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  1. Waking up and feeling your cat sleeping beside you, sitting on the porch and watching hummingbirds drinking nectar from the garden, Lofthouse cookies, finding a really good scented candle, especially one that smells like someone or a place you know.
  2. Cinnamon applesauce is the best

    1. SodaFoam


      Bruh no it’s strawberry 

  3. I'm demiromantic- and not proud. I hate the fact that the only people I end up having attraction to are close friends with no romantic inclination to me. I hate the fact that I'll never be able to date or kiss or hold hands like a normal person. I hate the fact that I likely won't experience all the things that other people experience. I hate the fact that I probably wont' ever get married, or even find someone who loves me. I hate the fact that I'll probably die alone, all because of my stupid romantic orientation. And I hate the fact that unlike an aromantic person, I'm still going to feel this attraction. I'll miss out on all the things my friends will experience. I feel broken. And when I tell people I'm scared of dying alone, they're like "Oh, it's fine, you'll find the one." when I probably won' even find the one. "The one" doesn't even exist. Is the all just heavily internalized amatonormativity? Yes. But I feel terrible because of it. And I'm not proud.
  4. I get that, I identify as grayro ad well as demiro and I'm really not a huge fan of the grayro flag either (I think it's something about the shade of green?). I've been seeking out an alternative flag but have only managed to find one that looked like a recolored bi flag and didn't differ much from the original, so idk. It is somewhat interesting to see variations however. After some searching, here's the other ones I've found: This one: This one: And this one: And while they're all good I'm not a big fan of how light colored they are. It may just be me, but it somewhat gives off this impression that grayromanticism is just Aromantic Lite, which is not really something I feel comfortable with, though others may feel differently.
  5. Here is the grayromantic flag that I usually see used: However, recently on Tumblr, I've seen another version popping up - it's the same one but the gray is darker and the green is lighter: (This was seen in a pride icons post by useless-slytherclaw, which prompted me to make the post after seeing the alternate flag in a few places) I'm not sure if this is just a mistake in shading by some people, or an actual alternate grayro flag, but it'd be interesting to hear your thoughts and which one you prefer!
  6. pigeonhead

    What Am I

    It's highly possible you may be demiromantic or grayromantic.
  7. I'd most want a QPP, but if I do experience mutual romantic attraction to someone then I would be fine with having a romantic partner. I don't really want much contact that is seen as typically romantic in a relationship (Aside from cuddles. Cuddles are the best.) I more value the emotional bond and the feeling that someone is there for me.
  8. I got INFP, but I'm not exactly sure how accurate the test is.
  9. A family of furries wreaks havoc to their community of inanimate objects while the laws of physics do not exist.
  10. Banned for having 0/5 stripes of the aro flag in your pfp
  11. Anyone know of any good aro songs? 

    1. Magni


      There's been various threads here about aromantic songs or non-romantic songs.

      here's a more recent thread: 

      here's an older thread: 


    2. aro_elise


      the only ones i know of by an actual aro artist are those on moses sumney's album 'aromanticism'.  my favourite self-love song is lizzo's 'soulmate'.

    3. Emerald Cheetah

      Emerald Cheetah

      Connie Glynn was mentioned in one of those threads but I feel the need to mention her again because Connie Glynn has actually made two songs relating to aromanticism though the thread only mentions one of them. She is aromantic bisexual which is super cool, and the two songs she has made are: Heart Eater and Video Boy. Both very good songs imo!

  12. I'd be open to a poly relationship if I liked all parties involved, but due to the fact that likely wouldn't happen I'd prefer to be in a monogamous relationship. I don't have any problem with either structure of relationship, and both have their pros and cons, but due to the fact that I'm demiro a monogamous relationship is more appealing as it'd be highly unlikely that I'd experience romantic attraction to more than one person at once, let alone a single person. However, my ultimate goal would not to be in a romantic relationship, just a QPR.
  13. Allos: Omg nooo, we don't force romantic stuff on people!!! Also allos:
  14. Currently, I feel like I *have* to be in a relationship/ have a crush on someone, even though the rational part of me knows that just isn't happening because I wouldn't enjoy it due to the lack of romantic attraction. I know it's just amatonormativity getting to me, but I don't really know how to get over it. It's kind of made worse by the fact that I spend more time in the mainstream LGBTQ+ community, which obviously is going to have a greater emphasis on romantic love and crushes. Plus yearning blogs/romance quotes constantly popping up doesn't help much. Any advice?
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