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  1. I'm offended that you have a problem with people posting whatever profile pics they want.
  2. He's FIRED! And the second-highest glass ceiling in the country is broken too!

  3. I think I like dodrasexual best of those. I think it's definitely the demisexual spectrum, but the relatively low qualifier end.
  4. This was definitely sexual attraction because I felt some degree of sexual desire toward her, but I think I don't feel any pretty much ever to people I know nothing about even if they are naked, and can only feel it toward people I have some kind of interest in as a human being rather than just sexual appeal. What I was asking if there was a name for is being able to feel sexual attraction only with another type of interest in the same person but not necessarily a close relationship.
  5. I've been not totally sure what to call my sexuality for a while. I know I'm some kind of gray-ace or demi, and don't consider partnered sex a high priority but I can sometimes feel sexual desire toward people I don't know well, and I think I've figured out that it's only with another type of interest in the person rather than on its own. For example, in 2019 when I was starting at a new college, I had a guided tour around campus led by a student, and my tour guide mentioned having been lonely and not having a lot of friends her first year there, which I could relate to and after that I became
  6. You get more motivation, as the result of someone threatening to shoot you if you don't do it. Now you have to fear for your life. I wish Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was president.
  7. I've recently identified myself as non-binary, and at least in theory I don't feel as uncomfortable with it as I now do with presenting in a way that seems too masculine with my clothes. There's a swimming area in nature near me that people unofficially treat as clothing-optional, and so far I've been too nervous to skinnydip there except when there is clearly no one else around but I feel I would be more comfortable with it with friends or in a place outside my town where it's officially allowed.
  8. No one is afraid of anything involving the letter A anymore. Therefore, when a giant letter A falls off a sign right above you, you're not afraid and don't run so it lands on you and injures you. I wish for this wish not to come true.
  9. Going by Davi now as I feel more comfortable not identifying as a gender than identifying as a guy and that name feels less gendered than David.

  10. False, at least since the beginning of quarantine. TPBM has a dog.
  11. I have a really special best friend, who I've only known for one school year but have tried to be friends with enough people to know that friends like her are very hard to find. She was talking to me today about ideas about where she might want to live after college. I kind of feel like I would rather be close to her anywhere than not, a feeling that has become stronger because of how hard it was not being able to see her during my state's lockdown that is just starting to ease up now, and she seems open to that though she isn't looking for anything labelled as more than a friendship with me b
  12. No one ever crosses property boundaries. For two weeks that is a good thing as it stops the coronavirus from spreading, but even after the virus is fully contained, everyone continues to act like they are on lockdown and the world never goes back to normal. I wish the coronavirus didn't exist.
  13. I'm kind of in this exact situation. I've been posting about it as it develops in my own thread, but I have really strong feelings for my best friend that I don't think are romantic. She doesn't have a romantic partner currently but has indicated that she wants one, but she has also expressed a clear dislike of the amatonormative ideas that friends should be seen as less important, and she and I definitely have some kind of platonic relationship that is at least a little closer than an average friendship. She has actually helped me feel significantly better by making it clear that I am still v
  14. Update: She previously thought she was pansexual but now thinks she might be a lesbian. I don't know why it's so hard for me realizing she may not be up for any more than what we have now since what we have now is already so special but I just really want her as the closest person in my life which I don't feel will be possible if she has a romantic partner and I don't know how to deal with those feelings.
  15. I feel very much this way for my current best friend, who I have been questioning if I might be slightly in love with. I just feel like she gets me more than anyone else, and we're often physically affectionate. I feel like I really want her to always be a part of my life, and I'm still in regular phone contact with her but actually getting to see her in person is the thing I miss most about the whole world not being shut down. So you're definitely not the only one of us to feel like that.
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