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  1. What's the distinction of solo poly compared to poly in general?
  2. Yes you can be in any kind of relationship you want regardless of your romantic orientation. If you like the relationship you're currently having I'd say just keep going. But if you'd like for something to be different talk to your partner about it.
  3. What are the advantages and disadvantages for an aromantic in the country you live in? You can also write about your home country if that's a different one. Or culture within your family or neighborhood.
  4. It feels like so many people are still demanding to slot everyone into the category of man or woman. I suppose so they can assign all sorts of generalization to everyone and limit the need for communication or thought. I'm sorry your friend seem to be taking this lazy approach. If you're up to it maybe you could ask him why he feels it's important to distinguish between men and women and to view you as a woman. Maybe you will learn something about how some people relate to gender roles.
  5. Oh I forgot I started it 😄
  6. I know this is hard to say cause we don't have a survey from a representative sample of aros (especially since not everyone who fits definition of aro identifies as such) but if you were to take a guess.
  7. We often look for aromantic characters but since those are pretty rare a good substitute might be characters who are not coupled up or looking to be so. Do you have any favorite single characters in media?
  8. There are some advantages to hanging out with couples, for example that you don't have to worry about being flirted with like you might with a friend who's single. Or that your friend doesn't have to choose between you or their partner. But it can also be akward if you feel like a fifth wheel or get uncomfortable with their display of affection. How do you feel about hanging out with couples? In which instances do you enjoy it or not.
  9. There was one like that a short while ago. Something like "which romantic movie do you like"
  10. Good luck! Did you realize this because you were researching your book character?
  11. I don't think this has anything to do with romance. We all need people who comfort us and it can be very useful to imagine it. I often imagine being comforted to calm myself, but I don't have a specific person on mind, it's more the sensation of a warm smile and touch.
  12. Yeah I could have included the of topic ones too
  13. Holmbo

    coming out..-?

    Maybe you can start by asking her to not pressure you to get married or have kids. Tell her it's making you uncomfortable and that this decision is up to you and not something for her to demand of you. If she doesn't comply with that I don't think there's much use coming out to her.
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