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  1. @Emerald Cheetah That's perfect background music IMO.
  2. It's finished! @boba what do you think of my reading aid for the manga If I was really ambitious I would have edited out the bubbles too, but oh well. @nonmerci I had the breakup scene from sex education in also but YT wouldn't allow me to upload that one.
  3. Amatodiversity I don't even know what amato is supposed to stand for though
  4. @nonmerci I'm laughing at the scene in sex education because the partner is played by Mikael Persbrandt, a very famous Swedish actor. The reason he's so famous here is because he sucks at English so he never went to do movies abroad unlike every other Swedish actor. He's most famous role is playing a very angry dirty mouthed cop in the 90's-00's
  5. The second option. I know RA is not that, but it's the closest term I could think of that describes it.
  6. Thanks @nonmerci I will check it out and hope it fits. Don't worry about finding videos. I prefer to find my own anyways because I want as high quality as possible to start from.
  7. Thanks for sharing. I'm curious what makes people identify more with their aromantic side than asexual and vice versa. Aside from being met with disrespect from some of the community like you were @Greeley I guess that if I went on Aven I would find several aro ace that states their asexual identity is more important to them. Personally I also don't really feel Ace. Even though I've not had sex for nearly a decade now and don't miss it. I think it's because I still feel sexual feelings sometimes. And I'm also positive to sex, I like seeing sex on tv and movies. So I suppose I feel very different from aces who find sex gross.
  8. So if amatonormativity is the prejudice that all humans should be in a monogamous romantic relationship. Is there any opposite word to that? The closest I could come to fit would be relationship anarchy. It would be nice to have some sort of umbrella term for things that promotes other relationships as equally valid.
  9. Yeah I would have to rewrite the text in that case. But I realized that might instead get confusing to those used to manga I have another solution in mind though.
  10. Another example is to try joining some organization that continues work through Skype (or zoom teams etc) could be a specific cause or just a social one like a book club. That way you can be part of a discussion in a less intense way than one on one.
  11. Thanks @boba and @nonmerci I think a comic could work fine, but manga is a little more tricky since people might read the talk bubbles in the wrong order. Would it be ok if I flip the pages so the bubbles read from left to right? Or is that sacrilege? 😝 Thanks for reminding me of Little women. The recent movie have a scene which is very aro which I had forgotten about. I'm thinking about going a little bit wider in this second video and allow some stuff that is not necessarily from arospec characters. Mostly cause I really want to include part of the Guy love song from Scrubs, even if the characters are both allo it's just such an aro song. So even if Jean is not aro there might be some aro feeling scene. @treepod do you have any scenes from good omens? I saw you mention it in another post.
  12. Hard question! I'm a urban planner and I find it very interesting and meaningful but also very frustrating and draining. So it's a weird mix. My dream job would probably be to work as a kinda activist/lobbyist in urban planning so that I could work to change the things I find frustrating.
  13. I'm gonna put in one of the suggestions from @Emerald Cheetah of RWBY that I didn't include in the last one. Overall there seems to be a lot of headcannon (and even some official canon) in different animes but I've barely seen any so I don't know any scenes that would be good. Suggestions would be great. @nonmerci you had a lot of great suggestions last time. Anything new you've seen since then? @boba @Kate Bishop best arrowace @Finn @horriblegoose @Kadence @questdrivencollie I've seen you post about headcanons in that thread recently. Any suggestion of specific scenes or quotes?
  14. It's called Fake doctors, real friends. I just came across it today and listening to the first episode which they recorded in the end om March and it's a lot of fun. I thought I'd share it on this forum since I've seen people on here refer to JD and Turks friendship. I've seen every episode of Scrubs several times but I know very little about the actors. I didn't even know the name of the actor that plays Turk.
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