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    i dont care romantic asexual
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    existential threat
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    Unemployed, but I learn from 9-3

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  1. Singer (hello by adele, she's a singer)
  2. the feeling when you realized why you didnt come here a lot: there's barely a soul online and 98% of ppl are guests

    1. boba


      There's a discord thats much more active!

    2. A User
    3. A User

      A User

      @boba so you see this

  3. I just look at the "Topics" tab and decide what's interesting Or I simply go to any game topic and join in.
  4. im almost suprised there is barely any community interaction here tbh


    1. ArseNick


      It would be amazing that we interacted more with each other. You know, making aspec friends... 

    2. A User

      A User

      Um ye sure why not

  5. i think it's more like the expression that the eyes give out. Like a specific look there is. Like, how do you explain like when you see someone you truly love, it's like their eyes light up n stuff I've spent way too much time analyzing fictional characters over the looks of their eyes and basic actions, i realize
  6. only child for now im the only queer kid in my dominantly European and homophobic family I'm probably one of the only non-homophobic family members too :/ I have queer friends, and ally friends but the ally friends are more related in a faith way, where like god fathers and mothers get involved and it's just rlly complicated
  7. guess who's back!!

  8. False. TPBM has a dog (sorry idk why i was so specific lols)
  9. helloooooo pplssssssssssssssssss

    1. Acecream


      Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii are u ok?

    2. A User

      A User

      im ok thx

  10. Murdoch Mysteries ik that's two words, but in reality idc
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