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  1. a forum for aromantics (people who experience 0 romantic attraction) who dislikes being put with people who aren't aromantic (alloromantic or "arospec"), relatives/friends/partners of actual aromantics and those questioning if they're aromantic and want to discuss specifically having no romantic attraction and no desire for a romantic relationship as a result of the absence of attraction. https://www.reddit.com/r/actuallyaromantic/
  2. #1 Arrow Redesign Green: Opposite of red, colour of romance White: The variety of sexualities & relationships aros can have. Black: Absence of attraction The design is based on the popular arrow symbolism in the aro community. #2 Dark Green Redesign #3 Bright Green Redesign I wanted to make a brighter version of the Dark Green Redesign (#2) so the colours contrasted more and it would be easier to see for some people. So far I have been getting good reception on redesigns 1 and 2 on reddit and so wanted to see what people here think. Constructive criticism is welcomed.
  3. Hey, I would be interested in doing so. I know some french but it's not good enough to do so myself. It was a stylistic choice to keep it from looking too cluttered and hard to process. the video is here
  4. Update 29/06/2021: I have finally finished the document analysing and discussing the data from the survey. I have yet to release the accompanying video for it but I hope you find it as interesting as I do. If you have any problems navigating the document or you think it has an error, don't hesitate to tell me in this thread or in my contact email in the document. I will update with the link to the accompanying video when it is ready, it shouldn't take too long from now. Link to document
  5. The term is ambiamourous :) There's a lot of intersections, especially when you consider that non-monogamous and aromantic people are heavily affected by amatonormativity. I labelled myself as polyamourous for a while (as well as polyaffectionate) until I found the term ambiamourous fairly recently. I would be in poly and mono qprs and other non romantic arrangements. My partner and I are mono but we like swinging, although it's hard to find people who aren't just mucking around or are just a single bloke pretending to have a girlfriend. I think I used polyamourous roughly around the time of questioning my romantic orientation in 2019.
  6. This survey will ask questions about what it's like to have autism & be asexual &/or Aromantic and the other way around with questions on orientation, discrimination and others. Data will be used to help make a YouTube video on my Aro/ace related channel about the Intersectionality between autism & being asexual &/or Aromantic as someone with autism who is Aromantic. All responses will be kept anonymous. Link
  7. Well I never said it was finished, and there's not a lot of stuff on Aromanticism in the first place. I basically have to work with what I can find at the moment. Also, there are many sections/sheets/categories, which you can access by clicking on the headings that should show up top on mobile and along the bottom on PC, there are more than 9 things sourced there, same for the asexuality document. That sounds great
  8. Aromanticism Asexuality For a while, I've been working on a spreadsheet to compile research and experiences of asexuality, and I've just started one for aromanticism as well. If there is anything I could add to any of these, let me know and I'll take a look.
  9. Just staying inside cuddling under blankets
  10. I got 67% aro 17% demisexual 8% not aromantic 8% alloromantic asexual 0% aroace
  11. Not at all; I relate to you on this, however my romance repulsion does overpower this. I feel I will always be curious as to what it would be like to be alloro and be in a romantic relationship and how it would make things easier for me in some ways.
  12. I also think what people see as romantic and what they don't see as romantic is different for everyone, even alloromantics. For example, I see the word 'date' as romantic, as well as 'boyfriend' and 'girlfriend'. These make me romance repulsed, so I prefer to use other terms such as 'partner' instead. I also really dislike pet names. I personally don't see kissing as a romantic thing, but more of a sexual thing outside of family, and I've seen other people like that online. Before my first kiss, I wasn't too sure if I would like kissing someone due to the fact that I am very particular in what I do and don't do, and being touch averse and demisensual makes it harder for me to figure it out. Holding hands is a definitive no for me. I just can't separate it from romance at all. However, I am very open to hugs and cuddling and I see it as a sensual thing I do with those closest to me, this includes close friends. I also like hanging out with people and I have never understood how people thought that was romantic, I had that a lot because a previous best friend of mine was a guy and I'm female (I'm not even straight but people didn't know that for a while). It's a complicated thing really. I don't know if, for me, there is a line or not.
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