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  1. I think that's a pretty normal experience. After all our thoughts do affect our feelings. Maybe it would help you to reflect back on your thoughts and feelings before you knew about aromanticism? You can also read the thread about early signs you were aromantic on this forum. Maybe you will recognize something there
  2. I think it's good you're thinking about this. I agree that we must reflect more on what we need since there are no frames for us to go by. How do you feel about coliving with others? Is that an option where you live and something you'd be open to? That could be a good way for you to ensure you have friendships close by.
  3. Since most of us don't understand romantic attraction or relationship like that it's easy to make up explanations for why people act like they do. Do you have any theories that you know logically isn't true... but still they feel like they are true sometimes
  4. I don't really understand why other people want romance. Deep down I think I believe that they could learn not to want it and it's just a cultural thing 😄
  5. Interesting! I tried googling Lucifer aromantic but got nothing. I'll try reddit again to see perhaps.
  6. Here ya go https://tyandthatguy.com/ I've only read up to book four. So far I feel the story works better as a show. But I usually like my book sci-fi either weirder or more about social dynamics.
  7. @eatingcroutons @DeltaV I'm listening to a podcast about the show with one of the book writers and one of the actors and I was so happy to hear that the writer Ty Frank absolutely hates the kiss in season 2 episode 5. He goes into why it doesn't make sense and why they never intended that moment to be romantic and the kiss makes it sexist. It's a great listen. The podcast is called Ty and that guy, I'll share a link if you're interested.
  8. I asked on aro ace Reddit forum about including Todd and got no objections. Although one poster said they didn't like him as representation cause he's dumb. I've not watched it like I said but I feel like a dumb character would be good representation since there are already many smart aro characters who "don't care about feelings".
  9. @Erederyn I've not seen such a list of neopronouns before. Nice to see the different options. In swedish we just have one.
  10. One thing I forgot to say at the meeting is that I enjoyed the pronouns used for the witch. I like that is was a bit of a mix between him and her. Although I feel like it should be "se" rather than "ze". But maybe that just seem natural to me cause it's similar to how it is in swedish. How did y'all like the pronouns?
  11. Holmbo

    would you rather

    Peanut butter. I've never had marmite but it doesn't sound good. Would you rather live in Sweden or Switzerland? 😉
  12. Yeah I saw further up that you already said it was the same link so I deleted my comment.
  13. So I've recently begun to masturbate after many years thinking it didn't do anything for me. I tried it as a teen but just felt bored. Now as a 30 yo I wanted to give it another try and I went to aven for some advice on masturbation for asexuals. I got this link http://www.asexualityarchive.com/an-asexuals-guide-to-female-masturbation/ I tried the advice on it and after just a few times I got an orgasm. So if you've given up on masturbation, thinking it's nothing for you, you could give it another try.
  14. I'm planning a post corona party when I want to invite everyone I know. I suppose that's a bit like one would feel when planning their wedding. At first I was planning it as a belated 30th birthday party but then I realized I don't care about my birthday, I just want the party.
  15. Yeah such a wasted opportunity to do something fresh with the portrayal of relationships. Why not have them be asexual and in a romantic relationship? There's plenty of humour to be had there, with defying their friends expectations and such.
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