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  1. Sensual, though not really at anyone in particular
  2. A button but the button is invisible and doesn't even work
  3. I might be the odd one out, but I think romance is love. Kissing, being touchy, having a relationship (none of which I've done) and I love everything about it I just don't like the part where romance goes s*xual
  4. I swear this place is inactive a lot 


    1. DivineCyst


      yea sadly. i am trying to keep up more but it's hard when I'm only able to get on it on my computer and then im supposed to be doing homework so T-T

    2. A User
  5. I'm offended that MY pfp which I drew myself is two year old art
  6. I'm offended that you're pfp is too dark colored and NEEDS editing
  7. Air-dry Clay that dries the moment it's exposed to air
  8. A teen and her entire family get recruted for the fbi, and one of the family members is a robot child
  9. Regarding gender, I'd tell 10-11 yr old me to realize that I was always my own thing, and that not everyone felt that way. Sexuality to 10-11yr old me: having crushes is normal, you ain't. your aroace dude
  10. EYYYY!!! Welcome!! I'll give you some cake, it's the AVEN tradition ;)
  11. oh wait a sec... we're supposed to descibe our shows... anywho People working at a store make really good jokes and have a good time Anotherr one: A really huge family is separated and they just living life
  12. An alien who has a bounty on his head teaches the worst class in a school to become murderers
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