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  1. I brought in so many new years playing Monopoly. Why is this a thing?
  2. I was with a group of friends on NYE and we brought in the new year on the beach. I thought it was the best part of the night because I really enjoyed the fireworks. My friends were all majorly disappointed they didn't have anyone to kiss. One of my girl friends turned to me just before midnight and said 'alright if I try to kiss anyone in our group let me, except for x, y and z'. ?.
  3. Around the time when people still had BBM I was in grade 6 and people started getting into relationships by text. Even then I thought it was absolutely ridiculous that 1) that's what they were considering their first relationship and 2) they were so happy to be doing it.
  4. When it comes to intersectionality the first thing that comes to mind is people of colour so I thought I'd make a thread for it!
  5. You can whistle but it's always obnoxiously loud and it irritates people. I wish I had the money to travel.
  6. I'm reading a really corny period romance and I keep squealing over the lines.
  7. The Mummy used to terrify me, especially when (in the sequel I think) scarabs used to burst out of the peoples' skin?
  8. I like the water boiling hot, and I end up sweating/suffocating in the steam. Counterintuitive but worth it lol
  9. YMBAI you don't realize people are dating until they come straight out with it because you assume anyone can be that close and still be friends. Sometimes you find the news kind of disappointing because it's yet another case of 'friendship has to lead to more' which helps the aro agenda in no way.
  10. There's a lot on NB people around as well. Maybe there's a census in an earlier post?
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