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  1. Hm... so I'd say false. I don't hate the ocean itself, but I do dislike getting wet & beaches. TPBM likes freeze-dried fruits.
  2. this is home is just big queer energies alksjdf -- i relate hard as specifically being aro and trans. despair by leo v good also uh cynical fairytale by egg is a big time mood orz
  3. girl kills everyone, everyone loves her, people die more, mom mad, emo boy is now a flower?
  4. u r SO right i take it back please make more Aromantic Assassins thank u (just also make non-assassin aros occasionally c:)
  5. please make a single (1) non-evil/cold/assassin type aromantic k thanks.
  6. pls i love romantic fanfiction so much u can pry that shit out of my cold dead hands. buuut i really cannot do relationships. romantic gestures are not a natural part of my vocab. in the past, i've had to force myself to be okay with any kind of touch too - which is a thing. thats a thing i don't want to ever process. i react pretty angrily to anyone who gets too close (physically) to me, including family, for i guess trauma reasons. basically, yeah, romantic relationships just Do Not Work with me. but man do i like reading about them, and it's hard not to want a relationship like the shit i read. it's hard for me to really describe the way i experience things as particularly normal, but since it's all i can experience, what happiness i've felt even in fleeting relationships i've kinda just decided are enough for me and it's okay? it's sort of become an inevitable fact for me that relationships of any kind last at max a year, and then one of us moves on, so i try to appreciate what i can.
  7. ok but when is there NOT definitional drama in aven lmao. but yes, being sex positive is more a general attitude/ideology towards sex. it's also different from being averse/repulsed/ambivelent/indifferent/favorable. aven has a page abt it: https://www.asexuality.org/?q=attitudes.html as for like - who is asexual. that depends who you ask and has been an argument that no one wants to delve into. currently, it is simply anyone who experiences very little to no sexual attraction. your libido, sexual attitude, etc, don't factor, though they are often part of the experience.
  8. tbh other peoples crushes were the most exciting thing in my school so i was always chin resting like hello yes i am so bored pls give me drama. still did not fully grasp the whole Crush thing but it was pretty fun. when it came to me tho less so :Squint: was a real ehhhhhhh do i gotta have one tho?? absolutely in media i was like "okay but WHY exactly is love a valid reason to do stupid shit huh?"
  9. @eatingcroutons same i think "qp attraction" might be a false usage in this context. tbh u could probably derive a queerplatonic attraction in some sense? i use the word alterous, but different words for different folks - but i think what's more relevant to the question is queerplatonic relationships, which doesn't necessarily define what kind of attraction people are experiencing slash can experience.
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