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  1. Fraysexual, but you could also just need therapy if it's causing distress (you used the word disgusted).
  2. Gender, sexuality, and disability are different things. But how can you be oppressed for the exact same thing you're privileged for? Even in the case of cis women or non-cis men, one axis of privilege and oppression is trans status and the other is alignment under patriarchy so it's not the same thing. As a gray aro, I am stigmatized for my ability to romantically love people of my same gender as well as for how rarely I experience romantic attraction. I'm also targeted for my sexual attraction, which I'm not privileged for. You're invalidating my experiences, posting bigoted propaganda,
  3. Can't it also be argued that saying this is a homophobic talking point used to silence gay and bi people who have a problem with the word? Being stigmatized isn't the same thing as being oppressed and this isn't contradictory at all. In order for one group to be oppressed, there has to be a ruling class that can and does benefit from that oppression and in the case of aphobia, there's not. Gay and bi people are not a ruling class in terms of sexuality. I'm sensing some cognitive dissonance here. You say that having privilege doesn't mean you're not also stigmatized but don't seem
  4. I'm not gray ace but I assume gray aro experiences would translate pretty well into gray ace ones so maybe this will help. Just take my answers and replace aro with ace. It varies a lot. We're probably less likely to be repulsed than full aro people because we still feel romantic attraction, and I don't talk to a ton of other gray aros so I wouldn't know their thoughts on it. But personally I don't really use the repulsed/favorable/indifferent terminology because I don't feel like it works very well with my experiences. Sometimes I'm romance favorable, sometimes I'm indifferent, someti
  5. So 3/4 grades are now uploaded.

  6. Nonbinary people don't have to be totally neutral and plenty of us lean more to one side of the binary. We also all present differently and use different pronouns so there are many different nonbinary experiences. You can absolutely identify as nonbinary if you want but you don't have to. I've even seen people identifying as both nonbinary and cis.
  7. That's still attraction to all genders. You can still id as bisexual. If not that does queer work? Or sapphic if you're woman aligned?
  8. I like romantically coded things! I don't see any reason why things like chocolates and flowers and candlelit dinners have to always be romantic, but I can understand why some people consider them that way. I also date nonromantically.
  9. My fellow grays (sexual or romantic), why do you identify the way you do? I'm gray-aro and a non-ace bisexual. I identify as gray aro because, so far, I have only experienced romantic attraction to two people that I'm aware of. If you go back to the beginning of the adolescent stage, so around 10, that means I only get crushes about once every six years. I dated and had sex with a few people casually from 20-21 years old, which was fun, but before that I preferred to prioritize other things. I got in my first romantic relationship when I was almost 22. I do like dating and doing
  10. What's your opinion on the term allo? Why do you feel that way? I have mixed feelings about that. On the one hand I don't like it because it's so frequently used in homophobic or otherwise oppressive and immoral ways to say that non-aro or non-ace people are inherently privileged and that allosexism and allonormativity are real things, to make invasive assumptions about other people's attraction, and to group gay and bi people with straight people on the basis of sexuality. It's also forcibly applied to people who aren't comfortable with it. On the other, I feel like it wouldn
  11. If you are gray-aro and/or gray-ace how do you identify?
  12. Being bisexual and also greyro is the most frustrating thing ever because with non-lgbt aro people it's like if you call out anyone's homophobia you get verbally berated and treated like you just committed a fucking hate crime and everyone's like "we're all one big happy aro family" but there's literally no space for you to talk about your own experiences without someone getting upset or saying it's gross if you kiss a woman in public 

    but also if you talk about being aro/greyro in the lgbt community you get SO fucking many unsolicited comments on how it's probably a mental health issue or how you're using people for sex even from people who don't fucking know ANYTHING about you

  13. So how do I change my profile pic?

    1. 2 Spirit Cherokee Princess

      2 Spirit Cherokee Princess

      Click on the big "E" on the upper left.  Note that in spite of the Accepted file types listed, png & gif are the only types that work on this site. 

      You can also change the background by clicking on Cover Photo on the upper right.  While it looks like only the top is visible, the whole image appears when you click on it.  (Feel free to try that on my page.)

  14. I have a date tomorrow and we're getting coffee at Starbucks. I like casual dating with sexual partners but it can get stressful af for me when the romance kicks in for them bc I don't feel anything, so I'm very upfront about the fact that I generally don't want anything romantic. I like doing romantic things but not for romantic reasons.
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