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  1. I'm not out to most people. I do have an aro flag and an aro pin, but people usually don't notice or ask about it LOL. If they want to know what it is, "aromantic flag" comes up if you search up the colors. So if anyone is curious from a distance, they can figure it out themselves LMAO. But yeah, I'm not necessarily closeted for any reason except for that I don't have the energy to tell everyone. I've come out on social media and to a few people in person, that's enough for me (unless it's necessary in a situation).
  2. I've come across a lot of songs that have VERY aro vibes. Some were written by aro people, some weren't but they're still relatable. The ones I like are Never Been In Love by Will Jay, Crush Culture by Conan Gray, and Aromantic Moodboard by Max Lizanich. I also like Love Love Love by Of Monster and Men. What are some songs you relate to as an arospec person?
  3. This is a pretty good description of how I feel too LOL. I feel tensed up too, like, I'm fine with it, just tense. And PDA just grosses me out
  4. Orphan grows up and instead of going to college, she plays a board game for a living Somehow, this is literally the most accurate description of TOH I've heard LOL, I love it 😆
  5. I'm Pagan, more specifically I practice Heathenry (Norse and Germanic pantheon). I haven't been practicing for that long though (I've been doing witchcraft for a year, and started looking into Paganism maybe 8 months ago). Most Heathens I've met are really accepting, and I never feel out of place (unless I'm talking with someone who's been practicing for 10 years LOL). I really like how interpretable practice is as well. If I were to pray to Freya in regards to friendship because she's a goddess of love, not many people would argue or get mad at me over it. It's great for me personally.
  6. Eating pizza and watching Netflix :) today is a good day!!

  7. I think that's the common definition, but I've also seen a lot of people also label it as a strong form of emotional connection. I use queerplatonic attraction for something between romantic and platonic :) that's just me though lol, it's up to you ofc
  8. I get what you mean, and I usually label this as alterous attraction. To me, alterous attraction is an emotional attraction that isn't necessarily platonic, sensual, sexual, intellectual, etc. It's just something different. I don't know how to explain it, sorry for my vagueness 😅
  9. Hi, another post again. I asked this on Reddit before, but now I'm curious about the answers I'll get on here. So currently, I'm single in every aspect (except platonically, haha), but a FWB sounds appealing to me. I'm just afraid that I won't meet someone that it works out with. To me, it feels like I not only have to find a FWB who accepts my orientation, but also someone that I'm sexually compatible with. Maybe it's because the community I live in is small, but it looks... bleak, I guess. So, to give myself a bit of hope, I'm wondering where you met your FWB at? Don't feel like you have to give details, just whatever you want to share :) thanks!
  10. Hi everyone! I just wanted to have a discussion about sensual attraction. I don't feel like it's talked about all that much, and I was just curious what your perspective on it is! Personally, I don't feel it that much, but I have felt it before. It often comes along with other types of attraction for me, but sometimes it's on its own. I think a reason why I don't feel it that much is because of my romance repulsion. Of course, touching someone doesn't automatically equate to romance, but a lot of romance-coded things (like holding hands, sometimes cuddling, etc) make me uncomfortable. What are your thoughts on it?
  11. Sort of oldest here--I have an older half brother on my mom's side, but he's 11 years older than me, so I've taken on the role of oldest child. No one in my immediate family identifies explicitly as LGBTQ, but some of them have mentioned being attracted to the same sex before. So... I definitely think I'm not the only one who isn't cishet.
  12. Probably the city. I do enjoy quiet a lot, but I really value being around people and making connections. I feel like it would be harder to meet a more diverse range of people in the countryside. WYR only take math classes, or only take writing classes?
  13. True, though I struggle with my attention span 😅 TPBM likes to paint in their free time.
  14. Currently trying to beat Skyward Sword HD. The pirate miniboss in the last dungeon is really making it hard for me though... but another game I'm playing is Skyrim, and I plan to buy some more games soon. :]
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