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  1. I haven’t told any of my family yet. I have just told my 3 closest friends. No one except my grandma asks me about boyfriends occasionally. I kind of wonder if people think anything about me never dating or whatever but I don’t really care. I understand wanting to tell family/friends but you don’t have to come out to anyone. Do whatever you feel is best.
  2. The tide pod flag 😂 I love it! I like that flag too, nice beachy colors.
  3. I’m aroace and I have always wanted to have kids. I’m still a little young/not at the right place in my life to have kids but I definitely will. It does seem like most people on here don’t want kids but I’ve seen others that do.
  4. I love the aro ice cream! I eat it all year round. Thanks for the welcomes!
  5. I read mostly YA because there seems to be more adventure stories and not just romance. I love historical fiction and I’ve read some fantasy too. I’m a big fan of the School for Good and Evil Series. I started Girls Save the World in This One yesterday. Its about a group of girls going to a zombie convention and then there are actual zombies.
  6. Welcome! I’m aro ace so I can’t give any advice in regards to “not being completely ace” really. I think covid lockdown also helped start my search for my orientation. I’m in my early 20s and I don’t know why I didn’t figure out this stuff earlier! I am a musical theatre nerd who can’t sing. I also enjoy reading a lot and I’m a pastry chef. What type of books do you read?
  7. I never planned my wedding as a kid. I only started to think about it when I was in college and that was more the party aspect of it like food. I also thought about having kids without giving much thought to a husband. Then I learned I didn’t have to have a husband to have kids! I’ve now been planning on adopting for a while.
  8. Larry boy and the rumor weed was terrifying for me as a kid. The weed lady was too scary lol.
  9. I just got my aroace pin in the mail! I really like it and I’m excited to put it on my bag. Anyone else have aro/ace trinkets?
  10. A couple years ago I made a list of things I wanted to do with my life and I remember putting getting married on there because that’s a thing I’m supposed to want to do. But it never felt right or like an actual want and now I know why.
  11. I’m similar, sometimes it’s fine and I even have couples I really like and love their love. But, sometimes I can’t stand romance and it’s annoying. I tend to like romance that starts from friendships. I can’t think of many specific things that I don’t like besides when the characters don’t have much depth and story outside of the romance.
  12. I’m from the Midwest, USA. Yes, there’s a lot of corn. I live on my family’s farm somewhat in the middle of nowhere. While it might not have the best landscapes in the USA, there are beautiful forests, prairies, and creeks around. We definitely have problems but, I’m happy to live here.
  13. One book I always recommend is A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness. I love the story, artwork, all of it.
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