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  1. mossy

    wlw appropriation

    Nah I don't think so, those are clothes/styles that anyone can wear, and that didn't even originate among wlw as far as I know. I'm not wlw either but I don't see why not.
  2. I can't see a situation in which I'd ever have a wedding of my own. I also didn't spend time dreaming of my perfect "big day" as a little girl, and attending weddings can even be a bit uncomfortable for me. However, there are some parts of planning a wedding that seem fun (at least hypothetically - I don't think I'd enjoy the stress of ACTUALLY planning one). If you relate to this, then this thread is for you! If you were to have a wedding, what aspects would you like to be part of it? For me, I'd love to have the ceremony in a greenhouse or a lush courtyard. The reception would be a
  3. Luckily, at my school it was not socially expected to go to prom with a date. I'd say around 40% of people were there with a date, 60% with friends. Unfortunately it was still a letdown for me because a couple of my close friends decided not to go at all, and a couple other close friends were really only interested in the event itself, rather than any sort of before or after party. I can't blame them because I was also not interested in the big parties (ex. there was one that literally everyone in the grade was invited to at someone's house in the countryside). However, it would have been
  4. I don't really have anything to say but just wanted to drop into this thread and say hi! I'm so used to feeling like I'm the only one who feels the way I do that I almost forget other aroaces do exist...and it's so fun to be among you all :) I love the memes in this thread too haha
  5. There's a Man Booker Prize winning writer from New Zealand named Keri Hulme. She is aromantic and asexual, according to Wikipedia. I don't actually know much about her and I haven't read any of her work, although I've been meaning to :) Another famous aroace author? Me (someday). Haha, probably not actually, but I can dream πŸ˜‰
  6. I totally get it, and can relate. I consider myself partway between romance neutral and romance repulsed - like I'm not flat out repulsed by romance and in some cases I even enjoy it/find it quite cute, but I get frustrated sometimes when a romantic plot is introduced into a show/movie/book. I think it's because the romance sometimes feels like it's getting in the way of others things I found more compelling (maybe a friendship with another character, maybe an exciting opportunity for the character). For other people, it's okay to have that tradeoff for romance and it makes sense because you c
  7. I'm offended because you made me feel like I'm missing out, too.
  8. In a practical sense if I was trying to explain it to someone, I would just say "I don't experience romantic attraction" because I don't feel like getting too deep into things, and I hate getting mushy in front of other people. But here's how I'd write it in a more poetic sense: Romance and romantic attraction feel like things that are for other people, not for me. And that's not a bad thing for me. I've never felt romantically attracted to someone else, or wanted a relationship with someone, and those facts feel good and comfortable and true to me. To me, the fact that I fee
  9. Ah I always had such little patience with love triangles in YA books πŸ˜… "Guy A is so nice to me, but guy B and I just have this electric chemistry" and I'd be like, choose Guy A! What other factor is there except how nice they are? And don't you have bigger things to worry about anyway? (And then the girl would spend the whole book waffling before choosing Guy B in the end) My first line of advice whenever anyone tells me they're having problems with their relationship is for them to break up. I still stand by it usually being useful advice πŸ˜‚ I just assumed I was attracted to guys bec
  10. Hmm, it is interesting! Good to know I'm among some people who feel like I do, I suppose! For me, it just seems like the more visible/obvious aspect of my sexuality in my daily life. A lot more people are going to notice me being single all the time than me not having sex (yes ace people can have sex and aro people could be in a relationship, but I don't currently want either of those 😊). As well, on the asexual side of things I would say I'm halfway between sex indifferent and sex positive (I know sex positive isn't quite the right term here but I can't remember the proper one) and on th
  11. Thanks for the welcome! I love your profile pic btw ☺️
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