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  2. I've always wondered why robots are assigned a gender. To me the binary only matters in regards to who can have a baby together; if a robot can neither impregnate or give birth, it seems pointless. A Korean woman author known as Wann explored this concept in the short story Automaton (from the collection 9 Faces of Love published in English by Netcomics). In a world where robots are implanted with human brainwaves to let them easily move & talk like people, they all look like attractive women (because they're made by men). 2 who were part of the same batch are very attracted to eac
  3. Hello I’m doing some research about aromantic history and if I’m not mistaken aroplane was the first aromantic forum. I remember on the old arocalypse before the administration change there was a link to the archived version of aroplane. Is that still a thing that exists?
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  5. Oh yeah I also rly want some pizza
  6. I would literally die for my cats. They're really important to me and cheered me up lots of times.
  7. False. TPBM likes to wake up early.
  8. I really want some pizza rn.
  9. I'm offended that you wish a happy new year cuz i hate this year already and it isn't happy at all.
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    Corrupt a Wish

    Granted BUT for the rest of your life you can't watch any other anime besides this specific one. I wish I had a garden full of smol little plants.
  12. Gimlet Barns in the book Game changer is only refered to as they/them. Their daughter calls them Mada. They're described as having a tenor voice and elfin features.
  13. Hi hi! I'm Kit, 22 years old agender transboy from germany. I've been identifying as asexual for almost 2 years now. Just recently found out about the agender stuff tho! I use agender transboy because even tho I'm agender I like to be seen as boy in public etc. Doesn't change the fact I don't feel like I have a gender at all! I've been questioning my romantic orientation since quite a while. I'm pretty sure I'm on the aro spectrum but no idea where exactly. I'm having a hard time finding out what romantic attraction is and to know if I ever experienced it. I have had some "crus
  14. I describe myself as romance-favorable cuz i love cute and fluff stuff haha. A lot of things that are displayed as romance-coded are just platonically for me but I think I can understand why some people make it seen as romantic..i guess? I'm pretty open about a relationship that includes romance-coded stuff and that would be seen as a romantic relationship. It's just important for me that me and my partner know that even though it's a romantic relationship i don't experience romantic attraction so my partner won't have unnecessary expectations.
  15. Good question! Never thought about that before tbh.. I guess my ideal "date" would be something like watching a movie we both enjoy, eating pizza and talking about everything that comes into the mind. Maaaaybe holding hands during the movie but that's not necessary lol
  16. Not allo neither. I don't think this is true that the parents necessarily prefer the new children, though the old children can feel that way and that they have been replaced (in particularly if they change home from their dad to their mom and so have less time with them than the new children). But when this happen, I suppose it would be because the old children can remind them of their exs, or that they want to focus on their new family. About the desire of having children connected to romantic attraction, I think there is different reasons : -they may think only a nuclear fam
  17. I think it is difficult to write a song about a strong bound that isn't romance because allo will romanticize them anyway. For instance the other day, on the youtube section of the song "Unsaid Emily" from Julie and the Phantoms, I saw someone say "I wish my boyfriend would sing this to me". Which is weird because in the show, the guy sings this to his mother. How can she saw romantically something a guy wrote about his own mother? I'm not saying that it can be interpretated as being about romance (in a show, a character thought it was), but this girl watched the show so she knows what it was
  18. Hello Tia, welcome to Arocalypse! I am an aroace cis woman with anxiety. Those are my 3 A’s haha. I’ve known for a little over 6 months now.
  19. Update: I just found this adorable shortfilm about Alterous attraction, and I can relate so much to this. Now I'm much more confident that what I feel is Alterous attraction and not romance.
  20. Hey Holmbo, thanks for your advice to look at the different terms! I had looked into some of them before but your source contains some terms that I didn't know before, e.g. Exteramo attraction. I think my problem is that I can't really recognize myself in any of the terms. I probably experience Alterous or Exteramo attraction to some degree but these terms are just described as "not platonic and not romantic". I guess what I would like to know is how Alterous or Exteramo attraction feel like for other people so that I can say wether or not my feelings are romantic or Alterous/Exteramo. Ri
  21. I'm not allo, but in my opinion, it's because I think evolutionary, romantic love was designed to force two persons to not get on each others nerves too much long enough to get a child into an age where it is at least somewhat capable of not having to be closely monitored all the time. So if you are in a new romantic relationship and don't have a child with the other person, your brain is nagging you that something's missing. But I don't have any data to back that up.
  22. I guess on one hand (at least in Germany), for pop songs, most people tend to not exactly listen to or process the actual lyrics of a song and thus might not even realize how much music is about romantic love. The second reason I can think of is that for a lot of people, romantic love is inherently connected to huge amounts of dopamine released in the brain. Music does a good job of activating these memories, prompting a new release of dopamine and leading to a happy feeling.
  23. In Sweden there's a radio show in which various people each gets an hour to talk about whatever they choose and pick music to go with it. I was listening to one about a opera singer who in one segment talked about her experience of finally finding a song teacher who could help her develop her voice. The song that went with this story... a romantic love song of course, about a woman finding her perfect man who brings her coffee. How come there aren't a doussin popular songs about someone finding their teacher or mentor? It's such a common experience.
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