has the hexagon with a circle aromatic symbol in gold.  In between the hexagon and the circle is the aro pride flag.  I thought inside the circle looked plain so I added a bow and arrow inside of it in silver because of Artemis. Then across the top is the word “Aromantic”, mostly in white but the “n” is green such that reading just the white letters would say “Aromatic”, thus it can be read as “Aromatic Aromantic”.  (I’ve previously posted a tutorial of this patch here).

      Patch 3: Demiplatonic apl-apple
      This one plays on the pun where aplatonic is shortened to apl, thus apl apple.  I added a triangle to the aplatonic flag to make it demiplatonic, which is how I specifically identify.  (I’ve previously posted a tutorial of this patch here).
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    • pigeonhead

      Cinnamon applesauce is the best
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    • John Rando

      Here is my submission for the aromantic create pride

      It's made with GIMP and 100% drawn by hand (by touchpad actually) using a hearth infography as a guide.
      I hope you like it.
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    • Apathetic Echidna

      One Week Left! Don't forget to submit things for Pride/June. https://www.aromanticism.org/en/news-feed/aromantics-create-pride
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    • Rinkagaminex

      So hungry lately I just want to eat all the wotsits lol
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