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  1. thank you I love my best friend deeply...but idk if we could ever have a relationship or if it would even be desirable.
  2. This is from the AVEN wiki and I think it is good enough. Put as simply as possible, it is a distinct fondness or affection toward someone that differs from what you would feel toward friends, family or people you admire. It may be characterized by a unique, almost surreal anxious-euphoria when sensing or thinking about this person and is distinguishable from hero worship. It typically involves butterflies in the stomach, heart fluttering or “melting” when interacting with them, some obsessiveness, all over warm and fuzzy feeling, and being swept into a dreamy state of mind, but ex
  3. I am not sure if I am aro, but I do enjoy the (I feel) very unique way that I experience love. Wouldn't give it up for the world.
  4. Kids, teens, and adults try to destroy a monster. They occasionally work together.
  5. I am actually more comfortable in queer-disabled spaces, simply because they are very familiar to me.
  6. Something that has helped me is finding a group for queer disabled people (i'm schizoaffective and autistic).
  7. Of all the animals I own, I absolutely love my dog. She is an enormous jerk, but I still love her to death. She sleeps with me every night :)
  8. I am so happy staying at home all the time, and I am happy with the friends I have. I just wanna keep like this...
  9. Yes, the other person def needs to consent to it. And I guess I would just ask, "Do you want to be in a queerplatonic relationship with me?" Prepare to do some explaining, and maybe have some articles on it on hand to back you up.
  10. Hey guys! I have just started a YouTube channel. If you want to watch the first video, here it is :) Warning: Light romance If you like it, here is my Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/corvid_19
  11. I define romance by open mouth kissing and I HATE THAT But it's also a certain ambience you give off, that according to my exes I have never exuded.
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