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  1. technically true. i landed in england during a flight over so e? TPBM has a nintendo switch
  2. a misconception: it’s weird for aromantic characters (and by extension, aromantic people because fiction doesn’t equal reality but it can sure fucking reflect it), to be in relationships - bonus: the character in question is actually asexual who everyone treats like they’re aro which u know non-sam is valid but despite conflating the terms because it is complex it’s almost like people fucking miss all the other goddamn complexities in aromanticism and god forbid i ever try to express those and get labeled as erasing a canon ace character (screech) yes i’m incredibly salty for feeling like if i try to write my own experiences i’ll get told i’m doing a Representation Wrong thanks for asking!
  3. Hm... so I'd say false. I don't hate the ocean itself, but I do dislike getting wet & beaches. TPBM likes freeze-dried fruits.
  4. this is home is just big queer energies alksjdf -- i relate hard as specifically being aro and trans. despair by leo v good also uh cynical fairytale by egg is a big time mood orz
  5. girl kills everyone, everyone loves her, people die more, mom mad, emo boy is now a flower?
  6. u r SO right i take it back please make more Aromantic Assassins thank u (just also make non-assassin aros occasionally c:)
  7. please make a single (1) non-evil/cold/assassin type aromantic k thanks.
  8. pls i love romantic fanfiction so much u can pry that shit out of my cold dead hands. buuut i really cannot do relationships. romantic gestures are not a natural part of my vocab. in the past, i've had to force myself to be okay with any kind of touch too - which is a thing. thats a thing i don't want to ever process. i react pretty angrily to anyone who gets too close (physically) to me, including family, for i guess trauma reasons. basically, yeah, romantic relationships just Do Not Work with me. but man do i like reading about them, and it's hard not to want a relationship like the shit i read. it's hard for me to really describe the way i experience things as particularly normal, but since it's all i can experience, what happiness i've felt even in fleeting relationships i've kinda just decided are enough for me and it's okay? it's sort of become an inevitable fact for me that relationships of any kind last at max a year, and then one of us moves on, so i try to appreciate what i can.
  9. ok but when is there NOT definitional drama in aven lmao. but yes, being sex positive is more a general attitude/ideology towards sex. it's also different from being averse/repulsed/ambivelent/indifferent/favorable. aven has a page abt it: https://www.asexuality.org/?q=attitudes.html as for like - who is asexual. that depends who you ask and has been an argument that no one wants to delve into. currently, it is simply anyone who experiences very little to no sexual attraction. your libido, sexual attitude, etc, don't factor, though they are often part of the experience.
  10. tbh other peoples crushes were the most exciting thing in my school so i was always chin resting like hello yes i am so bored pls give me drama. still did not fully grasp the whole Crush thing but it was pretty fun. when it came to me tho less so :Squint: was a real ehhhhhhh do i gotta have one tho?? absolutely in media i was like "okay but WHY exactly is love a valid reason to do stupid shit huh?"
  11. @eatingcroutons same i think "qp attraction" might be a false usage in this context. tbh u could probably derive a queerplatonic attraction in some sense? i use the word alterous, but different words for different folks - but i think what's more relevant to the question is queerplatonic relationships, which doesn't necessarily define what kind of attraction people are experiencing slash can experience.
  12. people r talking abt dating and i’m like damn this fomo b real but the moment i get a partner i’d dump them so tch am seething now :/
  13. is there a thing as qp attraction?? a qp is more or less what you want out of something. it says nothing about your attraction or sexuality. generally it’s people who don’t experience romantic attraction towards each other. but it could just be one person who doesn’t and the other respecting their boundaries as a decent person lmao. romantic attraction is. idk crushes ig. i’m aro man wdym what is romantic attraction OTL more relevantly i suppose the difference between a qp and a romantic relationship is what you want/need. people have different needs for different types of relationships. people may be really touchy with their friends and likewise be incredibly UNtouchy w/ their romantic partners. a qpr is going to be whatever that person needs for a platonic/non romantic relationship. a romantic relationship is going to be whatever that person needs to satisfy their romantic feelings. sometimes they may look the same, because the qpr is very touchy or the romantic relationship is very not touchy. the difference comes down to whatever fundamental feelings you have - and that’s a measure that can be different from person to person, but only for themselves.
  14. tbh i thought angled aroaces more applied to people who were a-spec. it wasn’t meant for aroace more a-spec who felt a non romantic/sexual orientation was strongly part of their identity as well. i don’t rlly see the controversy in that? maybe it’s the naming but eh also i don’t necessarily refer to myself as an oriented aroace simply because it’s kind of a mouthful. also bc i see ace as more of a technicality that i don’t experience sexual attraction, but not necessarily a label i’m particularly excited to claim ig? but i do experience alterous attraction. once. which ig that one occasion was enough of an impact on me where i’ve considered referring to myself as pan alterous or smthing other. in the end tho, i think it’s just a way for people to emphasize their experiences outside what is typically talked abt. it doesn’t have to be divisive if you don’t see other attraction aside from sexual/romantic attraction being divisive
  15. yeah lmao i won’t lie it’s one of those things i’m like But Can I for being Aro? because a-romantic people are allowed to be a lot more hidden for the most part. but i think for me being lgbt/queer is much more conductive as a descriptor of anything that doesn’t fit within the hétero-cis constructs of society. being queer is not about suffering to suffer - it’s about the ways a cishet world attempts to reject us. be that with violence or by insisting we do not exist. also i’m ngl i really do not like relationships in general but i’ve found queer relationships more tolerable than straight ones. i don’t know if this is a very common experience, but i think that i find heteronormative relationships very unpleasant, so anecdotal, but i think part of that is why i see aro as more queer than not. it’s just. not hetero no matter what people will insist. also like. i’m unequivocally queer. i’m trans for fucks sake. and for me, aro is just as much part of my experience being isolated from the rest of fuck all society as the fact that i’m trans. no, i don’t feel the same fear from thinking about coming out - but i am still terrified of having to go through the utter humiliation of being told i don’t exist, that my purpose is to get married, copulate, produce children, whatever. being aro is very much part of my identity, and it feels a bit too much like rejecting that part of me if i don’t also let it be queer.
  16. a question for the aroace folk out there: are you more comfortable in asexual (but not strictly aromantic) spaces or aromatic (but not strictly asexual) spaces? context; i’ve found that because my aroace-ness isn’t equal - as in, one i see the world through over the other, i have a preference of the spaces i’m comfortable in. so even though i’m aroace, i’d rather be in one space than the other. [cross post on aven too]
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