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  1. Obviously I'm aromantic, and I suspect a person I know has a crush on me. Just in case they do in fact have a crush and want to confess, how do I tell them I'm not interested? Before I knew I'm aro, I was confessed love to once, and it was super uncomfortable. I knew what was going on since the first "can I talk to you?", and kind of panicked, because I wasn't prepared. It was embarrassing for both me and them. I'd love to have some sort of a scheme to deal with similar situations.
  2. Hi, I'm Milo! I'm relatively new to the forum. I'm aroace agender. I like studying biology and linguistics. At first I identified as pansexual. because I felt the same about every gender, right? Then, after a few months, I realised SAM exists, and when people say they're pansexual, they literally mean sexual attraction. That's when I started describing myself as panro ace. After some time of interacting with an online aro community, I realised "hm, that describes me a little too well". But I didn't get that "omg I'm so aro, it all makes sense now!" moment. No, instead I slowly started coming to terms with it. I'm still on the questioning phase, but I'm fairly confident in my identity now. I still get the little realisations that people my age do experience those things that I don't, and that I am in fact aroace. I think of my sexual, romantic and gender identities as inseparable. I think everything comes down to me not understanding gender. lmk if you folks have a similar experience.
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