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  1. Hm, it seems like Kai has not been on here in awhile, meaning it might take a bit before xe realizes I got on here. So in the meantime, hallo I am Kasper, one of Kai's headmates. This would be one of the few sites that us being a system has not been mentioned on, the most logical reason I can think of being the fact that we have not seen any systems on here. I am not sure if this is the correct area to put this in, but it willl have to do for now. Anyway my pronouns are it/its and I am not the only headmate Kai has.
  2. two people from another site have suggested that i might be aroflux
  3. Ok, so I have been identifying as gray-ro for like barely over a year now. But recently I've started questioning my romantic orientation again. So lets start back before I even thought about being on the a-spec. Around March of 2018 a good friend of mine had told me that she had a crush on me and asked if I wanted to be her partner. I had never really even thought about being in a relationship at all but she was nice and so I told her I'd think about it. I ended up convincing myself that I did in fact like her in a romantic way and proceeded to agree to date her. This was fine until about a month or so later I was like 'shit I don't actually like her' and looking back I think what I had felt was just platonic attraction. Anyway I ended up feeling immensely guilty and didn't end up breaking things off with her until August 2020 because I didn't want to hurt her, that plan kind of backfired though. Around like late December of 2019 is when I found the terms graysexual and grayromantic. I thought it seemed to fit me based on that so I decided to go ahead and id as them. That was all good up till a little bit after I broke up with my ex. I had been talking to this person online since April and I had started to slowly develop romantic feelings for fae. About mid-October the two of us started dating and we are still currently together. December was where my romantic feelings decided to change up how they wanted to work. I have developed like five crushes since then and that's only counting the ones I still currently have a crush on. So uh yeah
  4. Hey Ash, welcome to the site ig. So, what are your pronouns? I would like to know which to refer to you as.
  5. aaaaaaaa school starts back up today time to go deal with all transphobes, homophobes, arophobes, etc in a place I'm out to. Heh, this'll be 'fun'. 
    (just before anyone says I'm an idiot for coming out to my school, i had no idea there were so many people like that before I came out)

    1. GhostyPeppers


      People don't rear their ugly heads out until they see an opportunity to. Hate it when older people say "your generation is so accepting" despite this. Either way, I'm really sorry you have to deal with this :aropride:

  6. eh could be doing better and no I haven't found help yet
  7. my mother is a teacher highly trusted by the district so idk if people would believe me also this is like the only site like this that isn't blocked on my chromebook like the only person i can think of isn't very mentally stable and is already low on money as is so i would probably just be a burden
  8. hi person help plz you're online and i have a shitty family that idk what to do about



  9. you are the only other currently online can you please go look at my topic this is important



  10. So, um this is gonna need a tw for obvious reasons. Now I know, this site probably isn't the best place to get help from but its the only site like this I can access right now. I have been suspecting this for a while now and I finally decided to to some research into what abusive homes are like. I am currently living with my parents and my 2 sisters, I would say all but my youngest sister could be considered abusers. I will be giving reasoning as to way I say this starting with my older sister. I definitely the one that gets the most physical, I have been shoved into countless things by her and dragged many places by her as well. She has done way worse before but stuff like that rarely happens. She tends to be a very manipulative st times and as tried to guilt trip me into doing many things. She wasn't always like this though, she isn't that much older than me and we've got a lot of similar interests; in fact, when we were younger we used to be best friends. About 3 or so years ago I decided to come out to her as a demiboy. She was well aware of the fact that I am not very comfortable with this information being shared with everyone yet; basically I'm trying to say she outed me to our kinda homophobic family. She calls me a lot of names like "bitch" and other stuff like that, she will also yell at my little sister for the tiniest things she does no matter what they are. Now onto my mother, she will basically just have me do things for her, like grab her a drink if shes in a bad mood, and yell a lot. She loves to make comments like "i just cant see you as a boy you know" she'll also acting like the most loving person ever if people are over, but a lot of my friends say they can tell its a facade. Now time for the last person my father, he pretty much neglects me and acts as if i don't exist, unless my mother tells I'm to come get me because he will then go find me and yell at me until I go. I will say, he loves to yell at my older sister, he has even smacked her multiple times so i guess I should be grateful I don't have to deal with that. So yeah, that's why I think I'm in an abusive household and I don't know what to do about it. So help please Also just so you know, these are not the only things they do, these are just the things I deemed to be most important.
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