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What's your favorite "aro song"?

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I've come across a lot of songs that have VERY aro vibes. Some were written by aro people, some weren't but they're still relatable. The ones I like are Never Been In Love by Will Jay, Crush Culture by Conan Gray, and Aromantic Moodboard by Max Lizanich. I also like Love Love Love by Of Monster and Men.

What are some songs you relate to as an arospec person?

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I really love Never been in love by Will Jay too. I like to call it "the ultimate aro song" lol. I also like "oh no" from Marina and the Diamonds.

However my favorite is a French song, called "Mon coeur mon amour" , who makes fun of the cringe things romantic couples do. She even imitate the song whil she sings (the part about the phone in particular). If some are interested, here's the song and the translation. I don't know if it sounds as good in English though (there are a lot of expressions and a culinary metaphor and that's hard to translate, to be honest I go simple).

Also, you'll see, it's catchy.


Sweetheart, darling, darling, Sweetheart...

Love trickles
It's beautiful but it's unbearable
It's a heavy pudding
Of sweet words in every phrase:

"Your quiche is good, love?"
"Sweetheart, hand me the salad"
And there are heavy petting
They feed each other at the table
This mix of emotions
Flavored by fine herbs
Makes me smile calmly
And finally makes me vomit!

I hate couples that remind me I'm alone.
I hate couples, I just hate them.
Sweetheart, darling, darling, Sweetheart...

It's a thick coulis
That leaves me flabbergasted
So much soppiness
Coated in pastry cream

"Hi what're you doing sweetheart?"
"The same thing as half an hour ago..."
"I called you five minutes ago my angel but there was no answer...
So I was worried
So I called you back.. for the 12th time today
I run out of credit
But what're you doing my adored?
Yeah I know we'll see each other after
No you hang up.. no you...
No you hang up... no you...
No you...no you... Ok I'll call you back..."
I hate couples that remind me I'm alone!
I hate couples, I just hate them!
Sweetheart, darling, darling, Sweetheart






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Not a song but a poem that I’ve been listening to on repeat again and again when figuring this whole aromanticism out (or I mean - there was nothing to figure out, ? i am who I am, I just didn’t found out about aromanticism as a word and identity until December 2020) is this one: 


it’s my favorite poem from before too but it has meant SO much to me now when knowing I am aromantic and seeing my life in a new perspective. Andrea Gibson is my favorite poet, they use they/them pronouns now so keep that in mind when listening to this old recording of the poem. 

It’s about self love. About being your own big “love of your life” . 


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I can really just think of Despair by leo. 
currently my fav song 

the part that I find relatable is basically the whole song but here are some parts of the lyrics: 
Well, I don't know if this is it
But can't you see
No, I'm not falling for you


Cause it's not romantic, I swear
I'm not gasping for air



And even though I think about you day and night
I'm not sure if this whole love thing
Sounds quite right

also also, 
This is home by Cavetown 
the only part that I find it relatable as an a-spec person is the beginning
"Often I am upset 
that I cannot fall in love 
but I guess this avoids the stress of falling out of it"
(the creator is aro too and lots of the songs he made is about friends or at least they are very easy to interpret that way)
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this is home is just big queer energies alksjdf -- i relate hard as specifically being aro and trans.

despair by leo v good

also uh cynical fairytale by egg is a big time mood orz

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Ok these are some weird ones but I am akoi or lithromantic, meaning I get crushes on people and enjoy romance in theory but the attraction fades/I am repulsed by it when it is reciprocated. I feel pretty similarly with sex/sexual attraction as well. While I'm guessing these weren't intended to be aro/ace songs, "Adore you" by Harry Styles and "Somebody Else" by the 1975 encapsulate these feelings for me. In adore you Harry says:

"You don't have to say you love me, you don't have to say nothing, you don't have to say you're mine" and then later "Just let me adore you." 

These lyrics really capture how I feel when I have a crush, I may want to adore someone and be affectionate towards them or think about being with them, but don't want them to say they love me or that they are mine. 

Similarly in "Somebody Else" they say "I don't want your body but I hate to think about you with somebody else." While deep down I know I don't want romance, and rarely want sex, I still get jealous when people I have feelings for are with somebody else, and have a hard time letting go of the fantasy of being together, even if I don't want it in reality.

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My fav is Lonely World by Moses Sumney. A good chunk of the lyrics talks about 'the void', and as a loveless aro I interpret this as finding solace in being alone and nothing speaking to you as much as solitude. I see the last verse as someone feeling hollow and disconnected from the world at their wedding due to not really wanting it and not feeling romantic love for their partner but not having the vocabulary or confidence to live life as wanted which really resonates with me

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I just had this thought that the folk song 'Ilkla Moor Baht 'at' starts with someone out courting on the moor and the message is that they will die of cold and get eaten. 

I remember an old version I heard where the final verse warns 'Don't go a courting Mary Jane' .

Not an aro song but I'm definitely claiming it.

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There are a few by Ava Max that I think could work as aro songs. Not Your Barbie Girl is probably the most of an aro-relatable song, but So Am I is also relatable as it is about the experience of being different and My Way is about not conforming to a female role, which traditionally includes being partnered with and subservient to a man. Salt is a good one about doing well after a breakup which I know some people here like.

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I Don’t need love by NIIC (Official music video) 

Sorry if you don’t like furries, Im not a furry by the way...Im not! lol. This song is my personal favorite!



For Me by Dearlie (has asexual and aromantic aspects) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MCJxKlyrR_s (My second favorite, but close to my 1st fave..)

There are other songs which are more for asexuals which I won’t include here. Those are actually the only aromantic songs I enjoy with lyrics. Other than these two I pretty much just listen to foreign vocals because I don’t know what they are saying. Especially Russian, Bosnian, and Japanese/Korean music...

I am apothi which means romantic themes make me uncomfortable... Thats why I love these two songs, obviously not romantic or sexual, yay!


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Guest Petiteboule

I love turning out by AJR :)

Idea of her by Cavetown

Also, it's French, but Céline Dion's "Amour ou amitié" has some aro vibes (and maybe "S'il suffisait d'aimer")

But there also songs that are not about romance, like Balavoine, Dans les jardins d'enfant, I also listen sometimes to Summoning,Caladan Brood (i'm questioning though :)

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One song I’m particularly invested in right now is “Clusterhug” by IDKHBTFM. The lyrics that resonate most with me are in this stanza- 

“Only if you'd like me to
I could fall in love with you
Only if you'd like me to
Fall in love.”


That really hit me because before I was familiar with aromanticism and aro-spec identities, I kept viewing romo attraction as something that I had to ‘work harder’ to feel. That somehow I could push myself, that if the right person came along, I could ‘invest’ into feeling it.

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I really love Kalmia Kid by chloe moriondo, it especially makes me feel more comfortable with the idea of living alone as an a-spec person. Currently, my roommate is planning to move in with their romantic partner, and I'm sad and worried about being alone, but when I listen to this song I feel like I'm going to be fine. Like, I'll never move with a partner, and that's okay

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