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  2. Oh interesting, I'd be curious to see how others feel about the experience! Do you know if there's a transcript anywhere?
  3. I don't get anything anymore.

  4. Dogs, cats, a hamster and snakes. But I love that your bestie was a wolf,that is a goal for me cuz I want to be a environmental ecologist with wolves as main goal.
  5. Blake


    Everybody has different experiences anon ^^. But I can relate to your experience in some ways. I love a good fanfic if its well written even if it has kissing or any other romance. Also, do not feel ashamed of who you are or what you are, society wants to police everything and put rules to all parts of life. I know it takes time however, if you feel like you are in aro-spec, then that is all you need to use the label if you want. Only you can put a label to yourself. I agree with @nonmerci, I did not know it until quite recently but I too chose people based on how likely I could mak
  6. a pianoist's mother dies and now he's paranoid
  7. Yum? Dark chocolate (75%, YUM)
  8. I'm offended because i saw u on aven before i think HMPH
  9. A book... But there's only one page and it doesn't even have a cover the page is blank
  10. Hey there. Taking the plunge is a big step ^^ so yay for you and I love exploring and I appreciate art a lot too. So 🥧 and ☕ and lots of good vibes
  11. Yesterday
  12. I understand you. I have never done it before either because I don't like to make uncomfortable anyone and feel pressure into anything. But more on the subject, I don't express it any further than a comment for myself in my mind nor would I act on it if circumstances where not 1000% clear and structured. I read this and had to think about it and it super hard about it because I now noticed that I really have no idea if I feel sexual attraction or not. I choose my friends based on our mutual interests. I have only been in 1 relationship and I disliked the romantic part from
  13. Hi Rach cool to see you, hope you find friends here. Agreed about cats being one of my favourite things, they are the greatest.
  14. I completely forgot to answer, partly because I was thinking an allo insight would be more helpful. Anyway I would have said the same thing as @aro_elise. If I can add something... this does not. being definitely allosexual myself, i can relate to that. doing something about it is a different thing, i've yet to hit on a dude i see on the street. Indeed as an asexual this is not something I think about when I see strangers in the streets. Well to be honest I don't actually watch people so this is unlikely lol. Now I'm not sex-favorable and having sex never really sound
  15. nonmerci


    Yes I can relate. I never mind romance in fiction (except for the really cheesy one, and I since I know I'm aro I think I pay more attention to the quality). I don't go crazy about ships but I can pair character together and think they would make a great couple. I tried to feel attraction and I thought I had crushes, but in fact it was just picking guys and think they would make a great husband because they were pretty, nice and intelligent. (and why pretty matters why because I wanted some of their physical trait for my future chidren, I should have noticed it had nothing to do with attr
  16. You'll get too much attention for being better I wish I could fly
  17. Yea I am newer here too and they have been really welcoming but part of that fact was that I had a friend who introduced me to this website and was just really there for me.
  18. You keep catching the tale on things when you turn around and it is constantly painful I wish I could sing better
  19. yum, especially for the proper big fresh ones. apple strudel?
  20. welcome! :) being aro is definitely more confusing than being ace for me too. i question my aromanticism somewhat often, though less so lately, but i've been pretty set in my aceness for years now. also i pretty much did the same exact thing re: signing up ages ago, lurking, and then forgetting my account existed haha.
  21. pretty much, enjoy the madness
  22. Hi Riku Revealing something important about yourself, especially as an introvert, is always likely to be scary. Revealing that to strangers even more so. Putting it on the internet where it will be open to see rather than just telling a particular person is a decision it is rational to be nervous about. For all the time I have been here the community has been polite and kind though, so hopefully time will calm you down. Enjoy your time here.
  23. hello everyone! i've had this account for years but only ever really lurked because i'm an incredibly socially anxious and introverted person, but i figured i'd finally take the plunge and introduce myself because i'd really like to find some fellow arospec friends! my name is rach (or ray, either is fine) and i'm aroace (technically aroflux i think) and nonbinary. some of my favorite things are photography, art, music, video games, cats, and traveling/exploring! i'm not sure what else to write really, but i look forward to interacting more with this forum! 💚
  24. Welcome. Since everyone else has cake covered I guess I should welcome you with icecream.
  25. Welcome. good to have you here Mo.
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