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  1. generally true? not particularly, but i don't tend to watch much in the way of movies and tv series so comparatively, yeah. the person below me likes pasta
  2. i'm agnostic/atheistic. i was raised jewish, and it is still very much part of my identity, but it's more of a cultural thing to me than a religious thing. unfortunately, a lot of the people around me were former white christains and carried a lot of the more... pernicious beliefs with them. i avoid them now.
  3. oh i totally fucking forgot but yeah merida is my favorite princess lmao.
  4. i thought my sister's obsession with a pop star was stupid as shit. also i hated romance songs so much lmao. i think that was more the sister thing tho than the aro thing alksdjf;;;
  5. honestly, the signs that i was aromantic were all the way back in middle school. i just... didn't recognize them for what they were. once you've hit puberty it's... probably just gate-keeping when people tell you you're too young to decide. i don't think that is really valid anyway since people — especially kids — should be allowed and will change their identities. at the flip of a coin? absolutely. so, like, go wild honestly. y'all valid lmao
  6. this is why i say 'i wuv you' instead of 'i love you' because the latter is too serious in its romantic connotation alsdfj;;;;;
  7. that latter sounds a bit like alterous attraction perhaps? it might be worth exploring it anyway! regardless, good luck!
  8. at the same time, i don’t see why someone can’t be “heteroplatonic” or what not. i’ve only gotten meshes (alterous attraction; although for me i would describe my experience as an intense form of platonic attraction) on feminine-aligned people. it may depend on your definition of squishes, because even within platonic stuff there’s a lot of nuances to the kinds of friendships you can have.
  9. truth be told, i don't fully get how some people can be like "i'm absolutely this one orientation i've known it since forever." it's a lot of self-doubt and second-guessing for me alskdfj, so... y'know, maybe it might just help describe the way you tend to operate? no one can really look into your brain and say any which way. even if it could be that you've just not found someone you're attracted to, that's... a bit of part of the definition of being aro? not experiencing romantic attraction. maybe you'll find someone who helps you definitively realize one way or the other, but i think until y
  10. they recently replied! and it's turned out all good. you're right tho, i think they'd have eventually figured it out, so this way we can move forward understanding each a little better now.
  11. alskdkdksl só as it turns out that friend i was all caught up on telling if i was aro or not ended up being gray/demi aro so

    jfjfjskals i’m sobbing. i kinda had the thought because we’re rlly similar ppl?? but hfhfjdksakla;;;;;;


  12. ok so i just sent a... near 1k dm about this whole mess to the person at 3am and. alskdksl. man this is rlly gonna go into my 3am regrets huh? well, it’s a good thing i finally got it out anyway, now i should go to sleep
  13. ...so i actually haven’t watched many romance movies alskdkdls. i tend to avoid them. as such, the “worst” romance movie i’ve watched is howl’s moving castle...? not that it was necessarily a bad movie, but the romance bits felt a bit cheesy to me. and i think it’s mean to be kinda cheesy, especially in comparison to the book (which i do prefer, but that’s more because i appreciate its whimsical and dry sense of humor), so it’s not necessarily a fault in itself. just not something i like is all. and yes i am in fact just realizing how utterly aromantic that is of me to prefer the less rom
  14. when i was younger, this classmate had a crush on this boy, and it was a lot of entertainment to me. but i genuinely didn’t get why this person wouldn’t just say they had a crush tho. like i even had to convince them to write a letter/i ended up being the one to give the letter for them? i couldn’t understand why they would constantly bemoan and not do shit. they weren’t even that close. there wasn’t like... a friendship to ruin, which i would understand.
  15. ...false? alksfj i don't really have a preference either way but since i type more, i'll go with saying false. TPBM has a pet
  16. cyancat

    Acronym game

    Never Ever Underestimate Trans Rights On Injectable Steroids AMARANTH
  17. INFP/INTP really tends to fluctuate lmao
  18. went w male because when it comes to my orientation, that’s the terms i tend to think of myself as, but i’m technically n-b so
  19. so. i’ve referenced it a couple of times. maybe more ... mostly because it’s the reason i even realized i was probably aromantic. but i have this friend that i’m really close to. and i had a squish on them, though i considered that it could be a crush at the time. and... up until that point i assumed the fact that i was interested in romantic fiction & the fact that i’d “crush” on pretty much anyway who let me be excitable with them as solid proof of my alloromantic-ness. but then this said friend developed feelings for me and they seem really into me now — which doesn’t bother m
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