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  1. Hey, welcome! Questioning gender is a fun rollercoaster which I'm still on, so I wish you luck and good fortune on your journey!!
  2. Omg reading the comments on this felt so validating! Like everyone said above, you probably didn't lose much in the relationship, and I think it's pretty normal for an aro to feel good about a break up, especially if you were acting like you loved them the whole time (whoops, sorry to my ex). I personally felt SO great breaking up with him, but after there was this hole in my life that I didn't have anyone to fill with, but that was a me problem. If you feel better about breaking up with them, then you made the right decision. We're all here for you! 💚
  3. Okay, I love that story!! That's so sweet! I have a sort of similar feeling around the L word, but I also was able to say a casual "love you!" to my friends before I leave, most of which I'm out to, and it just feels so freeing! I was reading this book about shyness and the author was talking about how she learned that people don't like to wave, but they love to wave back (they don't like to initiate things they might like). So recently I've been trying to initiate some more things that I haven't been sure about, but everyone who I've talked with or said "I love you" to has always said "love you too" right back! Anyway, it's just really nice to be able to say how much you appreciate your friends without it being weird, huh?
  4. This is more in regards for ace, but I think it transfers. There's this analogy I got from a youtube video about aceness, and they said it's like having all the food you could possibly want spread out in a table in front of you, but you're not hungry. And everyone else is eating around you and offering you food but you don't want it. Maybe that can help describe what you were feeling about the romance song.
  5. As long as they don't want to date me, I'm cool w kissing. Ugh, dating...
  6. If you can be in the same room doing separate things without feeling weird about it, that's a pretty deep friendship. I also think that having full trust in them is a big identifier too. I'm still working on my friendships right now, but we're getting there
  7. My laptop loves trying to correct me when I type aro or aromantic. I think my personal favorites are "arm" and "aromatic." I like to think I smell nice.
  8. While I might do it out of necessity, I'd never ever choose to be naked in front of anyone. I don't even like being naked in the mirror alone in may room.
  9. Two brothers die. Multiple times. Also, one of them has a secret crush on an angel.
  10. YMBAI you hated PDA w your partner YMBAI you felt guilty saying ‘i love you’ back to them 😬
  11. Two Simple Idiots Only Lose Kites Obtaining Very Soft Knitting Yarn STARTLED
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