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  1. Hmm, not sure whether it's okay to write about this here, but don't know where else ;))) So I kind of liked how the relationship between Amos and Clarissa developed in the fifth season of the tv-show. Then I didn't give much attention when I was reading books 5 and 6, as I didn't like them that much, but as book 7 is so refreshing, I started giving more attention to details again. So, maybe a little bit of a spoiler (though I don't know if they are going to mention anything in the movies about this, given there will be no more seasons -for now- until the sixth one), but I think the relationship between Amos and Clarissa may be sort of a qpr? (the action in book seven happens after 30 years after the events from the tv show). Also, for my post to connect more with this post, I'm really looking forward to season 6 ;)))
  2. It used to disturb me a lot and sometimes it still does, as I haven't come to terms with it from an emotional point of view... but from inquiries of my romantic friends, it does seems that romance it's more for (most of) them and yeah, I try to understand that and be more okay with it and accept that people feel differently and have different priorities. But being more open about this also helped some of my friends give more importance to our friendship too and not take it for granted, so there is middle ground. We are both trying to understand that they are different and it matters to be intentional, so that's something.
  3. Now: 1: Meal: I just love food a lot =))) 2: Snack/desert/junk food: sweets with coffee; dried chickpeas?? (i'm not sure what are those exactly); popcorn with extra cheese 3: Movie: Arrival 4: TV show: Expanse, Stranger things 5: Book/Series: Claudie Arseneault's City of Spires trilogy 6: Music/Song: There are many songs I love, depending on my mood. One of those is this 7: Animal: my dog? ;)) do plants count? ;))) 8: Game: I don't play because I know I'd become obsessed ;))) 9: Hobby: reading, roller skating, writing 10: Idea for a strange law that you'd like to pass. I have no idea ;))) Back when I was a child 1: Meal: I loved all kind of meals too ;))) 2: Snack/desert/junk food: Pufuleti 3: Movie: wasn't too much into movies 4: TV show: some korean dramas 5: Book/Series: Eragon and some others, but don't remember the titles 6: Music/Song: didn't listen to too much music until about 5 years ago 7: Animal: still my dog ;))) Didn't have plants back then ;))) 8: Game: Captain Claw 9: Hobby: translating stuff for a forum/website dedicated to Korean culture 10: Idea for a strange law that you'd like to pass. I don't think I was more creative back then either ;))
  4. I would say if you feel like your feelings are not exactly romantic... to trust your gut. Also, not having romantic feelings doesn't mean you can't love a person in other ways. It is that both of you have to find ways to fulfill your desires and decide whether what you are able to fulfill is enough for both of you. Also, you could take a look into relationship anarchy? I just discovered this concept not so long ago, so I don't know much either, but it may be good to check that up :)
  5. In the beginning I hesitated... both because I was feeling uncertain of my aro identity, but also because having a black ring on my right middle finger and a white one on my left middle finger would attract too much attention, especially as I don't wear jewelry in general... but then, I realized most of the pressure was coming from "what would people thing", so I said screw it... and now i have 2 chunky rings on my middle fingers and feel proud ;)))
  6. Georgi


    Hmm, I like reading a lot, from silly stories to blogposts/articles/books on astronomy, gender, sexuality, non-monogamy, SF and fantasy worlds, psychology, etc. I also love roller skating and I've started writing too, but my writing is still very bad ;))) Sometimes I like hanging out with friends and cook together too, but most of them live in other countries so it's not that easy ;))) Lately, I've discovered a like listening to music and singing, and also listening podcasts ;))
  7. There is an island in Prague, the city where I'm living now, where a former friend of mine told me couples usually go for dates. For this reason, I call it the "love island" =)). I wanted to take some of my friends who came to Czechia last week there... but we ended up on another island, because I have mistaken it and then we were to lazy to go to the "island of love" ;))
  8. Kind of yes. And I think my mom is kind of heart broken because of this. She kept on hinting to the idea of having grandchildren... my brother knew I hated that and she just told her that I don't want kids, because I was too chicken to tell her. After a while, I also said it to her. I still don't think she fully buys it and she may still be hoping that later I will give her grandchildren (as I'm the oldest one and also afab...🙄).
  9. Yes, I think I do experience different kind of platonic stuff regarding close friends... I know for some of my closest friends I've felt probably what are squishes or meshes... to the point I've questioned a few times whether that is romantic or not. They were and are a lot to what people describe as crushes, but then... for whatever reasons, I would feel suffocated to be in a romantic relationship with them (and weirdly enough, I wasn't bother by them having romantic interests in some other people). I sometimes call this as alterous attraction, but I see it as a type of platonic one too. Then there were somehow in a friendship triangle other types of friendships... they were quite close, but then I knew in a way they were different, even with all three of us saw each other as equals... Then, a relationship that I've developed in the past year and I don't think this has happened before... I know there are no sudden crazy feelings, but then I know there is trust and emotional compatibility... in a way, I feel like this is a relationship built brick by brick with both of us being more aware (well, this friendship started a few years ago, then became almost dead and wasn't feeling comfortable in it... but then both of us changed our perspectives last year). I know it's different from what I've felt in the first part of our friendship years ago. It's far more mature for sure, but also the feelings are different in nature. In a way are similar to the ones I've described as alterous, but it's not some weird chemicals in my brain, is me being aware and deciding about my feelings more I think? I'm not sure.
  10. Yesterday I've started Tarnished are the stars. It is both SF (forbidden tech, terraforming and moving humanity to another planet) and fantasy-medieval?? or I don't know how to call it... it has a queen, and kind of nobility. And it has an aroace man (he's still not aware, but questioning). And also other LGBTQIA+ characters. Until now, I like it a lot (but I'm just a quarter through it), as it has an interesting world building and also complex goals for each character, imo. Also, I don't know if you know about the Aroace database of Claudie Arsenault for more books? I find it quite impressive. I've also read The Midnight Bargain. Funny thing is that I knew there was supposed to be an aroace character in the book, but I didn't know which one in the beginning... so I assumed it was the main character. 🤣Then started wondering what the hell is she feeling towards that guy ;)))) Then decided to look on the internet and see what character is aroace and figured out it was not her ;))) Was a little bit disappointed, because I liked how in the beginning she was so fierceful against marriage and romance, and... then things happened ;))))
  11. This! I always recommend to my friends to "break up" (now I've started saying "do what is best for you" because I don't want to appear like me wanting them so badly to be single 🤣) and before I've never understood what is making these people going back and staying in the relationship after going through some continuous or frequent ugly situations...
  12. Interesting, though some of the options are kind of weird. For 33% you are: You are probably asexual and aromantic. For 25% you are: You are most likely demisexual. For 17% you are: You are mostly aromantic. For 17% you are: You are most likely capable of having romantic relationships, but are asexual. For 8% you are: You most likely are NOT aromantic.
  13. I think I may be somewhat romance-favorable? I am not really sure... actually this prevented me to take the aro label for a long while. To a great extent, I resemble to Georgia from Loveless (even the names are close ;))). While growing up, I loved romance in movies, tv shows and books, so I thought I wanted that too. However, there were no sign of stuff... and then at the of my bachelor's I've decided I should focus on some other aspects of life too... so I've decided I should look for someone, because I was feeling kind of old (22 years). Then I had a few close guy friends (mind you, I grew up in a place where heteronormativity and amatonormativity, for the matter, are dominant), and I thought I had crushes... but when thinking of having romantic relationships with them, something was off... I thought I have to ignore that feeling, as I thought it's just anxiety and I just have to step out of my comfort zone and finally be like everyone else and not a 'weird'... luckily nothing happened, and I was relieved when I've confessed my feelings to one and he said he doesn't like me more than as a friend (at that moment, I thought my feelings were romantic... later I've come to the realization that not really, as they were no different than I'd feel for my girl best friend* and I couldn't imagine what I was going to do if he said yes... in a way, I secretly desired for him to say no... what made me go and tell him that then? coding my feelings wrong, not having proper terms for them, and, of course, peer-pressure... all my friends were like ohh, if you feel so strongly for a guy, you must tell him and get into a romantic relationship and bla bla... also the guilt that I hadn't had any romantic relationship or interest until that age... yes, I was feeling strong for him, and the fact that I liked him was no lie, but not in a romantic way for sure, as I couldn't imagine doing romantic stuff with him...). So I've felt broken, because I was wondering why can't I find someone who likes me and that I like them back too (there were a few people that showed some interest outside of those close friendships - for many, the way they acted was coded as romantic interest too, but I guess it was amatonormativity - but I would keep them at distance, thinking that I just haven't find the right person). It took me a while to get over some internalized arophobia... and I do love hearing my friends talking about romance and also see it in movies and books (but when it's well constructed, not thrown there just for the sake of it)... but then, when I'm thinking of me in a romantic relationship, something feels off and I can't picture myself in one. And I don't know the reason, because I can form really strong and committed friendships. But lately I have decided to give more credit to that feeling and go for the aro label. And I've started to accept that even if I love romance for others, it's okay to not want it for myself. *I've also considered that maybe I am bi-grayromantic and polyamorous, but yeah, that seems really far-fetched. Aro seems much closer to what I feel.
  14. I've found this on Facebook (from Lucifer, season 5, ep. 9)... however, I haven't watched this series so I'm not sure what's going on, but maybe it helps? Later edit: I'm not sure whether it refers to romantic love or love in general now that I think more of it ;)))
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