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  1. YOYOYO Welcome!!! I'm from aven too my lad!! Have some cake, you miss it too, right?
  2. a pianoist's mother dies and now he's paranoid
  3. I'm offended because i saw u on aven before i think HMPH
  4. A book... But there's only one page and it doesn't even have a cover the page is blank
  5. You'll get too much attention for being better I wish I could fly
  6. Allos (romantics): What do you consider romantic attraction? Any telltale signs??
  7. any chocolate is nice tho
  8. dgfsgolba


    im going crazy there are so many avenites here ahhhhhh


    Introduce me to yourselves avenites, i see u

    UwU OwO

    1. Skylord
    2. Sam Spade

      Sam Spade

      👋 'ello! I don't visit here as often as Aven but I'm around probably once a week

  9. dark mode is the worst mode i swear im the only one who thinks that
  10. Hello, person who I probably don't know
    how's existance?


    are u the real sam spade from aven tho, or are you an impostor?

    1. Sam Spade

      Sam Spade

      Yep I'm the Sam Spade from Aven! I'm not popular enough to have a crowd of copycats lol

      Existence is good, thanks for asking! How about you?


  11. Hi hi!!! I'm M, they/them I found this community and it's really good at least from what i see. I'm still thinking a bunch on my orientation I'll get there. Feel free to welcome me however you like!!
  12. Hola amigos

    I have arrived from AVEN
    Welcome me with cake now pls (or whatever y'all welcome newbies with)

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