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Another Aromantic Test

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I know there's already been aromanticism/romanticism tests posted before, but I liked this one because it didn't suggest I was just one thing. Rather, it assigns probabilities to different orientations based on your answers. I also found it split up romantic and sexual attraction pretty well.


Feel free to share your results. My top two suggestions were aromantic asexual (42%), and demisexual (33%), which is pretty spot on with what I've thought to date. It also said I was 0% likely a romantic sexual, lol.



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I think question one missed out on an aromantic answer it should have had. Something along the lines of 'Yes I have had a relationship but it was short and fairly uncomfortable for everyone involved'


my results


Are you aromantic?

For 50 % you are: You are mostly aromantic! You might form close and strong friendships, enjoy sex, feel arousal, find people attractive and want kids, but you don't fall in love. You could also be gray-aromantic (check different blogs for more information) or demiromantic. (You only fall in love when you already have a very strong friendship with someone.) This might change someday, or maybe it won't change. Don't worry, you're completely normal, and how you are has a lot of advantages.You will probably never feel the pain of a broken heart or go through weird dating phases. You are independent and won't be bothered by your emotions. Maybe you are actually romantic, and that is all right, too. Good luck!
19 % of 100878 Quiz participants had this profile! Profile A

You could also get this result:
For 33 % you are: You are most likely demisexual! That means that you might have a romantic relationship and fall in love, but you need to have a close friendship for a long time before you actually do fall in love. That doesn't affect your sex life and preferences. You can still be asexual. The good side of being demiromantic is, you know the person well, know what they are going to be like in a relationship, and might not be disappointed easily. Good luck! Profile B

sort of surprised demiromantic was so high (typo alert as they seem to use demisexual/demiromantic interchangeably). I guess it is because I am open to having close relationships 

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8 hours ago, Holmbo said:

I got stuck filling it in. Most alternatives didn't fit for me. 

I found much the same.
By picking the 'least bad' options I ended up with a rather strange result.


8 hours ago, Apathetic Echidna said:

sort of surprised demiromantic was so high (typo alert as they seem to use demisexual/demiromantic interchangeably). I guess it is because I am open to having close relationships 

I found something similar.
Wonder if there was some conflation of romance and interested in romantic coded activities.

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The question responses were really weird how they lumped seemingly unrelated things together... I was thinking WTF a lot of the time.


Also, it said "Your results were not clear."

lol. Thanks, very helpful answer. Not surprising given the weird "answers" i had to select from.


Results: 33% chance I'm aro/ace, 33% chance I'm demisexual, 17% just aro, 17% just ace. I think I broke it. :rofl:

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1) Hello! 
Have you had a relationship yet?

  1. Yes, / No, but I would love to
  2. Nope, not even a sex-only one
  3. Maybe. I don't really dislike relationships
  4. Yes, but we were really close before / No, but I might fall in love with a close friend
  5. No, and I don't really feel like it / Something like friends with benefits, yes

Adding the word 'yet' makes this a complex question.
All of the answers are also complex. With an implied question along the lines of "Would you want to have one?"
My actual answer: "Yes, never want to do something like that ever again. Sex-only, friends with benefits (including actual friendship) or something else intimate without romance (or monogamy) sounds good."
Sort of a hybrid 1a & 5b


2) When you see a couple kissing, what do you think?

  • I wonder how close they were before
  • Nothing, and I don't consider it myself at all
  • Nothing / I might think it's hot
  • Aww, I want that, too! / I want to be with my significant other, too
  • I might find it cute and be happy for them, but don't want / understand it

My actual answer: "I think it's fun and hot to do, not so much to watch. Whilst feeling envious than I don't have people I can kiss."
Sort of 4a definitely not 4b 


3) Have you had sexual intercourse yet?

  1. No, but I might feel like it / Yes, I liked it
  2. Yes, with a person I'm close to / No, but I'd consider it with a close friend
  3. Yes, I liked it / No, but I often consider it
  4. Yes, but I didn't like it / No, and I really don't want to
  5. Yes, with a person I'm close to / No, but I'd consider it with a close friend

1b and 5a nowhere near often enough.


4) Have you ever had a crush on somebody (with or without a relationship)?

  1. Yes, / Not sure
  2. Does something like a "sexual crush" exist?
  3. Nope, never, but I might find someone sexually attractive
  4. Yes, but the person was a really close friend
  5. Nope, and I don't find anyone sexually attractive

2 is about the best answer for me.


5) Do you flirt?

  1. Yes, I do. I don't want to have sex, though
  2. No, / With friends sometimes
  3. Not really
  4. Yes, / I'm too shy, but I'd like to
  5. Yes, but not for romantic reasons...maybe to get a one night stand

4b (don't have a clue how to) really wish I could do 5.


6 )Which sentence below are you least likely to say/think?

  1. "Love & sex? Love them!"
  2. "I've never been in love"
  3. "I love sex"
  4. "I think I have a crush"
  5. "I could literally fall in love with anyone"

Unlikely to say 1,4 or 5.


7) Which statement about you is the most accurate?

  1. I don't enjoy sex at all. Maybe masturbation, but sex isn't for me
  2. A relationship with love and sexual intercourse is nothing I'd consider
  3. Marriage for romantic reasons doesn't make sense for me
  4. I don't know how I could not fall in love
  5. I don't understand how someone could fall in love with someone they just met

3 & 5, 2 indirectly.


8) Which type of permanent relationship is the most appealing to you?

  1. A romantic, sexless relationship
  2. A stable relationship with everything it usually comes with
  3. Friends with benefits / something similar
  4. Best friends with someone great
  5. I'll be fine with friends / best friends

3 & 5a


9 )
Do you consider marriage to be in your future?

  1. Not really. Maybe for financial reasons, or to bond with my sexual partner
  2. No, but whatever floats someone's boat
  3. Maybe, but I'd probably need some time & would have to know the person a long time beforehand
  4. Yes, of course
  5. Yes, but just for the love

2 so long as the state stops privileging marrieds.


10) When someone asks why you're single, what's your answer?

  1. ''Everyone thinks I'm a prude because I don't want sex -- maybe that's why''
  2. ''I don't want a relationship under any circumstances''
  3. ''I don't want a relationship'' / "I wouldn't enjoy a sex-only relationship''
  4. ''I don't know, but I keep my eyes open!''
  5. 'I haven't found the right one yet.'' / ''I'm not close enough to anyone right now''

My actual answer is "I want something differently from (just) being in a couple. Seems virtually everyone else seems to think along the lines of a 'single' or 'couple' (false) dichotomy. Finding people who even understand that is hard."


11) What do you think about one night stands and friends with benefits for you, personally?

  1. I don't like sex anyway, it's not my thing
  2. It's great...you can unleash the beast without the commitment
  3. The idea does nothing for me at all
  4. Maybe I'd like it, maybe not -- not sure
  5. Well, if you're extremely close, it might be cool. But you might fall in love, so maybe it's not so great

My actual is "That sounds good good, were there anyone who'd be interested in me that way. My experience is I'm either ;seen purely platonically or with an exepecation of my being interested in amantonormativity". Kind of maybe 2, without the lack of commitment aspect.


12) Last question: What do YOU think you are?

  1. Probably asexual
  2. Maybe demi-romantic?
  3. Aromantic
  4. Asexual and aromantic
  5. Whatever sexuality I have, mostly romantic


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Yeah the answers to choose from weren't great for describing my experience. I got 50% asxual and aromantic, 17% asexual and romantic, 17% demisexual, 8% aromantic and 8% uh... romantic?

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I got 33% aro and ace, then 33% demi, 25% asexual and romantic, and finally 8% as not aromantic. I got a 0% for aromantic sexual, which I am not surprised about. Going into the test, I thought that I'd get completely aro, but while I was filling out the answers I knew that would not happen. And I agree with the person above me, the joint answers really didn't make sense all the time.

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42% aro (not ace), 0% romantic and sexual.  i kind of anticipated some of the corresponding results, like the "i don't see how you could fall in love with someone you just met" option, well, yeah, but i don't see how you could fall in love with ANYONE--that's clearly supposed to be demi, so i didn't pick it.  and yeah, for the "would you want a relationship?" one, i picked "under no circumstances" because while that's not exactly true, i wouldn't under any of THOSE circumstances.  so i think it worked pretty well.  also i remember doing this like a couple years ago, i think i picked pretty much the same answers.

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I got 58% demiromatic, 17% aromantic, 17% not aro, and 8% ace-aro. Honestly though, the quiz kind of mixed up demiromatic and demisexual, and somewhat assumed that one has to be romance-repulsed to be on the aro-spec, plus the slashed were kind of annoying, but it was alright I guess.

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42% aro-ace 33% demiromantic 17% not-aro 8% demisexual  0% romantic ace

Some of those answer choices didn't fit me, really. It was an interesting quiz to take and my first result makes some sense to me. Interesting stuff. 

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42% demisexual....33% aromantic, 8% the other two options... Hm. Kinda off. This quiz made little sense. Couldn't wrap my head around some of the options at all, none of them corresponded with my thoughts or experiences. Or they did and the wording was confusing.

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I got 58% aromantic and assexual and 17% not aromantic O.o but the proposed answers were not very lith-friendly. I still do not understand how I can have such a high score while still having sexual and romantic attraction. Maybe using material relationships isn't the best way to diagnose a lack of attraction ...

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Guest Ak the kid

I don’t understand I really don’t know if I’m aromatic but the quiz didn’t help me I’m still confused about what I am like I’m not Disgusted by relationships I just don’t like the idea of me being in one  

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