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  1. People typically don't try to get intimate with me, if at all, especially in this era. I think people are wise enough not to do so anymore, or maybe it's because I don't exactly prepare myself like I'm going on a date every time, ever.
  2. I gave up trying to be open after it backfired too many times, and seen the overwhelming evidence that many humans love to judge the less they know. It also gets tiring to explain myself each and every time.
  3. SkyTuneRein

    Being normal

    I think those who demand others to be their idea of "normal" are the least comfortable with others being any different from themselves.
  4. I'm the youngest and probably the most LGBT+ of them all, or they're good at hiding it.
  5. The thing for me that breaks the ice most of all is a passionately shared interest, and a minimum level of trust. Most people however have to wait some time and persist in showing they're to be trusted before I open up to them. The problem is, they might not be able to shut me up if they manage to get me talking. 😸 That is pretty much needed for deepening relationships too.
  6. 1940 (Only ~2,250 years to go at this rate 😅)
  7. I'd describe myself as "socially lazy". Over time I've become apathetic if not avoidant towards socialising at the very least with new people. Meeting and engaging with them, getting to know them, etc is getting tiring and boring, and with them seldom developing into anything more meaningful it's getting a wee pointless too. I am an introvert but I'm also demi so there may be some attraction towards those I've grown close to, I just don't feel like building anything up enough anymore.
  8. I'm 31. Some of the regulars on AVEN are older and there's a tendency for 20 year olds and younger to not stick around at all, but that's to be expected at a period of uncertainty. Much older members may not be accustomed to online communities nor know they're aro/ace spectrum. Some people just fall out of AVEN because of...well, you know, it's AVEN. The age-internet problem will apply here too so we'll see a younger-than-average population too. I guess 20 - 30 would be average, maybe 25 - 30 soon?
  9. And said angel also has a habit of dying, as does most characters.
  10. I don't really get shipping. If it makes one happy then live and let live, just don't include me.
  11. I like that I can eat as much as I like before I put on much weight, my science and tech knowledge and that apparently I'm very analytical too. I also like my high tolerance to being alone, which is handy in 2020 and something that not everyone can even come close to.
  12. Ooh Arocalypse is available over IPv6...think of the fun one can have setting their address ending. Ace. 😈

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      Of course, only admins/mods that can see poster's addresses would see.

  13. TBH from I've observed on there, there's probably some systemic/institutional sexism and/or demi-phobia and double-standards going on. The amount of flatulence and defecation references and jokes there is rather weird too, that and the amount endless political "debates" and re-hashed ace-question topics is getting old. I'm not really one to complain about intracommunal affairs/beliefs but there's something not quite right about AVEN, despite the fact I have had some fun there. I do recall someone elsewhere saying things like one had to constantly "walk on eggshells" to survive without a clique. Whatever the case is, I am feeling increasingly ostracised by them as well as bored and tired. So I may leave them for here completely soon.
  14. A small fraction of the activity, yet twice the welcomes I got on AVEN. Incredible. Thanks all and I'd love a more chill community. It's the main reason I came here.
  15. I'm not completely put-off by the idea of marriage, and maybe it'll happen with and only with the right person and circumstances, but I have virtually no desire to pro-create at least right now and for all my life before. I'm not the healthiest of specimens either so it's probably for the best. Going back to the "marriage", I am not a fan of the traditional pomp and ceremony, or marrying for the sake of marrying.
  16. Off-top-pick I kid... "Uh-rock-uh-lips", generally.
  17. I've arrived from AVEN after I thought I'd give this place a try. I'm no good at writing intros or about myself like this though. Firstly I'm a tech and science nerd. I may not be very talkative at first especially if we don't have any common interests, but after a while I may open up as I get to know you too. Just don't get me involved with polarising politics, particularly petty "debates" with no scientific interest. One kind of people I don't get on with are philistines or anti-intellectuals/art and those who are anti-science. Other than that, I'm pretty easy going and open-minded. I can be quite sarcastic but still peace-loving and mean no malice. Other things I like include music and most forms of media. I think I'm demi but it's difficult for me to feel any attraction to anyone, nor have I ever felt inclined enough to pursue romantic relationships. I'm also picky about who I get close to and don't like making big changes in my daily routine...normally though I don't give a damn about other things. I think this place would suite me in the longer term because it's less active here so I don't have to spend as much time to keep up with new posts and I hope it's at least a little...less "devoted to one's opinions" than AVEN. There're a few reasons I hope but never mind... Anyway hi. 😸
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