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  1. I thought friendships are platonic. Wouldn't adding platonic be redundant?
  2. I don't want a wedding for three main reasons: I have stage fright and would hate to pour out vulnerable feelings in front of everyone to hear. There's no androgynous clothing for weddings as far as I'm concerned. A traditional wedding dress feels too fem, and a traditional suit feels to masc. Why can't there be a third option? I'm getting the impression that you're going to have to make out with your spouse in front of everyone while they take pictures of you doing so. Just no. I'll be fine with signing marriage papers, but a wedding? No thanks.
  3. I'd say the romantic side of AVEN can be a good start (the Romantic and Aromantic Orientations section).
  4. Grey-aro? Cupioromantic (desiring a romantic relationship but not feel attraction)?
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