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  • Feb 15

    Cheap Chocolate Day

    Who doesn't love cheap chocolate?

  • Feb 18

    Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week

    Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week (ASAW) is an annual, international event meant to spread awareness and acceptance of aromantic spectrum identities and the issues we face, as well as making more people aware of our existence while celebrating it. (stolen from the asaw website)

  • Feb 01

    Aro Tunes Thursday

    Every thursday Aggressively Arospec puts out a list oof songs sent in by aros which reflect their feelings about aromanticism. For more details see here: https://aggressivelyarospec.tumblr.com/post/178788976720/aro-tunes-thursday-aggressivelyarospecs

  • Feb 01

    Carnival of aros

    monthly writing carnival, calls for submissions and roundups appear on the carnival website here: https://carnivalofaros.wordpress.com/

  • Feb 13

    galentine’s day

    go celebrate ur homegirls

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