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  1. I have a cat and chickens, and lots of house plants.
  2. What makes you think this is different from what most alloromantic people experience, of a crush naturally fading, or going through periods of not having anyone they are attracted to?
  3. 83% aroace 17% alloromantic asexual 0% mostly aromantic 0% not aromantic 0% demisexual As it happens I'm actually 100% aroace but I'm sure the test tried it's best.
  4. Not sure how old you are, but why do you need your parents permission? It's your hair. Save up your pocket money and pay to have it cut yourself.
  5. I've always been very open about not being interested in dating (since before I discovered the term aromantic) and they're fine with it, don't seem to care all that much really. I've never bothered using the label aromantic (or asexual) with them because I don't think they need to know the labels so long as they know not to expect me to bring home a boy/girlfriend.
  6. I feel like I'm even more connected to the place I live as a single person than I would be if i was in a relationship. If I wanted to move and was in a couple then I might be able to persuade my partner to move with me and have that companionship and support in that new place, but as it is I have half a dozen close friends who I can't bare to move away from. The "independent and don't need anyone" was sort of true for me when I was younger, there was the better part of a decade where I didn't spend more than 18 months in one country, but in the end it was the need for companionship and deep co
  7. To be honest society never made me believe that. I new plenty of adults who weren't married when I was a child, and my aunt was always quite vocal about how she was never having children. I remember asking my mum when I was about 8 why people get married (we had attended a wedding at it was very boring and seemed pointless) and she told me something along the lines of "it used to be expected when your dad and I were younger, but now people just do it because they have weird religious beliefs or for tax purposes". Having been raised atheist and not having a clue what "tax purposes" meant I the
  8. I love a good romantic story, and I ship fictional characters who aren't in canon relationships.
  9. Rolo

    Being normal

    Well I have not had anyone tell me to "be normal" since I was about 14, and I would never choose to interact with people to whom "being normal" is important. I am very weird in several ways and I am totally fine with that. I have found many of my current friends via shared weirdness.
  10. I have never felt even the remotest need to "come out". I don't see how my orientation is anyone's business but my own, and it's not something that really comes up in conversation. It's not like my not having sex or being romantic in any way interferes with my relationships with friends or family.
  11. I often feel anxiety over these things but I put that down to social anxiety disorder. I see no reason why being aromantic would be connected to my being uncomfortable with these things, but that's just me.
  12. Watership Down, Quatermass and The Pit (considering it was made in the 1960s on a very low budget it is unreasonably terrifying), and Alien (my dad got in a lot of trouble for letting we watch that).
  13. I generally enjoy romance in fiction but the one's I don't like are the type of stories where I find myself thinking "If this guy wasn't good looking and the woman wasn't an idiot it would be a crime novel". Also books where the main character has multiple people panting after them (this is especially annoying when the character in dull as dish water, I'm looking at you Twilight and your profoundly forgettable yet somehow irresistible protagonist). And of course if the book is generally insipid or badly written the romance will be too; some books just suck in general.
  14. I think that aro should just mean aromantic, not the spectrum, but I know that a lot of people do use for the spectrum. Personally I tend to feel that that using the word aromantic or aro as an umbrella term is kind of erasing those of us who are simply aromantic.
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