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    I'm a speck on a spinning rock in infinite space. I have no clue.
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  1. I relate. I have some really good friends but only one is aromantic. I'm incredibly lucky to be understood with that part of myself but I still wish I had an aroace friend someone who truly gets all of it.
  2. Sure. Who wants that one piece of bread in the loaf that you can't really do anything with? Just one piece?
  3. I've got spring break in April. We didn't use any snow days so we get an extra day off during break then some random day in May.
  4. not my friends grandma saying our other friend has a big ass 😭 😭 💀 Also happy 100th page!!!! ( I'm very late)
  5. ive got a history quiz tmrw. It's past 11pm here 🥲. Ive still got so much to review
  6. I have a 205 day streak on Duolingo
  7. thank you all for the happy birthdays! made me smile reading all the messages :)
  8. my mom got me 2 stuffed frogs for my birthday!!!!
  9. mindlessly scrolling when i found a short by @flunentlyaspec on YouTube. He writes amazing, beautiful, original poetry. He also spreads awareness about the aro and ace communities.

  10. Happy aro week!!! 🎉🏳️‍🌈💚🤍🖤
  11. It's been 1 year since I came out to my mom!!!

    1. organs and bone

      organs and bone


    2. organs and bone

      organs and bone

      any tips 👀

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