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  1. I made friendship bracelets in the aro and ace colors respectively! I might do a combined one eventually, but I would probably have to get more colors for it (my favorite is the orange and blue flag, it's soo pretty. My friends have dubbed it the "tidepod flag" ) Kinda same here. My friends talk about crushes... rarely? I'd say like once a month, max. It immediately gets really awkward for everyone when they bring it up, though. Lots of "you're so lucky to be aro!" ? I can't be the only one who hates when alloros say that.
  2. 50 percent aroace 17 percent aroallo 17 percent alloace 8 percent alloallo 8 percent demi Weird how my results are all tied lol
  3. Eldest here. My younger sister hasn't properly "come out" but I would be really surprised if she wasn't aspec like me, we share a lot of the same mentality about things. Aside from I think one gay cousin I barely talk to, my family is full of cishets.
  4. I think the appeal of QPRs is the exclusivity of it. The whole idea of having your "special someone" to hang out and chill with. That, and I would imagine most people in QPRs wouldn't get into romantic relationships, removing the ever-present fear of losing your BFF because they pay more attention to their romantic partner. That's my theory, anyway. Personally, if I had a close friend who was aro or not interested in relationships, I wouldn't care if it was a QPR or not.
  5. No one is around a lot of the time, there aren't any new posts, and if there are they're just people having fun with games. I honestly wish there was more discussion because it feels like there is barely any.
  6. I totally feel this way. I guess the solution is what @Holmbo described—not ranking things? I dunno, just a theory.
  7. Of course it is! You're never too young/too old. If you end up feeling attraction someday, it's not a big deal. If you don't, it's also not a big deal.
  8. Maybe, but I'm an INFP so . Sometimes I get INFJ, although I think I'm more of an INFP myself. As for nature... depends how confident I feel lol
  9. Haha, same here ! I discovered by aromanticism (and asexuality) through them as well. Not their videos, but their book. My local library happened to have it (I live in a very pro-LGBT+ area lol).
  10. Just curious, what are aplatonic aros and loveless aros?
  11. I've only ever had one real rejection story, but I don't know if it counts because the friend never officially said that they liked me... however it was heavily implied. It was over text and incredibly awkward. There was also this time where some girl told me some random boy on my bus liked me... he had been trying to make what I interpreted as a few moves towards me but he eventually stopped. It was really weird. Sometimes I get jealous my friends don't get crushes on me but it's probably due to my own amatonormativity more than anything else. It would be really awkward anyways, so
  12. Yep, not at all (Hello from AVEN )! As @nonmerci said, aros wanting QPRs is perfectly normal!
  13. 1. Honestly I just want variety. Aro guys, girls, enbys, allos, aces, anything goes. Same variety with genres too—fantasy, sci-fi, contemporary, you name it. I would love a story where a character is just... aro. It's not a big deal, it's not a major plot point. We're far away from that but I would love to see it someday. 2. Loveless by Alice Oseman is one of my top aro book recommendations! The main character is aro ace, and there is a gay ace side character and a (minor, sadly) aro bi one too. For anyone looking for aro book recs, aroace author Claudie Arseneault made a handy database (https://www.obvibase.com/p/N7SD6v1F4mrVBWzV/?location={"type"%3A"table"%2C"databaseId"%3A"N7SD6v1F4mrVBWzV"%2C"queryPath"%3A{"recordPath"%3A[]%2C"columnPath"%3A["1"]}}) for this exact purpose! Besides that, there isn't much unfortunately. Proper representation would really help our visibility.
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