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  1. I think I might have had a little headcanon of Katniss being aro-ace the whole time. I really glossed over the whole love triangle thing until other people mentioned it and even then I turned a blind eye. All I cared about was getting to the end.
  2. I brought in so many new years playing Monopoly. Why is this a thing?
  3. Ugh the most irritating... When just before the main character goes off to war, the love interest runs to them to share a passionate kiss. This couldn't have happened earlier in the movie when the stakes weren't as high? The odds are they had a million scenes of the two subtly or not so subtly flirting the whole time. Why couldn't you have done it then? When I'm trying to get to the final showdown of the movie it's less romantic and more aggravating.
  4. I was with a group of friends on NYE and we brought in the new year on the beach. I thought it was the best part of the night because I really enjoyed the fireworks. My friends were all majorly disappointed they didn't have anyone to kiss. One of my girl friends turned to me just before midnight and said 'alright if I try to kiss anyone in our group let me, except for x, y and z'. 😐.
  5. Around the time when people still had BBM I was in grade 6 and people started getting into relationships by text. Even then I thought it was absolutely ridiculous that 1) that's what they were considering their first relationship and 2) they were so happy to be doing it.
  6. I also don't get how people can get to a point where they should be committed to each other and still haven't sorted stuff like this out? If I wanted to have 3 kids and my s/o didn't want any kids, you'd think that would be a deal breaker, but you constantly hear about couples who still try to 'make it work'. I guess the feeling of being in love is evidently very overwhelming, so much so that the practicalities are lost to save it. My word... this kind of made me sad.
  7. I've been thinking the same. People often change a lot when they get into a relationship and it often starts with spending less time with other loved ones because of it. By the time the relationship ends, they don't realise they've sacrificed a lot of themselves. People don't often realise they're doing it even if they're being told and that's the most frustrating partπŸ˜“. Yeah, sometimes I feel like I don't understand it because I'm aro but it still seems really off that it happens.
  8. @CheeseOverlord truly living up to your name huhπŸ˜‚ I haven't had this happen to me quite yet but I feel it inevitably coming since my friends and I are all graduating from high school soon. I'm a loner in general, I think I'll be able to entertain myself while the couples do coupley things. Funny enough I've already been in the position where I'm sort of pushed aside until there are relationship problems and a friend needs to vent but... I guess I don't mind playing that role too much. Generally, I have that thought in the back of my head that 'they'll come to their senses eventually'.
  9. Roses are red Violets are blue I'm allergic to flowers I need a tissue
  10. When it comes to intersectionality the first thing that comes to mind is people of colour so I thought I'd make a thread for it!
  11. You can whistle but it's always obnoxiously loud and it irritates people. I wish I had the money to travel.
  12. I'm reading a really corny period romance and I keep squealing over the lines.
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