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  1. Personally I always thought there was something extremely aro about the chocolates that go on sale after Valentines day. But bargain basement 50% off love heart chocolate probably is not the best symbol as you really need the whole context for them to seem aro
  2. I know that for the last few years there seems to have been more of a push to form small communities, some of it is a push against climate change some is from the growing of permaculture as a way of life and sustainability being more present in people's minds. There have been planned self build/sustainable communities springing up all over the world. My personal choice for laying down roots is to work myself into a career that I can work from home then move to a very small town. Yes I know I will always be a 'new comer' to the locals but the sense of familiarity is so much more in a small town than anywhere else. However who knows what is going to happen now? I cannot even predict how these next few months will change the future for everyone.
  3. I guess you probably have it covered but peer pressure to be like everyone else, especially if 'everyone else' seems to be in relationships, can be quite isolating. Some common peer pressure tactics are probably useful so just pointing out the fact of it's influence is enough for the professional to have an idea what to do.
  4. 1) Character who definitely they must be identified as aromantic (people questioning can't find out good info if they don't know the word!) in some sort of visual media. I've been talking with teachers recently and there seems to be a real shift with kids scorning non-visual media as focused entertainment, so unless these kids are introduced to a strong enough motivation they don't significantly sway from that preference. (I'm probably going to have to unpack this sentence but basically 'watching something is more attractive to more people than reading/listening alone') 2) As for the visual media I consume I have seen none. (Youtubers are real people not characters so don't count for this)
  5. I hope your family already know the colours of the flags then! Just for a personal thing I painted a bookmark with the flag colours and different symbols yet no one, not a single person, has recognised it, though it would be cool if they did...in a future when I can read in a public space with other people present not having to social distance -_- I know some people subtly come out by doing a pronoun flip when asked about a relationship and it made me really want to use the phrase 'I'm in a non-romantic relationship with..*fill in blank space*' as a sort of no-romo call out
  6. I have been inactive a few months, so I hope you had time to appreciate that my post count reached the number of the beast: 666. Now I am back that is going to change...it already has. 

  7. I wrote something! though it seems to have turned into a rambling wall of text: https://mesotablar.dreamwidth.org/12317.html and with this post I break my hilarious post count of 666
  8. This This This. I'm relaxed about fandoms because it is basically peoples' hobbies, or they use it as a way to improve their writing skills like essays you have to do in school. However when professionals get praised by the masses for 'representation' when it is clearly not 👹 🚫(we have no poop emoji?) I find being really strict about what I watch/ read is the only way I can deal with it. Mostly I avoid fandoms if I love the canon.
  9. Thank goodness someone else got a low purity score! The explanation for purity is confusing me too.....well I guess I am just not willing to bend with the crowd on stupid taboos? But I don't get why loyalty is so low in many of us...... Your scores: Care 81% Loyalty 28% Fairness 58% Authority 39% Purity 19% Liberty 47% Your strongest moral foundation is Care. Your morality is closest to that of a Left-Liberal.
  10. Hello, Yes, sensual attraction can be a whole other entity from sexual and romantic, for me it is certainly present sometimes. It is all very complicated, and in your teen years your hormones do drive things a bit differently that they will do for the rest of your life. Just know you certainly aren't alone and that sensual attraction doesn't necessarily effect you being ace/aro, unless you are like me when it does. I'm not very helpful or reassuring am I? Sorry!
  11. Welcome! Yeah, there can be a lot of pressure and expectation put on you regarding a potential romantic future, so coming to terms with being different from that can be hard. I hope you find some interesting things and support here while you are questioning
  12. Generally when I say (though realistically I write it much more often) a-spectrum it is not in regards to a specific individual but rather the communities or the groups of labels, and really I think it covers any of the a- prefixes, aromantic/asexual/agender being the most common, and as a 'spectrum' term it also includes all the grey- and demi- prefixes and their associated sub-labels. If someone is using it as their orientation label I will accept it at face value that the term is what they believe best describes their experience, which of course to be really understood has to be explained by the individual, which leads to more variety of meaning in this case. But all of this depends on the context of the conversation it is used in. As long as it is clear whether someone is talking about their orientation (individual level) or the community (population level) when they use the word a-spectrum I don't see a problem with it being both a very broad term and a specific individual term. (but I also try to be very open and accepting so I'm not all that bothered by much...I'm lexiconically lazy) Personally I think it is very handy having a very broad group name to refer to the people who's orientations are some sort of 'Nope' (excuse the crude generalisation) but the fact it is a homonym is not so great.
  13. maybe having more boxes being more specific is not the way...maybe just replace 'sexuality' with 'orientation' or some other similar word. I do think 'Romanticism is useful being separate but then there are all the people who do not separate....maybe get rid of 'Romanticism' and 'Sexuality' altogether and just have one box for whatever people choose to use in whatever way they choose to label their orientation. @Coyote yeah, we talked about how I made my boxes into a pyramid shape 😃 but I realise now that if I pass 999 posts the shape will be messed up. And the system as it is now is structured to support those who separate their sexuality and romanticism, with no mixing or other shared augmentation types of things.
  14. Can I ask what a flamel is? The only thing I know it as is Nicholas Flamel.... I have earrings (just the boring standard kind), but I can't wear hoops because I got them done with a gun when I was 12 or something and one of the holes is crooked....which makes hoops look weird. I really wanted a labret or a vertical labret but it just never seemed to come together (as I need permission from my doctor, or I was going overseas, or my work wouldn't allow facial piercings, or I freaked out when a friend's cheek piercing became infected, and then the piercing parlour I wanted to use closed down....) I will eventually get one....maybe
  15. No more humans/people Ishtar!
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