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  1. Hi I think quite a few people here will relate to not liking the idea of being aromantic. I definitely tried to find other explanations to put off the idea for a while. Good to see you are becoming accepting of it though.
  2. Well I guess I won't know till I pass them. I will say though that it is a lot more comfortable than late teens when i hadn't got a clue what I was feeling
  3. hello nervously stand in the corner wishing you are at home people
  4. Some common ones are life updates (not anonymity breaking but some things people have done) as well as it being a place to vent that doesn't involve opening up a topic. the home page has some recent ones on the right hand side under the recently updated topics so that might give you a few ideas of what other people put.
  5. That was interesting. Working through it made me realise I am so much less comfortable with romance coded activities than I thought, but also that the societal pressure of 'no, that's wierd' when thinking about what I would be comfortable with was far more powerful than I was aware of. It is odd the site didn't allow for not applicable. Especially since you are being made to use it for undergrad work. If you are going to be made to use this site throughout your degree it might be worth flagging that up with someone because that could become a big pain in future.
  6. yeah, this seems like fairly common idea here. like if you don't get romantic attraction then you have to have some explanation for how romance must work, and most people are useless to ask because they just want romance themselves and don't understand that lack of experience. So there is this mess of ideas in a young aromantic mind about how romance works, which is a sort of beautiful bodge together of schoolyard rumours and popular culture.
  7. ??? I have never got that idea of being in a romantic relationship meaning closing yourself off from other relationships but even then, that is extreme wierd.
  8. no If things feel wrong then that is fine. Understand that, pull back and get back to your life.If it turns out you get along and don't feel uneasy around him then go from there to build up a relationship. You know you best but from what you have described you get along well. Just talk things through and if things don't end up being romantic, you know this person kept talking with you after you mentioned your boundaries, It seems like you could get along as good friends. Sounds like you have a lot to gain by meeting this guy in person. As the comment above says, it is possible to enj
  9. Hi Its cool to see aros getting into studying music. Hopefully they don't make you learn too many sappy love songs 😛
  10. Hi Syo I agree with that idea of trying to see it as a positive. But yeah, it is tough when other people are doing the things that tend to be seen as life milestones. I know, I'm in my mid twenties and already feel old If you are looking for aro friends to hang out with it might be worth checking out the aro socials which have been running for the last few months https://www.arocalypse.com/topic/3574-interest-in-google-meet-aromantic-socials/
  11. Hi, welcome That sounds about right. Trying to work out what this romance even is has been a long struggle here
  12. With adoption agencies favouring married couples it could be that those who don't are forced to prefer married couples by their peers. If you have to justify your decision to other people who do believe marriage is the best it can be useful to go along with it even if you personally would be happy allowing a single person to adopt. The other thing is, sadly, media reporting on the times it goes wrong. If someone gets adopted by a married couple and that couple turns out to be awful people it might get a bit of news but they will probably be fine. If that happened but with a single person
  13. Hi mossy, welcome. Its quite interesting that thought of your aromanticism being a bigger part of your identity. I have noticed quite a few people saying that here. maybe it is just that that people who think that are more likely to be on the forum but it does interest me.
  14. Hi have a great day Kayli, glad you have found us. Having a community who understands is such a relief.
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