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  1. This survey will ask questions about what it's like to have autism & be asexual &/or Aromantic and the other way around with questions on orientation, discrimination and others. Data will be used to help make a YouTube video on my Aro/ace related channel about the Intersectionality between autism & being asexual &/or Aromantic as someone with autism who is Aromantic. All responses will be kept anonymous. Link
  2. Well I never said it was finished, and there's not a lot of stuff on Aromanticism in the first place. I basically have to work with what I can find at the moment. Also, there are many sections/sheets/categories, which you can access by clicking on the headings that should show up top on mobile and along the bottom on PC, there are more than 9 things sourced there, same for the asexuality document. That sounds great
  3. Aromanticism Asexuality For a while, I've been working on a spreadsheet to compile research and experiences of asexuality, and I've just started one for aromanticism as well. If there is anything I could add to any of these, let me know and I'll take a look.
  4. Just staying inside cuddling under blankets
  5. I got 67% aro 17% demisexual 8% not aromantic 8% alloromantic asexual 0% aroace
  6. Not at all; I relate to you on this, however my romance repulsion does overpower this. I feel I will always be curious as to what it would be like to be alloro and be in a romantic relationship and how it would make things easier for me in some ways.
  7. I also think what people see as romantic and what they don't see as romantic is different for everyone, even alloromantics. For example, I see the word 'date' as romantic, as well as 'boyfriend' and 'girlfriend'. These make me romance repulsed, so I prefer to use other terms such as 'partner' instead. I also really dislike pet names. I personally don't see kissing as a romantic thing, but more of a sexual thing outside of family, and I've seen other people like that online. Before my first kiss, I wasn't too sure if I would like kissing someone due to the fact that I am very particular i
  8. I believe your sexual and romantic orientations almost always line up with each other, unless you are alloace or alloaro (the SAM exists for alloaros, aroaces and alloaces). I've never seen an allosexual alloromantic person use the SAM in a way that doesn't hint at some sort of internalised homophobia, biphobia, lesbophobia, etc. And that's usually the case. Either that and/or they are confusing sexual or romantic attraction with another type of attraction such as platonic, alterous or sensual. For example, it could be that someone's attraction to the opposite gender/sex isn't strong eno
  9. I do believe QPPs can work where one party is alloromantic, but I think if I were in this situation, I would encourage my alloromantic partner(s) to find romance somewhere else, with someone else whilst still being in a QPP with me. As I am still allosexual, I would also seek to find sexual fulfillment with someone else. I don't know if people who aren't poly like myself can do that but I think it's unfair to stop people from fulfilling their needs, as long as both parties are informed of what's happening. But I do understand that people who are not poly could find this difficult. I also
  10. English: Bastard, Shan't (Shall not) French: Insouciance (being carefree) Ukrainian: лялька/ljal'ka (doll)
  11. I think there should be a distinction between aromantic people (those with no romantic attraction at all) and their issues and issues faced by greyromantic, demiromantic, etc. people.
  12. I am not sex repulsed at all and am very romance repulsed. I am very sex positive regardless. Being romance repulsed does alter how I see sex - I would have sex with friends or just casually, or have fwb relationships, and I don't hold sex to some sacred entity that only can be experienced with a partner, and that's very heavily related with aromanticism and my romance repulsion. If you're Aro and Ace, then both sex and romance repulsion could be related, but not really for alloaros (unless they have experienced sexual trauma perhaps).
  13. I'm not sure if men are pressured to like sex specifically without romance, but they are pressured to enjoy all sexual advances made by women, whether that ends romantically or not.
  14. Well it seems like I am a triple bladed dagger. I am an autisitic, very heavily sapphic, bi female already. Being autistic, bi and aro basically makes a part of my life based on not wanting, understanding or needing romantic advancements from men (or anyone else). I describe myself as neither masculine or feminine in gender expression; I do whatever and I believe I don't act fully 'female' or 'male', which is common for autistic girls as well. I only wear clothes to please men if I want to. There are two things more feminine that I never do and those are wear makeup and high heels. I mix mens
  15. I think women tend to express their desire for romantic love much more than guys do (idk about enbies), so if we so happen to be absent of that, we are maybe more likely to express our absence of romantic desire, especially when fending off creepy men. We basically have to come out to try and avoid guys hitting on us.
  16. I like all of these things and I am touch starved I think but I'm demisensual so I don't want any affection with people I don't know too well or don't trust. It's important to know that I'm autistic and very touch averse because of it. All of these have no romantic intent for me, they're either platonic, sensual, alterous or sexual. whilst I like kissing, french kissing still confuses me.
  17. I think the fact that you experience romantic attraction like alloros do still means you're alloromantic. I mean I wouldn't call someone who still experiences romantic attraction but is in a qpp aromantic. And I don't feel comfortable with people referring to squishes (which is the deep desire to either be friends or be in a qpp with someone) as crushes. crushes are romantic. I'd at least make the distinction by saying alterous crush.
  18. I've heard neurodiverse was created for just those with autism, adhd, etc. and doesn't include those with mental illnesses
  19. The term is very confusing. You can just not feel romantic attraction sometimes and feel it other times and still be alloromantic. Again, most alloromantics don't feel romantic attraction all the time. I don't think there's any way to feel romantic attraction and not feel it at the same exact time. You either do or you don't. It sounds like "I think maybe I'm aromantic but I also think maybe I'm alloromantic". Can't seem to find it on google search, do you have a link?
  20. I never even thought of the flag design so actually no. I'm not someone who intentionally copies work. Idk why people think I have some ulterior motive against people bc of what I believe. If any designs look like anyone else's, it's usually an accident. It just happened to look like the alloaro flag, so I decided to make a revision by bringing out the colours more and making the stripes vertical. Here Also it's green, light blue, white, yellow, orange so not all the colours are the same. It's just the first design didn't bring the blue out enough.
  21. They're not aro, they're allo, get over it. Including allos in aromanticism is arophobic. I have the right to be offended.
  22. Just thought I'd share these to see what people think of these and maybe give constructive criticism. Platonic Partnership flag (quasiplatonic flag) Polyaffectionate flag Aromantic flag redesign
  23. I made a post on the LGBT+ amino as to why the demi flags are problematic here Here is a Wikipedia page about the black triangle and how it was used in the holocaust against lesbians I found these great flag alternatives on Tumblr which I'd encourage people to use instead. My favourite ones are the ones by @ cockyroaches @cockyroaches ' alternatives for Demiromantic, Demisexual and Demisexual & Demiromantic @crimsxnflxwerz 's alternatives for Demiromantic and Demisexual
  24. My story is a more muddled up, bc I used to be female, so I used to be a Homosexual Aromantic. For me, finding what sexuality I was was still difficult for me; it came with a lot of denial, confusion and internalised homophobia. I thought I was asexual due to not experiencing sexual attraction until age 15, and when I experienced it towards women, I basically just left it there. I didn't know being aro or not being both heterosexual and heteroromantic was a thing, and just assumed I was also homoromantic because people usually experience sexual and romantic attraction together, or
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