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  1. I’ve never put much thought about my wedding before except the food but I’m a chef so that makes sense. I’d want it to be a small, outdoor wedding. Maybe near a wooded area with a creek? There would be a couple flavors of pie as well as cake. Lots of ABBA would be played.
  2. That is frustrating. I’m hard of hearing and have an auditory processing disorder so I use captions most of the time. The amount of stuff that is paraphrased, cut out, and changed from the audio drives me crazy. Sometimes the meaning is still there, they just reworded it and other times they change what was said enough that the meaning is different. And I’m watching original English audio with English captions so there is no translation needed.
  3. A couple years ago I had a dream that my family was making me marry some guy. I remember the whole dream how upset and angry I was. Obviously being forced to marry someone would be upsetting for anyone but, I think it was more about having to get married. Also, my actual family doesn’t pressure me into dating or anything so it wasn’t based on real fears.
  4. Happy International Asexuality day to my fellow aroaces!
  5. Maybe Tom Holland or Jordan Fisher for a guy crush because they both seem cool and we’re similar in age. For a girl crush, definitely Zendaya.
  6. I don’t necessarily hate it but I don’t like it either. Single sounds like you’re still looking for a partner and I don’t want people to think that. I haven’t really had anyone ask me for my relationship status for a long time so I don’t know what I’d say. “I’m a single Pringle who does not wish to mingle.” 😂
  7. According to Wikipedia, in the US national friendship day is the first Sunday in August. They have a list of the days for other countries. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Friendship_Day
  8. I’d love for there to be a friend celebration that’s a bit mainstream. My close group of friends are big on celebrating everything so we’ve sort of had days out in honor of our friendships.
  9. Haha I did the same joke in my intro post! “(Obi-wan kenobi voice) Hello there” Welcome! I am also a lover of bread and dragons 🥖🐉
  10. I consider myself a hard worker and have been called such. I only have an associates degree so in regards to formal education I’m not an over achiever. I just tend to commit to whatever job I’ve been given.
  11. Hello and welcome! I’m a big reader and like Marvel too! I’ve never tried embroidery before. What type of stuff do you do with it?
  12. Hi! I am aro ace, I was 22 when I figured out my asexuality and 23 for my aromanticism. It was only a couple months between them though.
  13. I figured out I am aro ace around 7 months ago. I’ll get random memories of something that will make so much sense now that I know I’m aro. I feel like I understand my past self so much better.
  14. I don’t think my aroness caused me to miss out on much in my teen years but my health did. I’m still early/mid twenties but I sometimes feel like I should have/be living “fuller.” But I’ve also tried to learn to enjoy everything I can do as much as possible. It has helped but I’ll still have those feelings sometimes.
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