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  1. Holy moly it's been forever how are y'all?!

    1. Kit


      I'm doing okay! Pretty exhausted from work lately. What about you??

    2. A User

      A User

      I'm good. U?

  2. Yeah its always difficult when there isn't a lot of diversity in LGBTQ+ spaces. For me, one of the main things that helped me feel validated was seeing both people who did and didn't look like me sharing my orientation. It helped me know that this isn't just a "me" thing, other people feel the exact same way.
  3. I mean, the kissing component of it may just be sensual, and you may have just wanted to hang out with them, thus causing the excitement. This attraction might not have been inherently romantic, although it could have been. I'm not exactly an expert in this area, but that's just my take
  4. Yeah, both my mom and my sister have dark eyes and dark hair, and then there's just me 😂 I do tan too though, and my hair texture is also another determining factor.
  5. Ayy!! My mom's Mexican!
  6. I think if I understood what romantic attraction felt like, it may help me validate the fact that I am truly aro. But, other than that, I don't feel I'm necessarily missing out on too much by not understanding.
  7. I'm offended that this thread hasn't been active for three years
  8. Life is wondering why that person thought what they did was a good idea
  9. Welcome to Arocalypse! I hope these forums will help you sort through what you're feeling
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