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  1. I have a similar experience. I think I had a crush on this boy in like second grade. He was super smart, athletic, and pretty. I was too nervous around him to talk to him. Looking back at it, I'm not sure if it was a crush or not. There is a possibility I just wanted to be as smart as him (I also was constantly comparing our "relationship" to that of Marinette and Adrien from Miraculous Ladybug, as it was around the time of its popularity, so idk). But it was the only crush I've had in my life, so I'm still confident in my identity (after all, the description is little to no romantic attraction). Just like you, I love the idea of soulmates. My favourite fanfiction genre is meeting your soulmate. I've thought about it, and I think it might be rooted in my aromanticism! I love the idea of being close with someone, but I don't understand falling in love; the soulmate genre provides just that. There is no flirting, foreplay, or other uncomfortable stuff, its just two people meeting and instantly being "extra friends" (or however you want to name it).
  2. I've been using the word queer for quite some time now. Even though my labels have been changing drastically during, the one constant has always been my queerness. I use it mainly because it's so much easier than explaining my whole experience (and so much more comfortable, I don't feel like disclosing something so personal to strangers.) One simple word expressing how I don't fit into the "norm" the society has set. I am different than them (the allocishets), and I want to embrace it.
  3. I'd like to participate in a server like this, for sure! But I definitely wouldn't be the one managing it, I don't have the knowledge and time.
  4. Like roboticanary said, why would you want to in the first place? It might put both of you at a mental disadvantage. But to answer your question, If I were in their situation, I'd expect you to confess calmly, not making a fuss about it. Do not pressure them, or say how you wish they weren't aroace. If you're comfortable with it, you can tell them you may be/stay friends (don't if you feel like you might end up frustrated!). And please, PLEASE, listen to what they say. Do not think you'll change them, make them "believe" in love or other bullshit.
  5. Obviously I'm aromantic, and I suspect a person I know has a crush on me. Just in case they do in fact have a crush and want to confess, how do I tell them I'm not interested? Before I knew I'm aro, I was confessed love to once, and it was super uncomfortable. I knew what was going on since the first "can I talk to you?", and kind of panicked, because I wasn't prepared. It was embarrassing for both me and them. I'd love to have some sort of a scheme to deal with similar situations.
  6. Hi, I'm Milo! I'm relatively new to the forum. I'm aroace agender. I like studying biology and linguistics. At first I identified as pansexual. because I felt the same about every gender, right? Then, after a few months, I realised SAM exists, and when people say they're pansexual, they literally mean sexual attraction. That's when I started describing myself as panro ace. After some time of interacting with an online aro community, I realised "hm, that describes me a little too well". But I didn't get that "omg I'm so aro, it all makes sense now!" moment. No, instead I slowly started coming to terms with it. I'm still on the questioning phase, but I'm fairly confident in my identity now. I still get the little realisations that people my age do experience those things that I don't, and that I am in fact aroace. I think of my sexual, romantic and gender identities as inseparable. I think everything comes down to me not understanding gender. lmk if you folks have a similar experience.
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