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  1. Weirdcore and liminal spaces. I also enjoyed pastel goth in its heyday.
  2. I wasn't saying tobacco and alcohol are literally the same, I'm saying being around family members has substantially affected my personal choice. Why do you care so much?
  3. And that's on being Australian. Addiction is not taken seriously at all. Peer pressure isn't really a thing here though thankfully, though you're considered kind of 'odd' if you haven't even had one pint. And from what I know, it seems young people don't drink as much as opposed to maybe 20 years ago.
  4. I remember as soon as I turned 18 I wanted to try all the alcoholic drinks. Now I don't drink at all because I'm tired of my countries romantisation of alcohol dependency and constant 'joking' of alcoholism - Plus the taste isn't that great and I feel a bit buzzy after just one drink. I think this influenced my views from seeing my parents become smoking addicts over time and I don't want anything like that looming over me too.
  5. Probably the fact my ex was toxic 😐 It turned me off romantic relationships for a while. I'm with someone else now who makes me much happier. But sometimes I wondered what I did wrong previously.
  6. Of course! I'm greyromantic and look at fanart and fanfiction of my favourite couple all the time, and am attracted to fictional characters. I just don't always have the attraction to be "interested" in real people.
  7. I don't often pay attention to celebrities personal lives but one my favourite musicians is a new dad to a baby girl named Peach. She's adorable 😭😭  

  8. Arospecs are allowed to go on dates if they want. It's none of your business what we do in our personal lives.  

    1. Mark


      The myth that aros don't, want to, date is quite persistent.

    2. Lovebird


      I blame both allo and aro communities because they've started this idea that 'aro = no romance' like yes, we may not be able to experience attraction but that doesn't stop us from wanting or liking romantic coded things. I've seen way too many aros ask why an arospec would want to date or like dating, like why do you care so much??  

  9. This thread was made for me. I was never a fan of the big, extravagant weddings. I'd prefer just a small wedding with maybe a handful of friends (probably not family as both my boyfriends and ours family relationship is strained). I don't really like engagement or wedding rings though I love promise rings I'm gonna attempt to break every rule possible, "only the bride can wear white!!" Fuck you, my dress will be electric blue & there will be no best man, just best girl
  10. I tell my boyfriend I love him, because I legitimately do. I don't say it to my friends though as I'm aplatonic and I don't love my friends that way.
  11. I'm so sick of the "allo bad, aro good" memes 'cause the basic premise of the 'allo bad' is they enjoy romantic relationships -- even though there there are just as many arospecs who enjoy those things. But when I call them out for simplifying the experience of greyro, demiros ect, people say "calm down, it's just a meme" It is offensive and you're stereotyping arospecs. Just say you hate romance-favourable aros and go 

    1. Karst


      Most social issues can't just be simplified into "x bad, y good", anyway.

    2. Lovebird


      Tell that to r/aromantic where they bitch & moan about allos- every. freaking. day. 

      I'm not here as an aro person in aro safe spaces, to bully allos for existing. I am here to discuss how being greyromantic affects me in an allo world. I want to live in a world where we all live in peace, none of this "I'm better than you" bullshit.

      What bought this on was a cringy virgin vs chad meme. The virgin (allo) was portayed as a stricty monogamous (polyamourous allos didn't exist to OP apparently), deals with breakups (allos apparently haven't had to deal with friendship breakups), no flag (the allosexual flag is a thing, but it's super uncommon & not even other allos use it so i'm giving a pass on OP for this one), always prioritises romance (stereotyping allos as hypersexual/romantic... totally not repackaged homophobia). The chad (aro) was no monogamy (polyamourous aros do exist lol), cool flag (based tho), no breakups (not like aros have had to leave toxic QPRs or anything), understands the 'value of friendship' (aplatonic is a thing~) and of course forgetting greyros & demiros exist episode 4674.

      Someone actually did call OP out for the meme, calling it exclusionary and such. But everyone just kept saying "it's just a meme!"          

  12. Currently in a romantic LDR with my boyfriend of 4-5, who also happens to be arospec. We're both romance - favourable aros, we talk about shipping & fanfiction a lot so that's fun lol Though it's difficult as I often feel not really aro for being in a romantic relationship. I personally think romance-favourable aros, greyros, demiros ect arn't taken seriously and are considered 'allo lite', if you're an aro in a romantic relationship, you're considered a weirdo or 'crazy'
  13. I'm a romance-favourable aro, though I don't focus on more mainstream romance like that on TV as I found that a bit boring. Romance in fanfiction & shipping in general is much, much more interesting to me, especially if the ship is not canon in the actual story. I find the storylines more interesting than any soap opera. I'm not interested in friendship or platonic shipping because I am aplatonic, it doesn't do things for me. Irl, I do actually have a boyfriend whose also arospec, we've been together for 4-5 years. It's long distance, and we're going really strong but I often wonder what it's going to be like once we've met up. He's very affectionate while I'm not as much, it's going to be an interesting dynamic lol. I don't really feel welcome in a lot of aro spaces because of those things and often worry if I'm faking it. I worry I'd be kicked out of IRL aro spaces because of it.
  14. I fear pride month bc I feel like I'm not queer enough to celebrate it 

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    2. knees


      lol I totally understand the feeling though. I've only come out to myself recently so I've struggled with identifying with the LGBTQIA+ label since I'm essentially cishet, not to mention how the broader community doesn't fully acknowledge aromantics (and asexuals) quite yet. However, I have met a lot of allies within the community who are open-minded and welcoming, and don't treat me as lesser even if they don't understand everything yet. tl;dr you aren't lesser and don't let other people tell you otherwise

    3. Lovebird


      For me it's more like the general LGBTi+ community leaves me out bc I'm a enby femme romance-favourable greyromantic with a preference for men, like I look cishet to literally everyone else so 

    4. knees


      For me, I believe there's no one right way of "looking" queer. Obviously there is some degree of privilege for people like us who may pass as cishet that we need to acknowledge. At the end of the day, though, that doesn't make us less valid to be queer. From my understanding, everyone can have different experiences, even ones that don't fit into more "traditional" narratives. Just because they're different, doesn't mean any one experience is less valid. To be honest I've only been out to myself for less than a year so my thoughts might not be that well formed, but hey it's always nice to talk about things. :D

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