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  1. See how you feel. Whether or not you are aromantic if someone you are with does things that make you feel not right it is best if you talk that out with them. Even people who absolutely are romantic can have phrases which they prefer partners not to use or actions that don't sit right with them. It is something you need to discuss if you want to feel comfortable in a relationship. If trying to make some sort of qpr with that person seems better to you then give it a go. You might be aro and that feeling that a lot of what you thought were crushes look more like friendships is an experience a lot of aros have.
  2. False? I like dogs exactly as much as i like dogs? TPBM has a pet
  3. Hi That sucks about thinking dating was the way to make your friends stay. I got that sort of messaging too as a kid where, like, if someone doesn't want a romantic relationship with you or a romantic relationship fails, you should just leave each other for good. That always seemed really sad but I guess I never challenged it. Cool that you have discovered aromanticism though, hope you have a good time here. As you say you really want to make friends a couple of things I would recommend are the aromantic socials each month and the discord. The socials are a good way to actually chat to people here in person (although depends on how far out your time zone is, they are geared towards Europe). The discord is better set up for off topic discussion and getting to know people than a forum, so might be interesting to you.
  4. OK, sorry for the morbid topic but it is something that I was talking about recently. For most romantic people the will seems kind of simple, I was talking to my grandad about this because he was dealing with writing up his will. If he didn't write anything and just suddenly died the will would be split with the following order: spouse, children, grandchildren and great grandchildren (if none it goes to the state). So as my nan has already died his assets would pass to his children (my mum and my uncle would split it). He made up a will as a way to make sure some things went to close friends and that there were a few things that went to specific grandchildren and a few things to more distant family members. It got me thinking, what do I want my will to look like given I know i am aromantic. I am pretty confident I will never have a spouse and will never have kids, so what would I actually do. At the moment I hopefully have a fair bit of time to set myself up for this, but my thoughts are this. Assuming my parents die befor me most of what I own would go to my younger brother. He would certainly get most of the stuff because I wouldn't want to burden a friend with that. There are a couple of charities I would put some money to The rest possibly to a few close friends, though that would basically be little sentimental things or a bit of money So a couple of questions for people here because I wonder if you have some good ideas 1. roughly how would you split up a will as an aromantic person? 2. If you are open to forming a nonromantic form of relationship, would you go through with marriage to get the useful legal benefits of being a spouse, like that automatic inheritance?
  5. Hi, no worries about whether you post much or not, just interact as much or as little as you are happy with enjoy being here Since you already have key lime pie and coffee from Blake I will offer some ice cream instead
  6. No idea At some point though if they do have a crush on you and act on it you have a decision to make. Either try to get them into a relationship that works for you or turn down their offer. Sorry about that. If you are going to try to make a relationship you are comfortable with i would recommend setting your boundaries quickly. If they want something you are uncomfortable with explain that to them first time, as cynical as this is my experience is that if you go along with something for a while that will be held against you when you try to explain you aren't comfortable. You don't have to explain being aroflux or why you feel the way you do right away, but at least make sure they understand what you are OK with. Other than that, not a clue.
  7. not at all, I also have no damn clue why people want to get married seems like a lot of stress just to put a formal ceremony on a relationship. Being in a relationship in general I sort of understand, at least I get practical reasons for living with other people but I'm pretty clueless beyond that
  8. Hi Lian, hope you like it here
  9. There are a fair few people who lose romantic feeling when that feeling is reciprocated (I think Lithromantic can involve this but that isn't something I experience so I don't want to say that for certain) Maybe have a look at that sort of experience to see if it helps you, given your first story.
  10. When I first realised aromanticism fit me I was interested in trying to define romantic attraction. I was I guess nervous that my aromanticism wasn't acceptable unless I could satisfactorally explain what it was I lacked. Took a while to get into my head that I wasn't going to be able to get a perfect explanation of an emotion I simply don't feel, so defining romance has became less important.
  11. Thank you honestly I am a bit happier now as it doesn't seem the appeal was as effective as I first feared. Still annoying but I'm feeling better about it
  12. Hi, that sounds like a cool job. good luck, it is lovely to know of people whos job is to help save lives. hope you have a good time here
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