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  1. A perfect explanation! Fiction is amazing in that way, because I love romance between characters (well written and developed, mind you) but I don't really see myself ever in a relationship. Though this could be because of my trust issues, I'm still figuring everything out. Exactly how I feel.
  2. All aromantics never want to be in a romantic relationship Aromantics are probably psychopaths Aromantics have had bad relationships in the past All Aromantics are also asexual Something is wrong with aros
  3. Skylord

    Acronym game

    Could Olympic Manatees Perform Oral Surgery? Everyone Doubts. MILITIA
  4. Skylord

    Acronym game

    Bad Oatmeal Or Killer Soup Truly Objectifies Real Emergencies ORANGUTAN
  5. At around nine or so I specifically told my mom that I was never going to get married, my reasoning was that I would be too busy trying to be an amazing scientist to even bother looking for anyone, and I didn't want kids either for the same reason, but if I did, I would adopt. I've never understood why people are so obsessed with having biological children and get so upset about not being able to have any of their own, stuff like that, I mean is it really that big of a deal? There are children who need homes and would probably love to have a family, if you want kids so bad then JUST ADOPT.
  6. What you're describing seems to fit pretty well in the definition of frayromantic, so I'd say yes, this would count as frayromantic.
  7. Both true and false, I love cats, but sadly, I'm allergic to them... TPBM has been to a cosplay convention.
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