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  1. I like all of these things and I am touch starved I think but I'm demisensual so I don't want any affection with people I don't know too well or don't trust. It's important to know that I'm autistic and very touch averse because of it. All of these have no romantic intent for me, they're either platonic, sensual, alterous or sexual. whilst I like kissing, french kissing still confuses me.
  2. I think the fact that you experience romantic attraction like alloros do still means you're alloromantic. I mean I wouldn't call someone who still experiences romantic attraction but is in a qpp aromantic. And I don't feel comfortable with people referring to squishes (which is the deep desire to either be friends or be in a qpp with someone) as crushes. crushes are romantic. I'd at least make the distinction by saying alterous crush.
  3. I've heard neurodiverse was created for just those with autism, adhd, etc. and doesn't include those with mental illnesses
  4. The term is very confusing. You can just not feel romantic attraction sometimes and feel it other times and still be alloromantic. Again, most alloromantics don't feel romantic attraction all the time. I don't think there's any way to feel romantic attraction and not feel it at the same exact time. You either do or you don't. It sounds like "I think maybe I'm aromantic but I also think maybe I'm alloromantic". Can't seem to find it on google search, do you have a link?
  5. I never even thought of the flag design so actually no. I'm not someone who intentionally copies work. Idk why people think I have some ulterior motive against people bc of what I believe. If any designs look like anyone else's, it's usually an accident. It just happened to look like the alloaro flag, so I decided to make a revision by bringing out the colours more and making the stripes vertical. Here Also it's green, light blue, white, yellow, orange so not all the colours are the same. It's just the first design didn't bring the blue out enough.
  6. They're not aro, they're allo, get over it. Including allos in aromanticism is arophobic. I have the right to be offended.
  7. Just thought I'd share these to see what people think of these and maybe give constructive criticism. Platonic Partnership flag (quasiplatonic flag) Polyaffectionate flag Aromantic flag redesign
  8. I made a post on the LGBT+ amino as to why the demi flags are problematic here Here is a Wikipedia page about the black triangle and how it was used in the holocaust against lesbians I found these great flag alternatives on Tumblr which I'd encourage people to use instead. My favourite ones are the ones by @ cockyroaches @cockyroaches ' alternatives for Demiromantic, Demisexual and Demisexual & Demiromantic @crimsxnflxwerz 's alternatives for Demiromantic and Demisexual
  9. My story is a more muddled up, bc I used to be female, so I used to be a Homosexual Aromantic. For me, finding what sexuality I was was still difficult for me; it came with a lot of denial, confusion and internalised homophobia. I thought I was asexual due to not experiencing sexual attraction until age 15, and when I experienced it towards women, I basically just left it there. I didn't know being aro or not being both heterosexual and heteroromantic was a thing, and just assumed I was also homoromantic because people usually experience sexual and romantic attraction together, or their romantic and sexual orientations match up nicely. However, that isn't the case most likely, and questioning my romantic orientation has been quite hard. And questioning my gender on top of that also takes a toll on me. I'm also Autistic, so understanding romance is quite hard for me. Basically, I didn't know that romance was more than just the fluff in movies or books, and I always saw sex as the no.1 priority.
  10. I mean just heterosexual. So you're also saying I'm bi basically?
  11. So, I have recently had conflicting thoughts on my sexual orientation again. To keep it simple: - I like both female and male genitalia. - Only sexually attracted to women, regardless of genitals - Only sexually attracted to men when I see their genitals - Not attracted to any male secondary sex characteristics - Only attracted to female secondary sex characteristics - I'd only have sex with men because of their genitalia, not because I find them sexually attractive in any way. I've had some people say I can still be straight, but others say I'm bi because me liking dick means I'm attracted to men, which I don't believe I am. I enjoy flirting sexually with men (no romo), but only because of his genitalia (especially male genitalia).
  12. transgender is not its own gender. I am not a separate gender just because I am a trans guy and not a cis guy. It others us, and it makes me dysphoric. I know english is not your first language, but I wanted to point that out. Nous apprenons encore To me, gender is the sex of your brain, aka your brain tells you what gender you are based on how your brain is structured - there are biological differences between male and female brains, this is part of what validates transgenderism. One example is the amount of white matter you have vs grey matter. Gender doesn't always match up with your sex (which is pretty rare), but gender is usually very closely linked to your sex. Socially constructed things such as clothes, makeup, etc. don't matter when it comes to your gender. Also not caring about your gender as much is really being a normal person. So I take a pretty factual stance on the matter.
  13. QPRs are platonic though, that's why it says Queer Platonic Relationship. That's why I prefer Platonic Partnership, as well as the fact that I don't think Aces/Aros who are not gay, bi or trans (LGBT) should be using 'queer'at all. I understand that there are no specific sites or apps to find PPs specifically, and it's something I'd love to see. However, some people who search for regular friends may want to 'upgrade' to a PP like how alloromantics do with romantic relationships. Also all friendships are platonic, platonic attraction is wanting to be friends with someone. What is a 'non-platonic friend'? I prefer a combination of fwb and pps - those are the only 2 non romantic relationships I can think of that aros would want to have outside of familial ones, as well as just regular friendships. What other types are there?
  14. I mean this whole argument of who came up with it first is pointless, it sounds just like a petty argument some 6 year olds have to avoid getting into trouble. As was said before, I think we should just focus on making a healthy community for aromantics which isn't full of arophobic allosexuals and asexuals alike. Personally, I think QPRs are only that important in the AroAce community for aces, alloaces have romantic relationships, us aros don't. I believe it's much harder to find someone as an aromantic than as an asexual (especially alloromantic asexuals, not saying dating isn't hard for you guys though). I tend to always find people who are in this community (especially on tumblr) who shame allosexual aromantics like myself just because we cannot feel this 'pure' romantic attraction they can. I've also had shit from my ex for this too, and it's really isolating. I think a lot of AroAce communities are very ace biased, AVEN being the biggest example, but I can understand that bc it's just Asexuality Visibility Education Network. Other aroace communities claim to be inclusive of aces and aros equally but there's so much hyper romanticism in some of them that you have to question if they're really a space where aros who are romance repulsed/romance negative are really thought about. This is why I prefer using Aromantic specific sites and groups like this one. Also, reparations isn't the thing aros need imo. Aces and aros don't need reparations; they weren't mass murdered like the jews. I just want to be treated as a human being and to be at least considered when people make ace and aro spaces, like if we were to make a discord server for example, have a pda/romantic/lovey-dovey channel just for alloromantics and romance positive aros to enjoy whilst not making the rest of us uncomfortable. That sort of thing.
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