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  1. Crêpes also seem to be popular in Japan too.
  2. R.I.P AVEN. I did emailed for reactivation over 24 hours ago but there's been no response yet. It doesn't look as if things are going well there anyway.
  3. Chocolate, specifically dark chocolate, is the gateway to my heart.
  4. Some advert shoves a romantic scene in my face from the onset AHGAUHGHUAAA...just kidding, I'm actually immune to your futile attempts to sell. But I can instruct my ad-block to say hi...


  5. I haven't visited in months. I didn't even drop by to say I'm still alive. (I am still with the living by the way, more or less)
  6. I do much the same on AVEN, I just spend more time goofing-off than contributing anything on topic. Here I just don't feel taking part as much (most threads don't really apply to me either) and there're only a few slow-going game threads.
  7. People typically don't try to get intimate with me, if at all, especially in this era. I think people are wise enough not to do so anymore, or maybe it's because I don't exactly prepare myself like I'm going on a date every time, ever.
  8. I gave up trying to be open after it backfired too many times, and seen the overwhelming evidence that many humans love to judge the less they know. It also gets tiring to explain myself each and every time.
  9. SkyTuneRein

    Being normal

    I think those who demand others to be their idea of "normal" are the least comfortable with others being any different from themselves.
  10. I'm the youngest and probably the most LGBT+ of them all, or they're good at hiding it.
  11. The thing for me that breaks the ice most of all is a passionately shared interest, and a minimum level of trust. Most people however have to wait some time and persist in showing they're to be trusted before I open up to them. The problem is, they might not be able to shut me up if they manage to get me talking. 😸 That is pretty much needed for deepening relationships too.
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