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  1. Two Simple Idiots Only Lose Kites Obtaining Very Soft Knitting Yarn STARTLED
  2. I have a whole bunch of LGBT+ friends and whenever the straights share relationship stuff, the lesbians will go: ew boys, and the gays will go: yay boys, and I'm always sitting there, in the closet, going: haha... 😅 yeah... to everything
  3. I’d also say that there are probably very few of us who know we’re aro. And people who might be but don’t know because the term isn’t as widely known just makes it a vicious cycle.
  4. I choose to go with the label grey-sexual, since it tends to make the most sense to others and me, but that’s just because I’m not sure where I fall on the spectrum. I’m only 16, so I don’t want to pick a sexual label, although I’m definitely aro If I had to describe my feelings, I’d say that I like the idea of sex, but would never ever actually participate. I love hugs and cuddles and kisses (sometimes), but when it comes to sex... not so much. At the moment, the split attraction model just doesn’t fit me, so I’m just grey for now!
  5. If anyone happens to see this, there's a trilogy called the Chaos Walking trilogy and it makes me cry every time. Incredible pacing, unique writing style, and just an overall good story! (Also there's almost no romantic subplot in the first book)
  6. I love watching any kind of well thought out relationship thrive, whether it's with family, friends, or partners. I unfortunately can't write it, at least not without seeming forced or rushed, since I don't have the life experience of wholesome relationships to build off of Most of my characters are lone wolves
  7. I think the #1 thing I'd want to see is a healthy relationship in which all parties know exactly what they're getting out of the relationship and are cool with it. I would give anything to read or watch someone be in a physical relationship without having the romantic aspect. It might make it seem possible.
  8. There's a guy who's been asking me out on 'dates,' but not making any specific date or time, so I keep getting out of it. His older sister is no fricken help either, since I can always hear her on the other end of a discord call saying "ask her, ask her," and I just ignore it, and he'll ask to go on a walk or something (bc of quarantine), and I'll say "sure that sounds fun" and never address it again. It's kinda difficult bc I want him to just say "want to go on a date?" so I can give him a polite no without being presumptuous. Grr... sometimes I wish I was out.
  9. We have pride club at our school, and I've started tentatively going to it as an ally, since I'm not out yet. For other people who have experience, how should I bring up the topic and make it accessible? It's sort of difficult to go into a club full of people who are super into the romance and the sexual attraction and feel included when I'm so apart from these things.
  10. YES. Thank you for putting this into words!
  11. Banned for having a shape in your name
  12. I really like coloring. I suck at drawing things and the process doesn't really interest me, but coloring is so calming and fun, especially if you're doing so with gel pens!
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