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  1. I finally discovered the term a year ago, right as quarantine was starting, on AVEN. It clicked immediately, which had never happened to me before!
  2. One time I dreamt I came out as non-binary to my family after a track meet. It went... really well actually.
  3. Yeah, I think it's really difficult to understand why someone doesn't want something when it's all you want. Like chocolate. If someone says they don't like chocolate, my brain immediately goes to 'are they allergic or something? How do you not like chocolate? Everyone likes chocolate!" So I guess I just try to remind myself that it's just a lack of understanding sometimes, not a deliberate thought that someone can't dislike 'chocolate.'
  4. Well, first of all, I think of squishes as platonic crushes. Like, I really want to be your friend! I've had a few real life squishes, but I've had a really hard time acting on them, especially because I go to a small high school and am really bad about getting out of my comfort zone. Plus, everyone already kind of has their friend groups, so... excuses excuses. But during quarantine especially, I've mostly just had squishes on fictional characters. I consider myself a teensie bit lithromantic, like, the idea of being Spider-Man's girlfriend is really nice, but as soon as I try to
  6. If you're on computer, you can just click it :)
  7. I'm offended that you're offended that you couldn't be to a funeral
  8. True! Page one :) TPBM has a favorite book series (more specifically, one they pick above all others. Their favorite, not just the best they've read, or one out of a few...)
  9. Our People Plead Our Ruler's Tyranny, Usurpers Near, I Send This In Confidence Hope that made sense xD FORCEFUL
  10. Ooh, probably lighting from my fingers, bc I don't really like swarms of things. Would you rather be a contestant in the Bachelor or Married at First Sight? (Stuff of nightmares)
  11. I find that my obsessive fictional squishes are mostly skinny white guys, who're usually nerdy. But I guess that's just who I get along with in real life, so I figure that's who I'm drawn to. That, or alt girls :D
  12. I guess I'm just assuming you were AFAB, but what helped my mom agree to it was showing her lots of photos of women with short cuts, and telling her you'll get a more 'feminine' cut. If you go to the hairdressers, you can just tell them what you want. Also, if you really think it will help your dysphoria, sometimes hacking it away with scissors is worth it, and a lot easier than it seems (especially if you're going really short). I'd love to cut off my boobs, but unfortunately, it doesn't work that way :/ Anyway, depending on your situation, asking for forgiveness might be easier th
  13. Yeah, I don't understand why people can't respect whatever you want to call yourself. I use different labels for different things, I reserve my broad labels to use in passing, but I have my own microlabels that describe me further. Sometimes it helps to use the broader term if it helps others understand :)
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