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  1. Oooh this version so cool looks very 3d now and nicer shapes. Yeah you can use it however ^^ I'm glad it's being built upon You could try google drive or dropbox or something maybee
  2. If he is calling that is taking it very far. Like calling is definitely very out the ordinary in the days of texting, particularly as he is doing it in response to you not replying to a text first then persisting on, when he doesn't even know you, if it were so important he could have texted you. I think I would just block, why even reply imo. Someone who keeps going on and on pushing like that is not worthy of your time. You don't owe anything not replying to begin with was already a reply in a sense that it communicates you do not want to talk. If it were me i'd be very creeped out and uncomfortable. It is like those scam callers I mean do you answer? Or do you just block lol. That is what I would do. Someone just trying to hook you in like those sales people in the street who pretend to be nice and say wow ur so pretty but all they want is to sell u something xD but ofc sending one single message to say im not interested may help in some cases if you feel that would work.
  3. Depends on the activity I mean a lot of board games need at least 2 people for XD but there are a few solitare type or rpg that don't. Or if ur playing against each other or whatever. As for eating out depends on the place if it is a formal place I probably wouldnt go alone but if its a snacky type places it is fine and chill. I think doing things with friends can be fun as they introduce you to things but yeah it can also be fun alone as you get to explore ur own way with less pressures.
  4. I used to not to but because of experience I now have to cuz some ppl r too subtle and it kinda is off putting.
  5. No I haven't Why would you though interfere with someone like that unless you know that is what they want if someone did that I would be very angry and walk away
  6. I've seen a different video about straight people being minority think it's dis one Something about people slurs like breeders that might happen here too :/ If its both aro and ace I guess people would still have sex but out of practicality only, until science solved that. People would get together for that reason. As for the aro aspect I suppose things like Romance stories would be taboo.
  7. Agreed this is madness. I get respecting someones moment or cutting a conversation short as someone is busy with someone else, but if they are just there normally a short hi wouldn't be bad in anyway and is just common courtesy, in fact could have said hi to both of them and that could have been a nice gesture. Weirdness
  8. Depends what's ur goal. If you think they are useful then use them. Strip away the ones u dont. Labels are only there to help if you don't need them you don't even need to use them. You can experiment and that see what works and look at things from different perspectives. If you want some perfect label to encompass everything, at the end of the day u r urself and a unique individual no one label is gonna describe you perfectly thats the thing u aren't a label, ur a person. What is it that you are trying to achieve here, is this label for personal use or something you want to convey to others?
  9. Ye i'd ghost him because the way he forced the number out of u is not nice that is creepy how he got you to ring him, most people do not go that far. He took advantage of ur courtesy and it's not ur fault u didn't say no. I am one who thinks ghosting is very bad however if it is like putting u in an uncomfortable situation then it is warranted for sure as this is a rando who forces out ur number. I'd even block. If anything maybe it will teach him a lesson not to mess with others like that, it is not the way to treat other people at all. I don't know what he wants to get from it.
  10. Yea especially sucks with opposite sex ppl when just want to be friendly but they interpret being nice as something else.
  11. Expression as I seen it defined, as how you express yourself to the wider society, and some people dress a certain way to fit in. Gender identity is a inner sense of gender, but I don't think everyone has one or in the same way. I guess I seen both things being mixed up a bit. But yeah they are seperate as a Woman can dress stereotypically masculine and a Man stereotypically feminine that would just be their "expression". I feel like no clothes is inherently masculine and feminine tbh a lot of that is culturally assigned more than anything, probably differs also depending in where you live (and ofc which part of history you are in if ur a time traveller ha) Honestly I just dress what is comfortable really, it's only annoyin when a certain few ppl complain and don't like that. My gender is more just what other people see me as and that I don't think it matters in a lot of ways until the situation makes it matter. At the end of the day I just do what I want (unless I really have to) much simpler.
  12. Yea he does get annoying and harassing, but I guess he doesn't result to stalking as he is already around xP following so he didnt need too. I guess the idea of the story was they do the whole role swap thing when they transform and act almost opposite to their personalities. Ye to think if that happened in real life would be urgh. I guess both are acting as the pursurer but in different contexts and ways. Honestly I only really thought about these things after people made those commentary videos on them xP I probably thought more about how weird cat noir was being but I mostly focussed on the other parts of the show.
  13. I can think of a female character that stalks a lot and that Miraculous Ladybug when she is Marinette xP When you look into it is kinda creepy she goes round stalking someone so much. Yea it is true a lot of things are accepted in the name of romance. Things like public proposals don't make a lot of sense unless I guess you were already planning to with the person, it puts a lot of pressure on someone, though it also has that expectation the man/masculine person does everything. I didn't know people took shipping that seriously :/ that kind of pushing behaviour is pretty scary tbh
  14. https://theaceandaroadvocacyproject.tumblr.com/ I think this has some good Aro stuff. Although I do not agree with everything or the sort of authoritative tone it tries to give. I was reading this one I was pondering. To me the first one more just sexism rather than strictly aro. I guess I can't expect a small information packet to elaborate and like there is intersectionality with everything but I feel like with point number 1 is more about sexism of sorts perpatuated by "romantic ideals". Whereas the other two points below are more closely related to aro. Sure all is linked to Aro but then there are plenty of romance stories without harassing and stalking and it still gives off certain messaging. But I guess there is a interplay with all. I feel the very last point, celebrity culture always disgusted me tbh but I guess the speculation and that made it more so. Although I don't think all of that was centered purely romantic. For some people they were attracted to wealth and lifestyles and how a celeb lives or sometimes their actual talents too ofc haha. But a lot of it was very materialistic and fake to me. I was reading the compulsory sexuality one as well and even this one I as allosexual I feel like the first point using sexuality to sell things is more of an issue relating to other things such as dehumanisation, objectification etc. But still ofc linked back. Over sexualisation is a big issue on its own, I don't think that is healthy for anyone with the oversaturation of this in particular, it's making things into a product to consume.
  15. I haven't read anything like that directly. But I do get that kind of vibe about how allosexuals have to have sex to be fufilled thing. I mean I did read some people saying stuff about that on the forum but it came from the "sexuals" themselves, saying they need sex etc. Otherwise it doesn't work.
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