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  1. Is it archived maybe someone could post that list haha I seen similar lists on reddit too tho Yeah it's annoying I think also it just something that sells well too tho alongside a lot of the drugs and sex music around these days. I don't mind though music that was written for a lover or that tho its more the lyrics being so blatanly so lol, instrumental helps.
  2. I want some advice on counteracting gender stereotypes/accepted fashion on clothing and presentation. Basically I feel like there is pressure to dress and present a certain way. From family or even some friends (tho I ended up cutting of one of those people for a different reason) who don't support the way. Sure they can't pressure you into stuff but the stuff they say it kinda seeps in after a while. And the thing about bot dressing well enough gets to me, like I would never dress the way others say I should I find it disgusting tbh (no offense to them just to me) but I feel like I could do better so I internalise the feeling. I don't have any friends who would help me locate clothing tho to my taste. I guess there is online but idk the most popular sites don't have a lot I like to my gender at least tho I could get the opposite sex clothing (I guess clothing is neutral technically) but there is a problem with sizes and I dunno about bagging clothing, and it doesn't necessarily mean I will like it. I guess if I was clever I could make clothing but nah haha. Online is kinda risky tho cuz things don't fit and my parents dun like the idea of returning stuff for some reason, I got some cheap tshirt online b4 but its way too small and weird fabric. I also dunno about spending so much for something that in the end is just there to cover my body ya know lol. I guess I wouldn't mind paying more if it means a fairer wage for the person who made it and something that lasts longer (throwaway fashion sucks) but I dont really care about designer brands for the sake of it. I guess tho maybe I should if it means I could get something but I feel like people wont care either way and I guess I will still get pressure maybe even more if I dressed how I liked. With make up I know many countries don't or are much lower on it however I see many women in my country absolutely caked in it. I have not worn such before apart from once a bit of lipstick and eye stuff for a fashion show but not because I wanted but not more than that. I don't really care generally but it kinda is annoying how judgemental people are or forcing their tastes on you. I don't need to wear it fortunately for my job, but I would never want to either for any job lol. I think it's sad tho that its almost seen as required in many cases, like do all female entrepreneurs really have to dress that way like surely beauty is not the asset they are trying to sell in that case. It's also very double standard and often doesn't work the other way. It would be fine as optional just not compulsory or pretend optional. I wouldn't like to go to a dressy party or whatever either for that reason. I feel like I am not allowed to dress how I like and be who I wanna be get what I mean? It sucks on top of everything else I have to think about. I guess it's a very minor thing but it's on my mind and it's annoying me a lot. Btw i don't want to dress weirdly or anything just simple is fine. It's just kinda hard for me I dunno why, even when I lived alone I didnt enjoy or really look for anything and I feel trapped and even more now, you cant even go out and buy anything.
  3. For 33% you are: You are most likely demisexual. For 25% you are: You are probably asexual and aromantic. For 17% you are: You are most likely capable of having romantic relationships, but are asexual. For 17% you are: You most likely are NOT aromantic. For 8% you are: You are mostly aromantic. Uh well demi came out high x3 I mean yea I like to warm up to people? Who are friends so I suppose somewhat accurate. But strange quiz tbh I think it could have done with more questions and some of the options were confusing aha. My percentages are still pretty spread otherwise 🤔
  4. I mean those kind of things are business benefits so I suppose they don't really have obligation to do so, having it to family already is something extra to them. It does seem unfair though that what seems like it theoretically could work as a plus one thing for anyone. Or even if that meant having it assigned to only one or a few friends that you put down. It's not exactly health insurance after all. I guess the logic was family and also chosen family which is only your partner. They probably didn't want too many people benefiting from it I suppose. But a better way would have been to restrict the number of times other people could get the discount ;P A lot of discounts are usually targeted to the norm tho many discounts are only for two people or even groups so odd groups like groups of 3 and 6 dont get the same amount of discount.
  5. While I never had many friends (I think out of everyone I only talk to one person from back at university and thats someone I got to know from a society XD) I guess the general idea is though to get involved in lots of things and broaden your circle. Even if they don't become ur immediate friends just getting out there is important I think. I think though good friends do make quality time for each other even while in relationships tho it depends on how much they can take, how they organise things. And even if things quieten out have opportunities to reestablish contact. Having breaks is okay. Not everyone just locks themselves away with their romantic partner or only wants to talk to other couples, and I think its unhealthy if u give 100 per cent attention to one relationship especially to think what if it goes wrong? I mean lots of older adults do have friends too which they meet up regularly. And there are always single ppl who are often much more involved in their community, people go up and down and cycle through relationships. I don't think however just spending time alone sometimes is bad, it's kinda nice to be alone with your thoughts or go in nature.
  6. Yeah it's quite true it probably won't replace it at least not so quickly, it is kinda experimental and also to replace chrome os at the same time more just a long term thing. But I still think generally I see a downwards trend for java for newer projects I don't often hear people say "lets use java" unless its a requirement of building upon something, java will be around for a long time ofc and jobs for it.
  7. mewix

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    Life is making lemons into lemonade.
  8. I dunno I think aro and possibly even ace would be better served in a group against amatonormativity in general politically speaking there is more in common there. (Also thats not to say there arent aros or aces ya know in sexual relationships) Though lgbt+ issues are getting more attention so at least there is more awareness raising but I dunno beyond pride flags and the understanding it exists what is being done (plus pride seems to be more and more a money making thing). Like I see more misunderstandings and people mocking it if anything even from homosexual orientated people or people who would even support the idea of alternate ways of relationships as they don't see the point of it. Even those who defend ace from being mocked don't go on to defend aro. Aces negate sexuality all together and aros negate the romance. Some of this is pushback against the labelling and micro-labelling culture too though. I don't think it should be SGRM at all however as that seems even more vague.
  9. I dunno I don't really care too much anymore, I just don't like that explicit overt stuff tho a lot of the stuff in media is unrealistic anyway even sometimes harmful. I just don't like how it becomes center stage of so many stories instead of a small side thing perhaps I don't really care enough. I don't watch too many dramas or that anyway they have too much like everyday heavy stuff that I can't relate to I watch it and I feel like it's so bizarre I might as well watch something from a far away non-western foreign country it would probably still be more relatable lol. Well anime can be ha. Shipping is a weird thing tbh. I used find it really annoying tho I have gotten to like it in some cases mainly in one show it is interesting to think which main characters could be a couple and what their dynamic would be however to constantly ship everyone and everything is kinda weird. Still I have seen some characters who arent canon in the show but seem like cute together dunno I don't really care enough most of the time x3 I think most of those I think of r homo pairings tho irl idk I more just want things to feel like friendships I just find all that romance stuff forced and unatural. I think my sexuality is homo leaning (allo) but still vibe with the opposite, I just wanna chill tho. Still some romantic gestures are cute I do it if it makes someone happy cuz i like 2 see other ppl happy but generally buying gifts for someone who is a friend or taking them to a nice spot is cool. Not sure i'm aro completely tho I always had a low want for romance but then again other things influence me to not want like the way people act clingy and the want to be like myself i guess. I just want to be able to share things with ppl and be happy.
  10. I think there is a common use of comparison such as the way it affects people's brains. You see it in eye catching news headlines in those cases. ofc literally saying the two are the same is not true. https://www.wsj.com/articles/SB117131067930406235 Is It Love or Mental Illness? They're Closer Than You Think "that love and mental illness have much in common. They compared serotonin levels of people recently in love; patients with obsessive compulsive disorder; and a "control" group that was neither. The researchers found that the love-struck participants showed a drop in serotonin levels similar to those with obsessive-compulsive problems." I think though the word mental illness itself is problematic, comparing mental to physical as well as marginlising people and framing everything purely and exclusively in the sense of the medical model of something to be treated via drugs etc. Also there is usually a measure of normality they use and assumption on what is normal and "healthy".
  11. Yeah I noticed that. Like even in the communities I am in with an overall greater number of lgbt in them and several who do identify as such (and not many straight people) here I still seem to see more people identifying as alternative identity. Or maybe it's more that those people are more exposed to that idea of it. There are people around who wouldn't label aromantic at all and who could theoretically fit into it. But yea a lot of gender coded things are linked to the whole romancing idea I think. Personally tho I wouldn't want anything to do with someone who complained just because I am not wearing the certain sort of clothes they want oof. I think some of that is just unrealistic expectations. You shouldn't have to dress or act a certain way that is not natural to you, if someone doesn't like you as an authentic person then there isn't much point.
  12. I mean ya technically can I think at least for android there are tools for it but it's not common though, something about using the java virtual machine with it. Javascript is actually good for web apps tho but yea for native apps for android java is the chosen language. Java as a language is kinda a little hmm clunky imo and old fashioned but it does the job for sure. I think in the a next google OS to replace android they will not use java x3 I do know a very basic amount though. I think though having a seperate language for both ios and android for development seems a bit too much either pick a platform or use a language or framework that works for both, and that doesn't need to be the native coding language often things like C# or javascript based. There are frameworks that allow you to develop for both as I know of.
  13. I mean sometimes I feel that way to one gender even tho I technically I identify/label as bi, I feel i only want to have sex with a certain gender but still feel somewhat attracted to both, not sure if repulsion or gender roles etc. play into it tho. I mean I guess in one sense homosexuals/heterosexuals are asexual on one side xP though thats just one interpretation but in those cases there is some sexuality so the label itself wouldn't apply lol. So for me personally I wouldnt think of being asexual/demi/grey etc at all, though from those online test thingys they said I could be mildly so as in some contexts I just find sex a distraction, dont have interest or in the same way society expects u to but those quiz thingys are not exactly accurate ^^ When I was younger some people thought I could be asexual and for a long time I didn't really care. Some people who were homosexual think they are asexual first or those with not much experience or care for that kinda thing but theoretically might. I think for someone it depends really how they feel about it, just labels really. I think mainly tho it is a useful label for those people who really don't really feel anything or very rarely though, explains their feelings.
  14. I can code in python hah (not sure it's that great for mobile apps lol) and a bit of js yeah this should be a thing tho for sure (the dating app) I think important things would be like which framework to use/language, what kind of UI you want. You could even use a existing template perhaps? Then otherwise what features to have but I guess it would be modelled on existing things. I would be happy to help out at least direct a little if anyone was interested in making something lol
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