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  1. Perioriented people tend to conflate romantic and sexual. Even though many of them, with the obvious exception of aro aces, can experience only romantic or only sexual attraction. Thus you find "sexual" used where "romosexual", even, "romantic" would be more accurate.
  2. I wonder if there might be something within mental health training which bolsters faith in amantonormativity. Considering some the behaviour of allos, when, in romantic relationships it might more sense to see them as a sign of immaturity.
  3. AVEN is a resource for asexuals primarily those who are also alloromantic. At best the definition of aromanticism is from the limited perspective of aro-aces. (Likely excluding any who are romance repulsed.) An issue with the first definition is that a large minority of allos are uninterested in romantic relationships. There are a couple of issues with the second definition: Absence of "romantic attraction" is a much more abstract concept than lack of desire for a romantic relation. The term "crush" is highly subjective. It's also unclear how a "crush" could reliably be distinguished from a "squish"; intense sexual, sensual, aesthetic or other type of non-romantic attraction. Especially be someone who's never encountered the idea of attraction having,, at least, five flavours.
  4. Just out of interest how did the PC ad NPC compare in terms of stats? Also was that a plot-critical NPC or one you could afford to lose in a combat encounter? This sounds like some troublesome PvP behaviour. PCs can behave in all sorts of inappropriate ways towards NPCs. However NPCs can either run away or attack PCs as they see fit. It's also perfectly within the rules for a harmless appearing NPC to be a high level monk/sorcerer/druid/etc or a (polymorphed) dragon.
  5. It would be nice if allos would stop using "friend" as a euphemism for "romantic partner".
  6. Many chromosomal duplications are lethal to the cell in question. The Y chromosome is small so it being duplicated or omitted makes little difference. Whilst X is a large chromosome only one is typically fully expressed in a cell. Where there are multiple X chromosomes present all except one are Barr bodies, with the majority of the genes inactivated.
  7. Its notable that there are RPG systems, such as 7th Sea, which specifically support aromantic characters. For those unfamiliar the Game is set in a fictionalised version of 17th century Europe with page 89 of the Player's Guide stating "On the other side of the fence, the romantics sing about a new kind of love, a love between two people no other can experience, share or understand It is a fire that flares up without reason and burns forever." With one of the character creation questions being "Is your Hero in love? Is he married or betrothed?" (The guide does poorly when it comes to gender inclusive language.)
  8. Even if they don't mention they are also ace having only aroaces gives a very limited perspective on aromanticsm. Including that, like other perioriented people, aroaces can more easily confuse and conflate romantic and sexual.
  9. Notably such children are unlikely to be told they are "too young to know" or "might change their mind". (Ditto for children who identify as cis and/or hetero.) Rarely does anyone ask children what they consider "playing pretend". An interesting irony is that "romance" used to mean "adventure story", in some contexts it still does. Dragons are a good fit in that genre.
  10. I've never understood where the notion of couples being "cute" come from.
  11. An obvious issue is that virtually every article about "attachment theory" assumes an amantonormative like relationship hierarchy.
  12. A combination of couple and romo privilege. Most likely with associated privilege blindness. Would the business be as keen to offer discounts to white people, straight people, Christians, rich people, (cis) men or any other privileged group? Having any kind of "couple's discount' means that other customers are subsidising the coupled lifestyle.
  13. I'd define "romantic" as wanting to be "in a relationship". Wanting to have (at least one) and be "girlfriend", "boyfriend" or similar. Wanting to merge identities with "partner(s)".
  14. This really should be recognised as a problem. At least lack of professionalism or, possible, mental illness. Which would probably be the case were actors playing enemies were to then turn into actual enemies off set.
  15. Marriage is a lifestyle which is highly promoted. With the false premises that everyone wants to do it and it's suitable for everyone.
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