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  1. while i agree aromanticism is queer, i don't use it for myself, i just use aro. probably because i'm heterosexual and cisgender. if i were asked a yes/no question of whether i identify as queer, i guess i would say yes. but it's not something i have to think about much.
  2. things just ended (mutually) with the guy i'd been sleeping with since October (albeit infrequently) and i have no feelings about it, just moving on.  yup, definitely aro.  also, it made him realize he's no longer interested in casual dating, so yeah, make of that what you will 😆

    1. DeltaV


      nothing to see here, just a garden variety aro :aropride:

  3. yup, you can be any sexual orientation and any romantic orientation. even though for a lot of people they're connected (i guess?), they can totally be separate things. as you can see, a bunch of us experience sexual but not romantic attraction.
  4. i'm domme af but it's just sexual for me, like when my fwb and i are just hanging out we're, well, just hanging out. but yeah, that's how i am with any sexual partner, it's kind of non-negotiable.
  5. sensual isn't a separate thing for me, all those things are either romantic, sexual, or platonic, sometimes depending on context. like my fwb and i only kiss, hold hands, or touch at all during sex, besides hugging goodbye (platonic)--i mean nothing while we're sitting around talking or whatever. and i only want to do sexual things with guys i'm sexually attracted to, which is largely based on appearance. i say this to point out the contrast with what it sounds like you're describing, which could be sensual attraction, idk. but i suppose people experience sexual attraction differently, so that's also possible. not very helpful but yeah, it doesn't matter so much what you call it as that you're both comfortable with everything.
  6. it is absolutely possible to have such strong platonic feelings. my best friend is my favourite person, i would unofficially marry her, and i would be completely heartbroken if she ever didn't want to be my best friend anymore. we have been friends for almost 17 years; i don't feel such a deep connection to anyone i've only known for a few years or less, but i do love my friends and get plenty of squishes. in my experience they're a comparatively more superficial platonic attraction, like i kind of "get over" them, like crushes (supposedly--i've never had one). sorry to hear about the situation with your friend, i do hope you find the sort of relationship(s) you'd like.
  7. there are plenty of us allo aros, and all of our preferences vary--our levels of interest/comfort with friendship, sex, and romance, and in what combinations. like personally, i'm very favourable toward the former two (could be one, the other, or both with a given person, depending how i feel about them), and completely uninterested in and uncomfortable with romance--i avoid any type of relationship with someone i know or feel is romantically attracted to me. i absolutely want to be single my whole life, and to have a lifelong best friend (i do, she's my true love). and i hope it's encouraging to know that it is possible, as an arospec person, to have a mutually satisfactory sexual and emotional relationship (i do, he's great). i'm not sure if by 'conflict' you mean with embracing your identity or just with navigating the life that comes with it--i certainly understand both--but i'm also certain both will get easier, probably sooner and more continually than you think.
  8. yeah, some people have different feelings about those two situations, like someone might actually really like a depiction of a particular romantic activity but would hate to take part in it themselves. personally, my feelings are generally the same--when i see it, it's just kind of "ugh," but the repulsion is stronger when i think about being involved, and stronger still when i actually am. the only time i might be considered favourable is toward beautiful words which happen to be romantic; i admire writers (novel, movie, song, poem, whatever) who can string words together so nicely, but i wouldn't want someone to say the same romantic words to me, at least not in that context.
  9. yeah, it's like, single (meaning not currently in a relationship and never been married yet*), in a relationship, married, or divorced. *that's what people generally mean when they say they're single. even "single and not looking" generally still means 'currently not wanting a relationship' (focusing on other things) or 'not specifically looking but if it happens naturally, cool'. which--side note--i feel like is a good attitude for allos to have all the time. like, for someone to focus their life on hunting down a partner can only lead to bad things: disappointment ('watched pot never boils' kind of thing) or settling for someone who is at BEST, not ideal for them and at worst, abusive. because they feel like anything is better than being single. not to mention other areas of their life suffering due to neglect/apathy. of course this is far from the first time this has been discussed in the aro community, but yeah, relevant. i sometimes say "single for life" to indicate that i don't ever want to be in a romantic relationship/married. of course the sentiments of disbelief, disdain, and/or pity in response are about the same as those in response to aromanticism itself.
  10. it was interesting. in many cases it would depend on a few different factors, especially the specific person, but i tried to give generally accurate answers.
  11. i had to think about that. if by most often you mean to the highest number of different people, aesthetic. sexual and especially platonic (emotional, i suppose) can certainly be stronger and longer-lasting, but that wasn't the question. also, for me sexual attraction necessarily includes aesthetic, of course that's just men, and i believe i find more women aesthetically attractive, particularly the ones in the old movies i watch, so yeah. as for the others, everything people describe as sensual is either sexual or romantic to me, or i guess a couple things could be platonic, and i guess intellectual would fall under platonic, if it was relevant at all.
  12. yeah random people or even pictures, like that's pretty much how dating apps work for allo aros/people looking for casual sex, i swipe right on a guy if i think he's hot, which basically means i could see myself sleeping with him--with levels (as @eatingcroutons put it) varying from 'maybe' to 'yes please!' in total it's no more than 1% of guys in my preferred age range; i believe that's more selective than most people and that it varies a lot. i definitely found boys cute by age 7, and as i got older, that just sort of developed into sexual attraction, like 'he's cute' became 'he's cute, i'd do him.' haha sorry, just trying to be descriptive.
  13. sounds more like sex-neutral allo (pan, as you say), or at least gray-pansexual, since sexual orientation has to do with attraction, and sex-favourable/positive, neutral/indifferent, and negative/repulsed refer to attitude regarding having sex. i'm unsure of whether or not i would consider you demi. this sounds very demi, but... this does not. being definitely allosexual myself, i can relate to that. doing something about it is a different thing, i've yet to hit on a dude i see on the street. there is a difference between not wanting to have sex with someone until you form a bond and actually being unable to be sexually attracted to them until then. i've seen people erroneously claim that "demisexuality is normal" because "most people don't have sex with strangers"--this is the difference they're not understanding. demisexuality is not "normal," that is to say not common, in that the vast majority of people can be sexually attracted to people they haven't even met, for example celebrities. so anyway, maybe somewhere on the spectrum, but if you feel sexual attraction at all, that contradicts the definition of asexuality, like full-on asexual. of course the way you label your orientation is up to you, but since you asked for insight i'm providing it based on definitions.
  14. yup, that's it. i want to do sexual but not romantic things with them. and it's pretty much immediate, unless you're demi, i guess, because for me it's mostly based on looks, but demeanour, personality, talent, or whatever can increase or decrease my level of attraction to some extent.
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