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    Here's some AVEN threads that might help: https://www.asexuality.org/en/topic/137200-helpful-info-for-those-questioning-their-asexuality/ https://www.asexuality.org/en/topic/69810-what-is-sexual-attraction/
  3. I took a close opposite-gender friend to a formal dance once- neither of us had a romantic partner to go with. To be honest, I think part of me just wanted to wear matching flowers with someone.
  4. I feel pretty much the same way- not having a partner tends to be more immediately visible to to others than not having sex. That said, I still see being ace as an integral part of my identity. Maybe it's not the cornerstone of who I am, but it's still there.
  5. You don't have to answer this question if you think it's too personal, but how do orientations... work?... for people who are plural? Do they have to be a matching set, so to speak?
  6. There's a variety of sub-labels in the NB category. Take a look at some and see if anything stands out to you.
  7. Honestly, I enjoy being in spaces that have people of a variety of queer-umbrella identities. It gives me a sense of perspective on other people's struggles.
  8. One of the earliest sci-fi works to really explore gender identity was Ursula Le Guin's The Left Hand of Darkness. It's about a cisgender man from Earth struggling to function as an envoy to a planet where the locals never really got into the whole "gender binary" concept.
  9. I found out about this site on AVEN, and I'm excited to meet other aros!
  10. I never associated sex with love in the first place. My previous partners were confused that I play with friends and people that I just want to connect with. I think the scene is like a conversation held with actions too and lots of kind words, exploration. It's people being friends and doing things to enjoy themselves and free their minds. My 'romantic' or thereabout scene attempts were the most difficult ones as I refuse to power play in LTRs. There is just no total play. I prefer my plays casual and friendly. Or with strangers after careful introductions.
  11. Yeah same. I can relate to feeling lonely on a platonic level.
  12. Yesterday
  13. The answer to that depends on the character and her personality. As much as it is important she reacts in a way which does not sound ungrateful the most important thing is that she acts as a person. She should have a real personality, real feelings and act in ways which are consistant. If she is a shy character maybe she offers to talk it through with the mother in private, rather than an open refusal. when they are alone she explains that she has no interest in marriage. If she is a passionate character maybe she does state outfront that she has no interest in marriage to any of the prin
  14. Guest

    RN in Vancouver

    Hey there! I'm a 23 year old oncology RN living near Vancouver still in my parent's house. I recently got a good job offer (circa 7300$ per month pre tax, mostly working nightshifts) at a hospital and so I wouldn't have to travel too long to get to work, I planned on moving to Vancouver. Not only for the job but also because I'm very interested in the city as well. The only thing is, I'm unsure about rent/living expenses. I planned on having a roommate (Good friend who I've known for 8+ years and who I can trust, earns around 5800$ per month pre tax) so we could have a bit of a fancier ap
  15. I so relate to what you have said. I have never imagined myself in a relationship, never occured to me that this could happen. I have always made plans for myself and still do it. The thought of someone living with me just don't cross my mind. I really can't picture it. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  16. Nessa

    would you rather

    Switzerland ot is way too cold for me in Sweden. Would you rather read minds or time travel?
  17. Haha, ain't that a mood :D I sometimes feel bad because it's difficult for me to understand my friend's relationships too. I try to be there for them and listen to their struggles, and that's usually just what they need. When it comes to understanding romance though, I actually had to consciously study things like "signs that people like someone" or "why breakups are terrible" and "romantic subtext" and the like because I basically don't have a personal frame of reference when it comes to feeling romantic attraction or being in a relationship. Being aegoromantic helps to sympathize w
  18. Holmbo

    would you rather

    Peanut butter. I've never had marmite but it doesn't sound good. Would you rather live in Sweden or Switzerland? 😉
  19. Last week
  20. I agree with the others. Testing the waters first is important. In my case, coming out was definitely worht it. I put it off for at least three years, thinking that it wouldn't make a difference (I used to think: if a were gay I would have to come out, but since I won't be bringing a girlfriend home there's no need to confuse them with unfamiliar terms). However, when I finally came out (basically because my parents asked me directly about my sexual orientation since it was becoming pretty obvious that I wasn't straight), I realised that it did. If you're not the kind of person who l
  21. I realise now that whenever I made serious plans for the future I always worked on the assumption that I would be living alone and as self sufficient as I could be. I remember when I first went to university and I was making sure I learnt all the cooking things I wanted before I left, my grandad joked that I should 'just find myself a woman for that'. This was also a thing when I was first looking for places to live, the thought of having a bit more space incase someone moved in with me just never occured to me and I only found out that was unusual when a friend visited and asked me what
  22. panda - at least I can scratch my butt when it's itchin' would you rather have peanut butter or marmite on toast?
  23. I'm from MN, would it be possible for me to join?
  24. You select the words you want hidden, and click on the eye in the menu above your reply (between the " and the smiley face, it says Spoiler when you hover your mouse over it).
  25. I relate to that too. I always feel like I don't belong with people. So finally I prefer being alone. Spend most of time at home. Most of people don't understand my aromantism so it is hard to make friends especially as I always am the one being hurt at the end. I only have a few friends now. My best friend understand s my aromantism and is always there for me she is the first person I ever met who did. I guess I got used of being alone and maybe it is better being alone that being with people making pressuring me and hurting me because they don't accept that aromanticism exists.
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