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  2. I should've phrased it as 'alone time', it makes more sense. I have a tendency to experience social fatigue from interacting with people for too long. As for 'aromantic culture' I was referring what is common experiences or thoughts in the aro community, or common flags and symbols. Or even memes. And I say I feel like I don't 'fit in' it's because my experiences are different from everyone else in the community -- and that I'm not valid for it
  3. Questioning if I'm aplatonic & demisexual 

  4. I am greyromantic, and have been for a number of years. Here are my observations for realising I was: Besides obviously rarely experiencing romantic attraction, I also noticed that if I did like someone, the attraction would feel rather 'weak'. People would describe their romantic feelings as rather intense, meanwhile mine were quite less in comparison Not knowing the difference between platonic & romantic feelings. "Does this person like me that way? do I like them back? I cannot differentiate and I am not going to try!" It also doesn't help I'm questioning if I'm aplatonic
  5. Kinda wanna vent abt being greyro & being in aro spaces but i don't kno where to put n i dont wanna upset ppl idk 

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      Why not under "Aromantic Discussion"? Bet a lot of people would love to join in!

    2. Lovebird


      Maybe. I'm just not the kinda person to vent in the open, but this has been a thing that's been chewing me up for a while and I've broken down a few times over it. But idk if people will care or have proper answers. 

  6. I also have a critique regarding the neurodiverse community 'forgetting' people with intellectual disabilities when it's convenient for them, they'll talk how IQ is problematic yet talk bad about those with cognitive disorders, either with insults or making themselves superior "at least we're not like those guys!!" and romanticising gifted & talented programs, saying things like "if you were in gifted, you're probably ND!!" and thinking there's no issues of class, competivity, pressure, or disability divide these programs at all.
  7. I am autistic and cognitively/intellectually disabled. I am look for other people with IDs to befriend, but it's difficult as we are a minority of a minority. I also think I have ADHD. I wasn't diagnosed till I was 15-16, however people suspected something was 'odd' about me when I was 5, but my mum never bothered to seek a diagnosis for me. My hyperfixtations are birds & Jojos Bizzare Adventure. My favourite sensory toys are tangle plastic toy, fidget cubes and my recent favourites is the push & pop -- made popular from the internet, because of course. The biggest misrepresentation th
  8. My boyfriend, who is also arospec, and I do want kids in the future -- both biological and adopted
  9. I've had on and off 'crushes' (or squishes, I cannot tell) of a few internet celebrities over the years, they all have something in common: 'nerdy' gamer men who are streamers or musicians, or both. The 'oldest' have been Dan Avidan from the lets play channel Game Grumps who is the lead singer of the his own band: Ninja Sex Party, and Joel from streaming and gaming group, Vinesauce. Who has been a leader & member of several heavy metal bands over the years, with a part time current solo career (I have listened to his work and it's very good, this is coming from someone who doesn't lis
  10. Which is interesting because Part 2 also has no stands yet it's one of the most beloved parts (even if Josephs' hamon was 'retconned' to a 'stand'). Makes no sense to me. I love spooky paranormal stories with vampires, ghosts ect and PB has all of that, so it's 10/10 for me
  11. People always claim Jonathan is the 'worst jojo' and Phantom Blood is the 'worst part' like it makes no sense?? Jonathan is a damn good boy, and while part 1 isn't the most polished for modern day, it's a classic staple of shonen and should be more appreciated. Jonathan is a unique protagonist for his time -- a brutish yet absolute sweetheart, he won me over the most
  12. First post. I've been arospec for years but never bothered to find an aro- centric forum besides reddit, though I am on AVEN under the name Midori Gurin, I don't really use it anymore. I am agender, pansexual, greyromantic and cupioromantic. I am autistic and intellectually disabled. I love birds as told by my username, lovebirds being my favourite, which is funny as they are hyperromantic creatures. I also love Jojos Bizarre Adventure, my favourite JoJo's are Jonathan and Johnny.
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