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    would you rather

    Peanut butter. I've never had marmite but it doesn't sound good. Would you rather live in Sweden or Switzerland? 😉
  2. Yeah I saw further up that you already said it was the same link so I deleted my comment.
  3. So I've recently begun to masturbate after many years thinking it didn't do anything for me. I tried it as a teen but just felt bored. Now as a 30 yo I wanted to give it another try and I went to aven for some advice on masturbation for asexuals. I got this link http://www.asexualityarchive.com/an-asexuals-guide-to-female-masturbation/ I tried the advice on it and after just a few times I got an orgasm. So if you've given up on masturbation, thinking it's nothing for you, you could give it another try.
  4. I'm planning a post corona party when I want to invite everyone I know. I suppose that's a bit like one would feel when planning their wedding. At first I was planning it as a belated 30th birthday party but then I realized I don't care about my birthday, I just want the party.
  5. Yeah such a wasted opportunity to do something fresh with the portrayal of relationships. Why not have them be asexual and in a romantic relationship? There's plenty of humour to be had there, with defying their friends expectations and such.
  6. I live with a friend at the moment and it's been great! And if he ever gets a jealous girlfriend (or just a regular girlfriend who wants to live with him) I can move out and choose some other communal living situation. I don't have to consider the convenience of anyone else.
  7. I plan to call it aromantic moments. Maybe I'll ask around a bit online before I post it. Then I could also ask what people think about including a scene from the big bang theory. There's one that I think has huge aro mood, but the writing of that show is so problematic that it might sour that scene for some.
  8. I'm up for including aspec. But could people take offense and see it as allo ace erasure? Since there are so few characters that are allo ace. Fewer than Aro ace I think.
  9. That's cool. I really liked Loveless. I have read though that some people felt the supporting characters weren't well written and I can see their point about that.
  10. Welcome! Which show was it? I'm always looking for more clips to add into my aromantic moments compilation videos.
  11. Maybe choose the label you want to be true and then you can always change later if it doesn't fit anymore. If you'd like to try to find a romantic relationship you could id as demiromantic. Or you can just say you're questioning. That's a valid identity too, there are people who spend their lives never really being sure if they maybe are capabel of feeling romantic attraction. I recommend reading about relationship anarchy cause it could help you think about relationships in a more individual organic way rather that just having to categorize them as binary romantic or platonic. For exampl
  12. @Acecream in swedish ledig also means "not taken". So I wouldn't want to use that here 😄 About the term single, I don't use it for myself but I don't mind using it in forms of such if it comes up. I think solo is a better word. It sounds more permanent.
  13. Holmbo

    Start a new life

    That is totally depending on your circumstances. I recommend asking here for help on how to make a budget. https://www.reddit.com/r/personalfinance/
  14. You're right. It's more he's showing some tendencies. His relationships were all brief and we never saw any deeper feeling for him about them. He never even dated Rachel cause they both felt too weird about it.
  15. I'm thinking about dating platonically once the pandemic calms down. To create some online profile stating that I'm aromantic asexual and looking for friendships that are a bit outside what's considered normal platonic relationship. That include cuddling, maybe some kissing and emotional intimacy. Not necessarily a qpr because I don't want to be someone's "special someone". I won't consider that friendship better than my other ones. But I feel hesitant because it feels so personal putting it all out there in a public dating place. I don't normally talk in debt about my orientation to people wh
  16. How's your communication about relationship labels and such in general? When it's not about you. Can you talk to him about the concept of relationship talks among friends? Or maybe relationship anarchy. Maybe he has an idea that friendship is a very defined thing and outside that is romantic and sexual aspects he doesn't want.
  17. I think a lot of us have the experience of having fake crushes (either just for others or also for ourselves). If you still did it today, who would you choose? I would pick the actor Wes Chatham cause I think he's very good looking and he also seems like a thoughtful and interesting person.
  18. Welcome! Have some ice cream 🍦
  19. Welcome! In this forum people tend to give out ice cream. Since people eat ice cream after breakups. 🍦🍦
  20. I stil haven't fullt figured out my sexuality. I have decided that it's not that important though. I have a low libido and I'm fine with just abstaining from sexual activities. It just seems easier than to get into the murky waters of gray sexuality.
  21. I'm working on my third aromantic moments video and I want to include a scene with Joey from friends. Since he is clearly at least a bit in on the aromantic spectrum. But I have trouble thinking of a good scene that would show this. Most of them is more about how he has a lot of causal sex and I would like something that is a bit more about a disinterest in romantic relationships. Any suggestions?
  22. This would make a great board at the top of a wall. Not sure what it's called in English.
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