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  1. To say yes would be an understatement. Creative writing is one of my favorite things! Only a hobby at this point though, mostly fiction and the occasional play script or so. TPBM has been in a cave.
  2. It's really up to you what you decide to do next, but if you think you might actually want to try a relationship with this person, go ahead. If you don't, there's no use trying to force yourself into it. You could even bring up the option of a queerplatonic relationship (QPR) if you think that would be best. And as for telling them about your aroness, that's not entirely necessary, but if you choose to be in a relationship with them, then telling them would be a good thing to do at the beginning, rather than later on. Just remember that you don't have to be attracted to someone romantically in order to be in a relationship with them, so long as you both understand and respect each other's limits and boundaries. I hope this helps a bit!
  3. 58% aromantic asexual 17% alloromantic asexual 17% demiromantic demisexual 8% aromantic allosexual 0% alloromantic allosexual i N t E r E s T i N g.
  4. Reading this, i just remembered a wedding barbie doll that my mom gave to me, it was her's when she was little, and I've since given it to my younger sister. There was one time, not long after my mom married my current stepdad, that I prepared a wedding for her and all the other dolls were present, but it didn't matter to me that there was no spouse. It was just Barbie walking down the aisle alone, having a good time with her friends, and I was fine with that.
  5. When I decided to cut my hair, I brought it up with my mom and basically told her that my long hair was getting annoying and she was super supportive and cut my hair the next day after we figured out a style I liked (she's a licensed hairstylist). Cutting my hair helped a lot with my dysphoria and I didn't have to come out to do it (Though at the time I'm writing this, my mom kind of knows). Whether you are ready to come out to your parents or not, it's your choice of if you actually do or don't. Hope it goes well!
  6. I'm the opposite, I have dark, straight hair and dark eyes, while my mom, sister, and stepdad (it feels weird calling him that) all have blue or hazel eyes, and light, wavy hair, kind of curly in my mom's case.
  7. I'm from Arizona in the US, but I'd love to live somewhere with more rain. Temporarily, of course, I could never truly abandon AZ, monsoon season is too beautiful. And the sunsets! *chefs kiss*
  8. Biracial here!! Hispanic and Caucasian, but apparently I don't look it unless I sit in the sun for a while, or if I'm compared to my family, since I don't really look like any of them (I look more like my biological dad, who I tell no one about.)
  9. YES! Snakes are adorable! TPBM is afraid of heights.
  10. I had a similar experience with my mom at fourteen, I think she thought I was homo at the time because, for a while, she would frequently express to me that she would be okay with it if I were and that it's not bad or anything, etc. One day I was helping her fold laundry and she finally just asked if I liked boys or girls and my response was "Well, I don't really think I like either," and she just gave me a weird look and proceeded to fold the laundry, discussion ended. And so began my identity crisis. This was before I'd heard of aromantic, asexual, or anything in between.
  11. I'd say it has something to do with the ideals engraved into religion and culture, as well as people's ideas of what makes a person's life happy and full. Many people see this as an important part of both, and in turn, these ideals are shared to others and shown in the media. When an idea is so prevalent in society, many people will go along with it, whether they truly desire it or not, and expect others to do the same. Not that there isn't anyone who genuinely wants marriage, I just think the spread of common ideas plays a far larger role in why marriage is such a huge part of society.
  12. A perfect explanation! Fiction is amazing in that way, because I love romance between characters (well written and developed, mind you) but I don't really see myself ever in a relationship. Though this could be because of my trust issues, I'm still figuring everything out. Exactly how I feel.
  13. All aromantics never want to be in a romantic relationship Aromantics are probably psychopaths Aromantics have had bad relationships in the past All Aromantics are also asexual Something is wrong with aros
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    Acronym game

    Could Olympic Manatees Perform Oral Surgery? Everyone Doubts. MILITIA
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    Acronym game

    Bad Oatmeal Or Killer Soup Truly Objectifies Real Emergencies ORANGUTAN
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