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  1. Being aromantic is hard for me because I live in a country where nobody knows about aromanticism. People don't accept that I don't feel romantic attraction, that I am not interested in having a relationship. The hardest part for me is the people I care about not accepting this part of me, they don't accept me the way I am. Being aromantic is who I am and I can't change it and I am not ashamed of it. Like @Elin W I just found out a few month ago about aromanticism. I am 39 yo. I have to say that it has been a relief to finally put a word on it. I am ace too even if sometimes I think that I am graysexual I am not always sure about my sexual orientation but I am sure to be somewhere in the ace spectrum. In a society where sex and relationship are said the what make you human, alive, happy or whatever people say, being aromantic is really hard. Sometimes I feel like I don't belong here, that nobody will never accept this part of me, that I won't have real friends because the ones I use to have didn't want to accept this part of me. I have the chance to be a lonely person and it really make things easier for me as I don't really need to be around people a lot. However it is painful to know that too many people don't accept aromanticism. It is not a choice, it is who we are, we were born this way and there is nothing we can't do about it. It will take time for you to accept this part of you and to learn to live with it. You will find your own way to live your aromanticism and as @JustMe suggested you could find a qpr if you feel that this is what you need and want. Only you can know what is good for you. Be sure that we all understand what you are going through and don't hesitate to come here if you need to talk.
  2. It is the same for me. I have no idea what it feels like and really don't care. I am not and never was interested in romance in my life and I am 39 yo. I don't see the point of explaining what it feels like because I can't understand something that I can't feel. Like you I know that I don't feel it and don't need more. I am tired of people wanting me to be in a relationship and telling me that romance is what make us happy because I don't feel it, don't need it and I am happy, I enjoy my life as it is, the freedom that being aromanticism give me and I wouldn't change it for a billion dollars...
  3. I've got 50% aroace but like some of you have said if think that some questions are not related to aromanticism and sometimes I didn't even know what to answer as it wasn't really relating to how I feel or see things
  4. Hello Rio and welcome 😊
  5. Hello and welcome! I am french I am aroace, not pretty sure with the ace part sometimes but don't have doubts about being aro.
  6. Hello and Welcome I am Nessa 39 yo and found out about aromantism a few months ago. Like you i've never been in love, have a crush or been in a relationship. It takes time to know for sure but i hope that this community will help you. It is nice to talk with people who are the same and feel the same way.
  7. Hello Andie and welcome. My Instagram is @frenchygreenie_aroace if you want. I know how it is to not having aro around you it is the same for me and for a lot of us. have a nice day
  8. Welcome and have a nice weekend
  9. Welcome I hope that you will find the answers you need. 😁
  10. Hello and welcome Frog. This is such a cute name. I hope that you will find the answers to your questions here and that you will enjoy being here with us.
  11. Hello and Welcome!! I know how you feel I was so happy to find this forum and know that I am not the only one. I am pretty tired to with this you can't be happy without a relationship and having a relationship is the only goal of our life!!! Some people has made my life a nightmare with that. I hope that you will like being a member of this forum. Have a nice day! Take care
  12. Hello Kiara, Welcome in the forum!! Nice to meet you :-D I hope that you will enjoy being a part of this community
  13. Hello and welcome. Nice to have a new member. As @Andy Luhas said if you think that you are aro/ace there is nothing wrong with it. sometimes it takes time to really figure out this kind of things. You may think that you are aro/ace for the moment and find out that you are not in a few years and that absolutely valid don't worry. Take the time you need to find who you really are. The fact that you love having sex as nothing to do with being asexual, some aces love sex being asexual is not having sexual desire, not getting hot as some may say, not having an urge to have sex. Everyone is different. Myself I don't have sexual desire and don't like sex, I am also aromantic as I never felt any romantic attraction to anyone, never been in love, and never been interested in having a relationship. I know a lot of aros want to have a platonic relationship, what they call a qpr so you can perfectly be in a relationship and being aro you are still valid. I only knew that I was aroace even without knowing the words I guess that until a few months ago I didn't feel like I had to have a word for it. I knew about asexuality but never heard about aromanticism as these 2 things are completely unknown in my country. When I found out about it I read all the informations I could find and just knew that I was aro. And I have to say that now I am happy to know what I am it is like a relief to know it and to know that there is nothing wrong with me. You will find a lot of different themes in this forum with people talking about their experiences maybe some of it will help you. I hope that you will enjoy being a part of this community. Take care Nessa
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