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  1. I probably would give it all to charity.
  2. Nope, just some other places. If you'd share it on aven that'd great.
  3. I think you'll find many with like-minded feelings here. Remember though you don't need to be in love to make a committed cohabitation relationship. You can even call it a romantic one. I know several people who are not in love with their romantic partner. However they care about them and enjoy living together with them. You could do that too, if that's what you want. Personally I've never wanted a partner, and that means I need to figure out what kind of relationships I need to fill me needs. For most people the romantic partner fills so many roles. I need different people to fill some of that roles.
  4. You could look into queer platonic relationships to learn a bit more of various types of relationships. It's not all necessarily romantic
  5. I read book two of Artemis Fowl so many times as a child ☺️ Great read
  6. I'm on my way to Oslo to participate in non violent civil disobedience with extinction rebellion. As a protest for Norway's oil industry. I'm so excited! Wish us luck!
  7. What did she come out as?
  8. Watching Loki made me want to make a meme like: Romance 🙄 Friends hugging for the first time 🥰
  9. If you know other forums that might like this feel free to share.
  10. My third video is done. Thanks for the suggestions of content :)
  11. I've listened to aok and sounds fake but ok and enjoyed them both.
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