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  1. I know some confirmed arospec characters from comics I like: There's Musa, from the comic BUUZA!!, who is an aroace and nonbinary poc: https://tapas.io/episode/1278135 Walker, the main character from the oneshot comic Wandering, is also aroace: https://tapas.io/episode/610674 Landon Addison, one of the main characters from This is Not Fiction, is demiromantic and pansexual: https://www.thisisnotfiction.com/comic/ch-01-sydney-morgan I think it's worth mentioning Landon is involved in some sort of romance with the main character (who is panromantic and demisexual), just in ca
  2. tw // interalized arophobia, internalized amatonormativity I've accepted the fact that I'm aromantic a long time ago, and most of the time I'm okay with it, even proud. But sometimes, when I'm watching a movie or reading a book, I see characters being deeply in love and the thought that "I may never experience something like that" crosses my mind. It's frustrating to catch myself having such thoughts when I should be comfortable with my aroness by now. Obviously, that has to do with the fact that the romanticization of romance was very strong in my education. (and of course, the lack
  3. i actually had a similar experience a few years ago.. a really close friend of mine had romantic feelings for me and i thought i had too, but after a while i realized i saw them as a friend. i knew i also never had a crush on anyone before, so i did some reasearch and found out about aromanticism. a few weeks later, i told my friend that i was pretty sure i'm aromantic, explained what it was and they were very understanding! they told me about their feelings, i told them about my feelings and we decided to continue as friends. i was really scared of hurting them, but it turned out alright
  4. this thread is so wholesome, i love it! I feel like I value my relationships more than my allo friends. They focus so much on their romantic relationships or on seeking for a romantic relationship, they seem to put their other relationships aside. During my self-discovery journey, I found out about so many new interesting terms and was able to reframe my idea of love. It made me think outside the box and reflect on what I truly want and what I don't. I think if I wasn't aromantic, I wouldn't try to understand my feelings in such depth. And I love understanding more about myself!
  5. maybe what you feel for him is sensual attraction?? Sensual Attraction - desire to have physical, non-sexual contact with someone (kissing, hugging, cuddling, etc) when you feel sensual attraction for someone, you call them a lush. so maybe he's a lush? (more info: https://lgbta.wikia.org/wiki/Sensual_Attraction)
  6. oi, eu também sou do Brasil!! se quiser conversar sobre arromanticidade com alguém que fala português, pode me chamar na mensagem privada qualquer hora!
  7. if you don't feel romantic attraction then you're certainly on the aro spectrum, even though you desire "romantic acts". there are some aromantic and aro-spec people who are/want to be in a romantic relationship, even without feeling romantic attraction. there are some subsets on the aromantic spectrum that may be suitable for you, such as cupioromantic or bellusromantic. there are also other types of attraction and relationships besides romantic. if you're interessed in researching in depth, here you can find some terms that could be useful for you
  8. yes, i meant 'practical' as less stressful for me, since i wouldn't like to explain what aegoromantic means everytime someone asks my orientation, i'm not so patient but of course, that's just my way. each person do what they feel more comfortable doing
  9. yeah, i feel the same! i want to look for more about it so i can understand my feelings better, but if someone asked me my orientation i would just call myself aroace, it's more practical
  10. i see... thank you for clarifying! i think it describes me pretty well, i'll research more about it
  11. that's interesting, i didn't know about this term! i'm still kinda confused though, please correct me if i'm wrong, but instead of 'aegoromantic', couldn't it be used 'romance-positive aromantic'?
  12. sol

    Aro POCs

    yayy latine gang!!! that's so cool!!
  13. there's Yuu Asuka from Hoshiai no Sora (Stars Align)! they had two little scenes where they talk about their feelings regarding gender with the main character. it was a really small subplot, but it was treated in a very respectful way and took me by surprise. the anime itself has many many flaws, but i'm glad at least these scenes were done nicely. since most non-binary characters i've seen before are some kind of weird entity or not human (justifying their gender non-conformity), it's kinda refreshing seeing an actual normal person being enby. yuu is just a soft tennis club manager who i
  14. sol

    Aro POCs

    hello! i'm brown and brazilian. that's pretty much what i wanted to say, just to make an addition to the thread idk good to see more poc in here!
  15. when i was nine, i had a diary that had little questions to answer about yourself, like "what's your favorite food?" and stuff like that. a few months ago, i found it while organizing my shelf, so i started reading it and there was a question that said "what is your crush's name and why do you like them?". i chose a random classmate's name and to explain why i liked him i literally wrote "because when someone asks me who I like I have to have an answer" THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I WROTE WORD BY WORD KJKFDHFKL reading that sentence now knowing i'm aro was the funniest shit ever, but it's also kinda
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