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Another Aromantic Test

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"Your score wasn't clear" Hmmm. That's for sure.

Here's the breakdown:

33% "You're most likely capable of having romantic relationships, but are asexual" 

33% "You are probably asexual and aromantic" *(accurate)

17% "You are mostly aromantic"

17% "You most likely are NOT aromantic" 

0% "You are most likely demisexual"

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Not very cupio-friendly. I got 45% alloromantic, 25% aromantic lol

Seems like a test for aromanticism would be difficult to create to fit all the nuances of the community.

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I tried it but with automatic translate to my language.

42% asexual

42% asexual and aromantic

17% demisexual

0% aromantic

0% not aromantic

I don't understand the result🤷‍♀️😄

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Guest Isaacisunsure

I got demisexual/demiromantic and it kept using them like demisexual means both of them. I wish there was more consideration for queer-platonic attraction in this test, too. I have been in relationships but most of them were queer-platonic which is different from a romantic relationship but also isn't just friendship. All in all, though, not a bad quiz.

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My results were - 

58% asexual + aromantic

25% demisexual

8% aromantic (Greyromantic)

8% not aromantic 

0% not asexual

Greyromantic was point on for me, but I was surprised at the demisexual result. I believe it does fit me, although I have no preexisting sexual experiences to speak of. However, if it ever came down to it I cannot imagine there even being a chance of being sexual with anyone unless I have already formed a very deep bond with the person

I don't really understand the last two percentages. How should I be interpreting it, does it mean I have 8% change of only being aromantic and 0% chance of being only asexual? 

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92% asexual and aromantic

The way many of the answers are both yes and no at the same time makes no sense. Which is it? Yes or no? If you want to state that additional point apply, then add a yes option with additional points, and a no option with additional points. The 8% I got for demi come from the fact that some of the questions only allow for "yes" or positive responses. While the test does divide between romantic and sexual, sometimes it skews answers so that you either have to pick "yes to romance" or "yes to sex" and doesn't allow you to readily pick "no to both".

Even though the test pegged me as aroace, the test results blather on about "romance and sex isn't your jam right now" and "you probably still find people attractive and want to do stereotypical intimate stuff with them" "you'll probably form allonormative relationships anyway" and "While you may not be feeling the pull of romance or sexual attraction right now, that doesn't mean it won't change in the future. Keep an open heart and an open mind".

Fuck you test results. Fuck you.

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