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  1. I go by they/them because it's the best-known gender-neutral pronoun and just feels easier than making up my own or using relatively unknown ones.
  2. You get implanted with a mind control device. Now someone else has total control of everything you do. I wish Donald Trump were in prison.
  3. You lose the ability to feel tired and so there is no warning when you need to go to sleep. Therefore you will just fall asleep in the middle of whatever you are doing even if it is in public at the time when you run out of energy, and feel wide awake until that moment so that you can't prepare for it. I wish I had faster internet.
  4. Kings and Queens - Ava Max (does talk about kings and queens like they are couples, but zero reference to romantic feelings and is about female power) Unwritten - Natasha Bedingfield Just Like Fire - Pink Thunder - Imagine Dragons (Not sure if "Believer" also counts as feel-good but that's also an Imagine Dragons song not about romance) Katy Perry's Roar is a very upbeat song about escaping a romantic relationship. Since someone mentioned Fight Song but didn't remember the original artist, it's Rachel Platten.
  5. Done getting shots now, just need to wait for the one I got today to become a little more effective now.

  6. Not exactly an aromantic song, but I just realized through internet research that the song Gloria was originally a song expressing romantic love from a man to a woman, and I think it's really cool how Laura Branigan transformed it into something completely else, about mental health and talking to someone who seems to be going crazy in looking for love. I've been a fan of the song for a while and after listening to the earlier versions I still definitely like Laura Branigan's lyrics the best.
  7. Got my first shot of Pfizer yesterday, and I didn't go into anaphylactic shock.

  8. I definitely relate to this. I've known I was aromantic for a while, but had phases of thinking I was asexual as well and still am not sure exactly about my sexuality, whether I'm demi or gray or just regular gynesexual but turned off by dehumanization and the idea of random hookups.
  9. I'm offended that you made a post not about the one right above it in this thread.
  10. I feel that way a lot. I have one very good best friend but don't see her as much as before the pandemic and am alone a lot more of the time.
  11. I'm offended that you have a problem with people posting whatever profile pics they want.
  12. He's FIRED! And the second-highest glass ceiling in the country is broken too!

  13. I think I like dodrasexual best of those. I think it's definitely the demisexual spectrum, but the relatively low qualifier end.
  14. This was definitely sexual attraction because I felt some degree of sexual desire toward her, but I think I don't feel any pretty much ever to people I know nothing about even if they are naked, and can only feel it toward people I have some kind of interest in as a human being rather than just sexual appeal. What I was asking if there was a name for is being able to feel sexual attraction only with another type of interest in the same person but not necessarily a close relationship.
  15. I've been not totally sure what to call my sexuality for a while. I know I'm some kind of gray-ace or demi, and don't consider partnered sex a high priority but I can sometimes feel sexual desire toward people I don't know well, and I think I've figured out that it's only with another type of interest in the person rather than on its own. For example, in 2019 when I was starting at a new college, I had a guided tour around campus led by a student, and my tour guide mentioned having been lonely and not having a lot of friends her first year there, which I could relate to and after that I became interested in her based on that relatable experience and also noticed she was wearing short shorts and had nice legs when I hadn't been at all interested in her physically before. Can anyone relate to this experience of only being sexually attracted to people you are interested in for another reason as well, and does anyone know what it's called?
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