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  1. a question for the aroace folk out there: are you more comfortable in asexual (but not strictly aromantic) spaces or aromatic (but not strictly asexual) spaces? context; i’ve found that because my aroace-ness isn’t equal - as in, one i see the world through over the other, i have a preference of the spaces i’m comfortable in. so even though i’m aroace, i’d rather be in one space than the other. [cross post on aven too]
  2. i would argue its the same reason when most allos say they're straight or bi, they're talking about both their romantic and sexual attraction. for most people, they experience romantic & sexual attraction so closely that it's hard for them to make a clear divide. therefore, they kind of end up talking about them like they're the same/adjacent to the point of being the same gradient. likewise, i think aesthetic, sensual, etc., attraction might be experienced so closely to sexual and/or romantic attraction that it's just not a thing people naturally bother differentiating. though, i think th
  3. YMBAI you identified as bi/panromantic because you’ve figured you like girls and boys equally after a long struggle of deciphering your feelings — as though grasping at barely existent straws. Bonus points if you specifically chose to identify as pan because the idea of being attracted to someone because of anything to do with them was the weirdest shit ever/you just couldn’t see it happening for you. The all-encompassing, hand-waving, regardless of pan-romanticism [vs omni’s all and bi’s many] happened to be very convenient for your don’t-want-to-think-about-the-specifics-of-your-prefere
  4. the best way i think to put it is that it is because orientation is fluid and that they can change that younger people are valid. @Tagor it’s certainly okay to say that someone being young may mean that their sexuality may change - that’s the typical and generally accepted as standard/best response to what is normally an incredibly vague question of “idk am i aro or not” with very little/very confusing information to supplement. that’s not a problem period. more of the issue that i’ve seen is the attitude that being young somehow takes away from how aro you actually are. it’s not super c
  5. generally true? not particularly, but i don't tend to watch much in the way of movies and tv series so comparatively, yeah. the person below me likes pasta
  6. i'm agnostic/atheistic. i was raised jewish, and it is still very much part of my identity, but it's more of a cultural thing to me than a religious thing. unfortunately, a lot of the people around me were former white christains and carried a lot of the more... pernicious beliefs with them. i avoid them now.
  7. oh i totally fucking forgot but yeah merida is my favorite princess lmao.
  8. i thought my sister's obsession with a pop star was stupid as shit. also i hated romance songs so much lmao. i think that was more the sister thing tho than the aro thing alksdjf;;;
  9. honestly, the signs that i was aromantic were all the way back in middle school. i just... didn't recognize them for what they were. once you've hit puberty it's... probably just gate-keeping when people tell you you're too young to decide. i don't think that is really valid anyway since people — especially kids — should be allowed and will change their identities. at the flip of a coin? absolutely. so, like, go wild honestly. y'all valid lmao
  10. this is why i say 'i wuv you' instead of 'i love you' because the latter is too serious in its romantic connotation alsdfj;;;;;
  11. that latter sounds a bit like alterous attraction perhaps? it might be worth exploring it anyway! regardless, good luck!
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