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  1. Recently moved my TTRPG blog to a new site:  https://topographicdungeonmap.wordpress.com/

  2. For context: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Complaint_tablet_to_Ea-nasir
  3. Honestly, I've always liked Studio Ghibli movies better.
  4. Wake up babe, new gender just dropped

    Screenshot 2022-07-15 145919.jpg

  5. I have some anxiety issues, which manifest as trichotillomania. (When I'm stressed, I have a tendency to pull out my hair.) I tend not to talk about them much IRL.
  6. Some things you can do: - Talk to other trans folks about your feelings (in person or online) - Consider what name/pronoun set really resonates with you - Try some new styles with clothes, hair, etc. Hope this advice helps!
  7. I like Stardew Valley, because you can get various relationship bonuses with some characters through either friendship or romance.
  8. I recently saw a post where someone opined that David Bowie's character in Labyrinth is a male version of the horny depictions of lady elves you see in every D&D manual, and I honestly can't fault the logic.

  9. Well, it's nice to see that humans never change...
  10. Just because someone else is having worse issues than you doesn't mean that your problems aren't worthy to be addressed or don't deserve sympathy. (This is a logical fallacy known as the Fallacy of relative privation or "appeal to worse problems".) In any case, to what degree someone benefits or is oppressed due to a specific combination of identities can really vary from person to person. It's a clear fact that some groups of people are unfairly discriminated against, but it's impossible to know what someone's life circumstances are like based solely on the kind of things you mention on a census form. And as Mark said, it's not like you can just add together all of someone's labels and easily calculate how much privilege they have. You're not choosing advantages and disadvantages in an RPG here.
  11. I don't want to have children for a few different reasons. - I just don't think that I'd be a very good parent. I like to have a lot of alone time, something that isn't really conducive to raising kids. - I'm AFAB, and the idea of being pregnant horrifies me. - There are some health issues in my family that might have a genetic component, and I don't want to pass them on.
  12. I'm aro/ace, and I figured out the "ace" part before the "aro" part. It might just have been that the queer pride group at my university had some detailed resources on asexuality. I've had a couple of crushes in my life, but I've never really felt the desire to have a long-term romantic relationship. Maybe having one or two fleeting infatuations kept me from realizing that I'm not all that interested in dating or marriage. For me, being both ace and aro simplifies my life in some ways, but it also sometimes makes me feel that I'm missing out on a vast range of human experiences. I'm spared from the bad parts of sexual and romantic realtionships, but I'll never experience the good parts.
  13. I'm on the autism spectrum- I was diagnosed back when it was still called Asperger's. I've also suspected for a while that I might have dyscalculia (basically math dyslexia), but I've never been formally diagnosed- I've just read some medical articles about it, and some of the symptoms are things I've struggled with since childhood.
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