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  1. Hey. You can totally have a partner and be aro. You can totally date and be aro. I'm aro and i've had two girlfriends and two boyfriends lol
  2. Well, I suggest reading up on CompHet and polyamory. Doing that helped me parse out my feelings a lot.
  3. Welcome! I'm 26 and still in the process of figuring myself out, you're not alone.
  4. I know, i'm lith and platonically interested in two guys.
  5. Honestly, platonic dating sounds really appealing to me...if it is what I think it is. Which is basically the same as a QPR, no?
  6. AroPlane used to have a thread where people put all their favorite non-romantic songs. That's how I found Halestorm lol
  7. People just like ruining their friendships.
  8. Once, a girl asked me out. I didn't want to hurt her feelings, so I said yes. Our relationship lasted one and a half years. It wasn't bad at first, but it became horrible over time. Honestly, it would have saved a lot of time and heartache to just say no. So please, for the sake of your own peace of mind...just say no.
  9. A friend has recently told me she loves me, and it is very awkward for me because I don't think I love her back. I mean, i'm willing to support her and be her friend and everything, but...love? On the other hand, I have a male friend that I would totally say "I love you" to if I felt it was appropriate. But I don't feel it is.
  10. Well, I can't give you advice because...i'm behind you. I still live with family, but hopefully will be going off to school in the Spring. However, I do question whether our current model of the nuclear family is really healthy. Wouldn't co-housing situations be emotionally healthier for everyone, not just aromantics?
  11. I went to prom three times. For my first prom, I went with one of my closest guy friends and it was awesome. For my second prom, I went with my friend Robin and it was awesome. I also had matching costumes with my crush (he was Light and I was Misa). I don't recall planning this, it just happened that way. For my third prom, I went with my girlfriend. It actually didn't go so badly.
  12. I have been in four romantic relationships. My happiest, most successful one was with another aro. The others were pretty much disasters from beginning to end, although I did sort of like my first girlfriend. Still ended very unhappily though. I realize I may end up in a romantic relationship again. However, for now, I am happy having just friends...especially in this era of COVID.
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