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  1. Leave it ambigious mostly there are some who are obviously one way or the other but that isn't the focus of the plot.
  2. Tbh I say the first one though I say I just want to be friends, because it implies I don't want the other thingy. I don't like more than friends however because friends r important already.
  3. mewix


    There was a cute little doggy in my dream but I gave it away :/
  4. This is old but yeah 1. Depends which you mean I suppose. There is gender identity which is like how you feel internally and what you see yourself as. Some people have a strong sense of that or perceived way of being and some don't. Gender roles which are imposed by society. Gender expression/presentation things that can relate to someone in relation to their gender, they may or may not be stereotypical. Though then again you could say this is just "personality". Gender has been in the past also used as a shorthand for sex. There is a lot of debate around what is gender and even what is sex these days, on the topic of social construction etc. 2. Not really and those fancier gender labels don't do anything for me either did try them once for a short time tho. I don't think it matters to define yourself that way for me at least. In the end people will always see you a certain way anyway whether it be by looks or act or whatever. 3. I guess for trans people in many cases but not all they feel dysphoria, some just feel tension or sorts or a strong sense of being something else as far as I know but I cant speak for it as there are several reasons. You can still be gender role non conforming and be cis or feel some tension with gender roles but you are cis because you accept gender you are born with you may or may not have a strong association with it some cis people do and some don't, and to me my gender is what I happen to be and something that affects my experience, rather than an identity on its own. I feel like gender divide has gotten too tight especially with like things like the toy industry we see that they are trying to sell double the amount of toys it is all about money :/ boys toys and girls toys. There might always be some loose social groupings and categories though ofc to some extent.
  5. Hmm well in "micro-label" lingo one label might be Post-rubor aromantic someone who loses excitement and interest quickly of crushes/squishes. Another is Lithromantic when you lose interest when desire is reciprocated. To me though it sounds more like a crush just one that fades quickly as I associate butterflies or nervousness with such but then again some people probably do have slight nervousness to friends making approaching new friends especially if your shy so it might not be so clear cut. If you can't tell what they are maybe somethin more alterous or mixed feeling. I often got admiration in someone mixed up with certain feelings. Overall I wouldn't get too caught up in labelling and that. Overall its less about the label and more how you experience and feel it as.
  6. Hm well this is my opinion I think. Everyday things you do is already "love" though I prefer not to call it that. More like happiness and passion and all that. The things you share with people, places you go, things you do, interactions all that. Like sharing and doing things and the things you get from that is already like essentially it. And when your a kid and your younger you are happy and don't even think about these expectations. I think in the end you just have to follow what you want and don't like always take things from others I think it's important to discover things for yourself that way you understand properly what your needs are. Rather than follow an idealised image which is probably not even completely real and from society.
  7. Empty food cans Fizzy drinks but there is a hole in them so u lose the contents of it b4 u get home
  8. Sounds well intentioned but honestly a bad move from so called friends of someone I don't get it when people try to hook others up unless they requested it or obviously want that. It's messing with other peoples business in a sort of way. I guess about jealously yea maybe like ya know if someone is in a romantic relationship I know they have less time for you or withold closeness unless its an open relationship. But overall I do not care if someone is able to make time for you then that is okay I think. I sucks though people don't think certain forms of closeness are legit unless you are coupled. I also had a situation with a supposed friend who kept promising to hang out with me (from her side) and yet never did. (To put it simply) another person sort of managed to get her to agree to plans and that gave me a pang of jealousy, although I think even they struggled. Though overall it was more frustration after I felt I put so much into things. Like not even one last meet up or just being able to sit down with a friend and get to know them better outside of the context you met them. It sucks. They were almost always in a hurry and left even while my other friends were not, and one of the times they did come I had to hurry off somewhere. :(
  9. A lot of my friends are the opposite sex, so I guess lol But not so much in the non friend way nop if that's what ya mean
  10. Ya know like at school did anyone used to play like house and do like a fake family roleplay. I think I often ended up as a dog or a side character of some sort xD I also seen older kids and teens like make fake pretend relationships/families with their friends decide who is child and that. Or fake weddings. Did anyone get involved in those lol. I watched a few fake weddings one was with those haribo rings.
  11. I mean freud saw a lot of things as sexual xP though he sort of saw sexual as meaning "pleasure" in general. And that sexual energy can be channelled into lots of things such as creative pursuits. I mean with family or a caregiver there usually is some kind of bond or something. I kind of see attraction as more of a gravitation to something and feeling good I don't think that is necessarily sexual just that it can be. The reverse would be repulsion I suppose and then there is indifference. But I am not that deeply invested in the term sensual attraction either I can see it being suggestive of something else in some way too. XP still there are to me ppl who are more huggable than others or give off a vibe that is chill. One thing though it's not always apparent that some is a good hugger till you try and im not drawn so much to someone necessarily cuz they are good at it.
  12. Aw that's mean even if he disagreed that's no way to treat someone calling them names Maybe part is projecting and seeing that as something completely unthinkable in his mind. I think the whole commitment issues thing is over used anyway sometimes it makes sense as a concept other times I think it is used to shame someone for their choices/wanting to make changes etc. just because it conflicts with theirs. I can't say ofc because I don't know them at all but I hope the rant helped you a bit.
  13. Sometimes I feel more left out when people talk about friends that relationships. With relationships I'm like eh yeah whatever. But when people like talk about how much fun they are having with their friends I often feel left out.

  14. I can get it some fandoms are way too much romance like orientated much more than an original show ever was. Some shipping is fun to me in the occasional sense to see what character matchups or whatever or even friendship groupings. But not the main thing no. But there are a lot of things about certain different fandoms that are offputting for different reasons. Too strict about cosplay or analysis (I know some fandoms be like that stripe is very slight the wrong colour xD), toxic etc XD sometimes fandoms ruin a show or media othertimes they can enhance it maybe a bit of both lol
  15. Not aro but there is the solo podcast by peter mcgraw talks about single living and alternative lifestyles and all that if that is interesting. Also I googled it and got https://player.fm/series/sounds-fake-but-okay https://player.fm/podcasts/Aromantic https://strugglebuspodcast.com/2018/03/15/episode-135-asshole-breakdown-extravaganza/ https://www.aokpod.com/ I haven't checked them out properly yet so lemme know if they are any good x3 Edit: Aromance (w/ Ruby Lunt) https://open.spotify.com/episode/0rxH4TcK7SqLmSaIKtfEH5
  16. https://aromanticquiz.carrd.co/ Dunno if this was posted before but it gives interesting results.
  17. Too bad I am not in USA, good luck with this research sounds very useful
  18. Wanting to snuggle I suppose? That is something that can be totally nonsexual/nonromantic even if in some cases it can be that too. There are certain ppl who im like ew or I find they hug too tight and its like aghh. I used to be quite hug adverse but I realised maybe that's cuz a lot of ppl dun do it very well, or some cases it feel unequal one person wanting to overpower another or the reverse sometimes. But the ones do well are nice and a hug becomes a snuggle when you sorta chill out and spend a decent amount hugging, open with it usually with someone you know. I don't do it a lot but I know it's nice lol. Mostly I just do short hugs between ppl And yea holding hands can be nonromantic/nonsexual for some people it helps them relax or feel safe. Or maybe a sign of strong friendship and such. Even a kiss could be, in some cultures that is very common sign of being friendly.
  19. Ah interesting, I thought that was usually a term applied to something inbetween romantic and platonic or something a bit more than platonic but not romantic. I didn't know it could mean something more different to that. Yeah it's none of those really (platonic, romantic, sexual) though possible in some cases the hint of intellectual.
  20. (Bumps old thread..) I watched this video I agree with a lot, but not all of it. But things like no one is perfect, different people for different things etc are important I think.
  21. Hmm yea not really so much based on their appearance like that's a seperate thing for me I think, more how they act or that. Ah yeaaa this sort of thing like a sense of confidence would be one example of something that makes an impression on you of someone.
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