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Come here to plan your wedding, even if you'll never have one!

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I can't see a situation in which I'd ever have a wedding of my own. I also didn't spend time dreaming of my perfect "big day" as a little girl, and attending weddings can even be a bit uncomfortable for me.

However, there are some parts of planning a wedding that seem fun (at least hypothetically - I don't think I'd enjoy the stress of ACTUALLY planning one). If you relate to this, then this thread is for you! If you were to have a wedding, what aspects would you like to be part of it?

For me, I'd love to have the ceremony in a greenhouse or a lush courtyard. The reception would be awesome in a beautiful old building, like an old library or a castle. I would love to incorporate bouquets of native wildflowers. I'd want to aim for 50-75 guests, and no one gets a plus one - I don't want strangers in attendance at my imaginary wedding lol. For the dress, I'd want maybe a blush coloured flowy ballgown, or maybe something a bit more minimal, idk.

Please, I'd love to hear about your hypothetical weddings <3 

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I'm planning a post corona party when I want to invite everyone I know. I suppose that's a bit like one would feel when planning their wedding.

At first I was planning it as a belated 30th birthday party but then I realized I don't care about my birthday, I just want the party.

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