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  1. Where do you live? Are there any groups for aromantics there? For example on facebook. You could start by posting there. Don't post about looking for a sexual relationship, that might seem too much upfront. But instead maybe say you'd like to meet other aroallos and talk about the difficulties you face. Then if you get contact with someone you could see if you too find one another sexual attractive, it might lead in that direction, or else you'll have some platonic connections. If there aren't any aromantic groups, try LGBT+ settings, or polyamourus or relationship anarchy groups. You can
  2. A lot of people conflate aromanticism with shallowness and fear of commitment. So it would be nice if he has strong relationships, just not romantic ones. I suppose with bisexual people there's always the stereotype that they're hyper sexual and just want to have sex with everyone. So you could subvert that by having him not have very strong libido and maybe needing time getting to know someone before he is interested in sexual acitivity with them.
  3. Hi and welcome! There's a discord if you're into that. I don't use it myself so I'm not sure where to find the link but I'm sure it's pretty easy to search for.
  4. Why does romance have to be forever to be meaningful? Maybe they like brief romantic relationships same as someone else might like brief sexual ones. As long as they're upfront about their preferences I don't see anything amoral about that. However if they are staying they want their romantic relationships to be "forever" maybe they need to explore their pattern. Do they jump to quickly into a romantic relationship perhaps, mistaking the high of a new connection for romantic love. Do they have a need for approval which they feel the need for romantic love to satisfy. Are they a serial mo
  5. Also Ursula from little mermaid is kinda an octopus woman and she's such an aro mood.
  6. Hej @Natkat What happened to the Facebook group?
  7. Yay thanks for awakening this topic 🙂@2 Spirit Cherokee Princess
  8. I've been interested in relationship anarchy for a while, since it rejects the idea of amatonormativity, but not until now have I actually read the original RA manifesto. I'm sharing the link here in case anyone else is interested. I think it's very well written and inspiring. https://theanarchistlibrary.org/library/andie-nordgren-the-short-instructional-manifesto-for-relationship-anarchy These are the points: Love is abundant, and every relationship is unique Love and respect instead of entitlement Find your core set of relationship values Heterosexism is ramp
  9. The romances in between the sensates in sense8 is such a waste of space. I like the two existing romantic relationships though.
  10. My advice is that sometimes physical stuff is more motivational than digital. Example of something you could try: every morning write five things down on a piece of paper that you want to get done that day. Keep the paper with you and cross them out as you do them. Crossing them out physically is going to feel more satisfying than checking them of on a phone app.
  11. I feel like people only ever ask about progress for romantic relationships. Every time I meet with a friend I have to go through the obligatory update of their dating progress. Don't get me wrong, I'm rooting for them and hope they find someone, but it's annoying that they don't seem to find any other relationship worthy of discussion. For example I've recently moved in with a friend (who I've not been particularly close with), cause I needed somewhere temporary to live while I'm selling my apartment, and I don't get any questions about our friendship and how it's working for us to live togeth
  12. I understand that it's the desire for sexual contact with someone. But is it always as concrete as that? Or can it just be feeling a physical sensation of arousal by someone? If I look at a picture of a really hot celebrity I can feel sexual arousal from that, but it doesn't mean I feel any longing to physically interact with them.
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